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  1. Carly question

    Ah, ok. I did recently buy a KCAN usb cable and download the relevant software so will give it a bash
  2. Carly question

    Ive got a late 2004 54 plate e61 and want to activate aux on my idrive. Carly informs me in cant connect to an idrive pre 2005 however when I checked the service history and idrive version it was replaced in 2006 due to failure with a 2005 version. This was confirmed by looking at the 'secret' menu and it is indeed a 2005 version of the idrive. Carly still wont connect.... any other options or anything I can do to get aux?
  3. e6* steering wheel airbag

    Round pre lci msport type. Cheers
  4. Changed battery

    I thought this, I've taken the bulb out and it looks ok although you never can tell. Anyone got a fuse list?
  5. Comfort seats

    How do you know if you have this feature? There are alot of buttons down there!
  6. Changed battery

    And registered it using carly..... but now my n/s halos are not working?? anyone got any ideas? (pre lci)
  7. Comfort seats

    what is this you speak of??
  8. Comfort seats

    I heard this about the e90 se seats, all you need is the switch and seat module (coding), the heating pads are already there... but not the sport seats..
  9. Comfort seats

    They are awesome even the passenger seat is memory with full function, the heating is almost instant and adjustable via the idrive. Didnt see many with heated rears when I was looking... non in fact. Very impressed with my first e6x after a fleet of e46s and e39
  10. Comfort seats

    Wow! Got a 2005 se and boy are those seats awesome. Love the way the bolsters pin you in the car when ignition is on and release you when you stop the engine. Also got heated rear seats, anyone else got this combination?
  11. 535d advice > buying

    Appreciated advice Bit wary of this air suspension malarkey and it's got a pan roof what are they like?
  12. 535d advice > buying

    28 mile round trip of motorway everyday for work and generally pottering about I'd say 7 to 8k a year, I'd be keeping it until it breaks.
  13. 535d advice > buying

    Looking at an 05 535d as a swap for my e90 330d manual. Its a high miler, 195k+ it had an engine rebuild with recon turbos at 170k and gearbox fully serviced also full service history sport spec with nav etc I owned an e39 535i with 172k and the auto box ate itself after a month of ownership.... Anything I need to look for or be wary of when looking at the car? I have Carly so can plug it in for a diagnostic check etc. Mileage has never bothered me as long as the car has been looked after and it appears this has... but near 200k is slightly off putting.
  14. Short lived e39 ownership :(

    Im ready for common faults and maintenance with any car, just cant budget for gearbox failure
  15. Short lived e39 ownership :(

    I had a 330d auto 204bhp with 173k when I sold it. Didnt have a single issue with it. Had it mapped too, it was an animal. My 535 was actually 1800 and it has high miles but a good history. It scratched a v8 itch Ive had for years, seemed like a good idea at the time. Live and learn and all that. I can say Ive owned one Im pricing up breaking it, if its worth my while i will.