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  1. Alpina B10 V8

    Coming right up. The original owner certainly didn't scrimp on the options list!
  2. Alpina B10 V8

    True although a bit more subtle being colour coded then some I've seen in stenciled in white. It is low though, I need to watch those speed bumps!
  3. Alpina B10 V8

    Thanks. Yes, she's a lovely colour and very subtle. Personally I'm happy she doesn't have the Alpina stripes and only the alloys and badge on the back mark her out from a regular E39.
  4. Alpina B10 V8

    A few pics after giving the old girl a bit of spit and polish today
  5. E39 Advice for Newbie

    Re dealers / garages - personally I use ETA Motorsport near Brands Hatch and I've only good things to say about them. Very knowledgeable and helpful. I'm guessing that might be a bit far for you if your user name is related to your location.
  6. E39 Advice for Newbie

    No probs, we were all beginners once - and I'm not too far on from a beginner myself! The dreaded shimmy; please don't let it put you off by any means. It's only dreaded as it can be hard to track down and fix. In my experience (and I've had it on all 3 of my E39s) it normally occurs to varying degrees between 45mph - 70mph. Sometimes it's a simple, easy to cure fix such as warped brake discs, a sticking caliper or bushes. Sometimes it can be much harder to track down and can be an obscure item within the suspension. There's lots on the forum about it from people much more knowledgeable than me
  7. e39 owner moved to an e60!

    Interesting regarding the comment on quality as that is also my opinion. I moved from a late 530i e39 to a very well specced E60 550i M Sport. I enjoyed the gadgets, appreciated the extra roominess and the responsive and performance of the engine was great but otherwise it left me a bit cold. After 18 months I moved back to an E39 and have not regretted it. The quality in my opinion is definitely superior and subjectively it has so much more personality. Still, enjoy the power - that can be addictive - and make sure you use good quality oil and and have regular oil changes - do not go by the OBC!
  8. E39 Advice for Newbie

    Good choice Suffolk57. I've had quite a few different BMWs and I'm now back with an E39. Good ones are getting fewer and farther between and the 530i is generally regarded as the best all-rounder. Rust can be a weakness around the arches and bootlid, the cooling system is weak and if you get the dreaded shimmy it can be a real pain to track down. Nice options in my opinion are xenons (the standard lights aren't great), upgraded seats and upgraded audio (again, the standard system isn't great). Buy on condition and not mileage as some of the people on here - myself included - have cars that have a six-figure mileage but are very well maintained with great history. Take your time and test drive a few to get a feel for what a good one is. They're very well built so can hide abuse to a degree. Enjoy the search!
  9. 2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    Hi, To follow on from Sabi's question, what wheels would be on the car if I went with option 2? Thanks Alex
  10. E60 550i to E39 M5

    six-speed auto
  11. E60 550i to E39 M5

    Let me know if you do Mazi. I'm in know immediate rush so happy to wait for a good 'un
  12. E60 550i to E39 M5

    Hi guys, Thanks for you feedback, really appreciate it. You've all hit on the point I am most nervous about - buying a dog for strong money! I am only considering post-facelift unless a really nice pre-facelift comes along. I'll keep an eye out on the forum. Cheers Alex
  13. E60 550i to E39 M5

    Hi there, Having previously had a couple of E39s (plus various others) I have had a nicely spec'd E60 550i for the last 13 months. However, I want to get back into an E39 and want to scratch the M5 itch. Who has done this move before? Any thoughts / advice / tips?. I would be looking at a decent / good M5 at anything up to £15k Cheers Alex
  14. E39 Best BM ever?

    Broadly agree Andy. I've had a fair few BMWs over the years - E28, E38, 2 x E39, E46 and now on a 550i E60. I got the 550i expecting it to be a significant step up from my 530i but aside from the engine - which is very impressive - I find myself wishing I was back in my 530i. I keep checking myself to make sure I haven't got rose-tinted specs on but build quality seems to be significantly worse in the E60 and for general comfort / "feel good factor" I prefer the E39. Now looking at moving on the 550i and getting back into a good E39, either a 530i or 540i. To be fair the E38 was also a fantastic car. I guess BMW really struck gold with that generation of 5/7 series. Cheers
  15. BMW 530i SE E39 2003 VGC

    Now sold (via Pistonheads)....