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  1. Part number price

    HI guys, Looking for a price for part number 12217801201 Please. Regards, John Paul
  2. glow plug module

    HI looking for a price for the glow plug module 12217801201 cheers its going on a 535d lci CR25677
  3. E61 compressor repair

    Thanks Dryfit, do you know if any special tools are needed to fit this kit ? I think i have the amk compressor.
  4. E61 compressor repair

    HI all, My compressor on my 535d lci E61 has started being really noisy. Apparently its down to seals going. has anyone tried this kit? Contemplating on trying to repair it first before i go out and buy a new compressor http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AMK-Compressor-Repair-Kit-BMW-5-E61-Air-Suspension-Compressor-repair-kit-/152577418513 Any experiences with it would be great.
  5. e61 part required

    HI there, Looking for a price for part number 51479130667 and also 34212339291and 34216763827 last 7 of vin are cr25677
  6. Speaker leads

    HI there, Looking for these parts numbers.. 61136925634,61130005197,61130006663 and 61138352588 would need enough of these for 4 tweeters. Can you give me an idea of cost please?
  7. E61 sway bar prices please

    HI, Looking for a price for 1 x 33552283036 2 x 33551096701 Thanks.
  8. Sump pan for 535d lci

    HI there, Looking for a price for the gearbox sump pan for my 58 plate 535d lci. Cheers, JP
  9. E61 parts

    HI, Looking for a price for 51127897195 51127061251
  10. Part prices

    Hi there, Got an lci 535d 58 plate. Looking for a price for a service kit. All filters for a major service. Thanks, John Paul
  11. boot divider for E61

    Johnpaulmcgonigle@hotmail.co.uk Thanks
  12. boot divider for E61

    Hi there, I might have got my terminology wrong. Is the dog guard the bit that comes out of the parcel shelF and attaches to the roof. Could you sent post a pic of the dog guard please.
  13. boot divider for E61

    HI, Looking for a price for a boot divider for the E61. It's a 2009 plate. Sorry I don't have a part number but it has a dog guard already, just want a divider if BMW do one.
  14. E61 535d lci main thermostat

  15. E61 535d lci main thermostat

    Hi I have sent a paypal payment.