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  1. saicab

    Mitsubishi evo lancer 3/4 recaro seats

    Hi whereabouts are you ?
  2. Where are u based mate??
  3. saicab

    E39 front disc & pads

    Hi Can you give me a price for the front disc and pads for my 530i please. The chassis is CK19805. I know you do a 'value' disc too can you tell me what the difference is? Thanks
  4. saicab

    Upgrading ulf to newer model

    hi just to update the new ULF was plug and play , just need to activate voive recognition now. ps old ULF will be for sale if anyone interested.
  5. Hi guys , what time will the event end? I have a family lunch do I can't get out of...
  6. saicab

    Upgrading ulf to newer model

    Thanks for the replies guys. I managed to get hold of an gen 5 ULF. Does anyone know if voice recognition is available on this and how do I activate it??? Cheers
  7. Hi I have an e39 530i with Bluetooth . Can someone tell me if I get a newer Bluetooth ulf module can I do a straight swap with my older one or does it have to be coded to the car or something??? Thanks
  8. Sorry I don't know why the pics are upside down!,
  9. Some nice cars out today!! Hopefully a similar turnout on 14 June meet.
  10. saicab

    part for e39 530i

    Yes it is part no 4. Can you also quote me for part no 3 (rubber boot) too please.
  11. saicab

    part for e39 530i

    hi, Im looking for part no. 12 in the attached pic please. my chassis is CK19805 reg is YG03 ULJ. thanks
  12. Hi again can you price me for a fuel filter and 6 spark plugs please. Also does a service kit work out cheaper?? My chassis is ck 19805 reg: YG03ULJ Thanks