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  1. alexrowe2000

    E38 - cheap waft-bus

    Agreed, that looks lovely. I have a massive soft spot for the E38. I'd want to refit the period correct rear lights/front indicators for the full OEM experience.
  2. alexrowe2000

    E39 V8 leaking fluid

    Hi all, I took a couple of photos today to help with the diagnosis. This isn't coolant or engine oil as neither has changed levels since I last checked. I switched the ignition on without firing her up and it sounded like the power steering pump was working over time. I'm still suspecting hose issues with the power steering but has anyone else experienced a fluid leak similar to the below? Thanks Alex
  3. alexrowe2000

    E39 V8 leaking fluid

    Yes, the pop was an interesting one. It was very quiet and as there was no immediate change I did wonder if I'd imagined it. However, within a mile it had started making the groaning noise which progressively got worse particularly when actually turning the wheel. On that basis I'm hoping/expecting that it's a hose come loose and the power steering is now running on empty and hence not very happy.
  4. alexrowe2000

    E39 V8 leaking fluid

    Hi all, I'd appreciate your feedback on an issue that came up this morning on the old girl. When approaching the 535i this morning from the front I noticed a small-ish amount of fluid under the car almost directly under the Offside headlight. After a quick visual and finger test I'm fairly sure it wasn't engine oil and thought it was either screenwash or most likely power steering fluid. I opened up the bonnet and nothing looked amiss so I took her out for a brief drive to see if anything nasty made itself known. I was out for around half an hour and all seemed normal until towards the end of the drive when I felt/heard something like a small pop. Then about a minute later and a mile from home I noticed some groaning noises when turning a corner and from then on there was a constant 'wrong' noise like a whirring noise made much worse whenever I turned the wheel. Thankfully I was close to home and she's parked up safe now. I did a quick visual after I got her back and there wasn't any under bonnet mess but I did notice some fluid a way down in the engine bay that would correspond to the fluid on the floor. Now, although I'm suspecting a power steering pump failure the actual weight of the steering doesn't seem to have materially changed and the fluid seems to be leaking in the wrong place relative to where the power steering pump is in the engine. Am I on the right track or should I be looking at something else entirely? Any help much appreciated! Many thanks Alex
  5. alexrowe2000

    BMW 535i V8 - my new steer

    Yes, really enjoying it. She's a lovely old girl and doesn't really need too much doing to her to get her tip top. The bit I'm not looking forward to is sorting the sills. They're not too bad at all on inspection but with the weather being so grim I haven't had the covers off yet to see how bad things are and I know the covers can hide a whole new world of pain. I've got my fingers crossed that it's as superficial as it appears. She's got enough mod-cons so doesn't feel sparse but it's interesting once you've been out driving for a while how you don't really miss all the extras we have on modern cars.
  6. alexrowe2000

    BMW 535i V8 - my new steer

    eBay has a lot to answer for. I spotted my latest E39 on there and thought I'd keep an eye out. I got a reminder just before the auction was due to end and thought I'd put a cheeky 'Best Offer' in. After a bit of haggling back and forth here we are! They're such a lot of car for the money and if you can get a well maintained, looked after example they're fantastic value.
  7. alexrowe2000

    BMW 535i V8 - my new steer

    Manuals are very rare by all accounts. Which do you prefer to drive? I assume the manual feels a fair bit perkier? I've always thought the relaxed and refined nature of the E39 suited an auto but the V8 with a manual does sound very interesting
  8. alexrowe2000

    BMW 535i V8 - my new steer

    Ha, mine is an auto. Did BMW do the 535i as a manual (thought it was only the 540i that was available as a manual)? Good luck with the eBay search. Unless you're lucky decent ones seem to be getting rarer and pricier by the hour
  9. alexrowe2000

    Quote request - new E39 service logbook

    Agreed. It's different from any of my previous E39s log books. Not sure if it's because it's an early-ish build (02/97)?
  10. Hi there, Please could you give me a quote for a brand new, unstamped service log book for a 97MY E39? I have run out of space in my current service log book so need to get an additional one. Part number is 92 15 0 000 798. Ideally I'd like the style to match the original version I have. I've attached a couple of images for your ref. Many thanks Alex
  11. alexrowe2000

    BMW 535i V8 - my new steer

    I'll get some up soon once I've given it a good clean and got the grime of the A1M off. I found it a very relaxing drive. Unsurprisingly it felt most similar to my 530i rather than my 523i or B10 but with more torque lower down it was even more enjoyable. Agree on the VFM. It was incredible value for money compared to some of the 530i/540i models currently advertised...
  12. alexrowe2000

    BMW 535i V8 - my new steer

    I can sympathise. Every time I've got rid of an E39 I've got another one within a year. I'm very conscious that can't go on indefinitely though so I plan on keeping this in VGC as it's so sound already and a comparatively rare version
  13. alexrowe2000

    BMW 535i V8 - my new steer

    Hi all, Well, I'm a proud owner of another E39 - my fourth - and I've gone for the slightly left-field option of the 535i. I know these are considered somewhat the black sheep of the higher-powered E39s but I figured just had bad can a 3.5 V8 be?? It's had the same lady owner since 1998 and it's in very good condition with an unbelievably comprehensive service history; largely main dealer and with a local specialist over the last 2 years. I've driven a fair few E39s and this one feels very sound with the engine, gearbox, handling and transmission all feeling very tight. It's got a handful of minor niggles that I'll be putting right in the near future. It's not my daily driver and I intend to keep it in a very good condition for the weekend runabouts I'll be enjoying. Firstly, the cruise control doesn't work. It's a 97MY and has one of the old school cruise control functions with a separate button on the dashboard where on later models the Tire Pressure Control button is. The cruise control lights comes up on the dashboard but seems to take a while to register when pressing the steering wheel buttons and then deactivates once the brake pedal is pressed. I suspect it's a sensor somewhere as it seems to be functioning just not in the correct way. Secondly, I think it is running quite cool. Around town the temperature gauge seems to hold at the 12 o'clock position. However, when cruising for even a relatively short time the temperature drops to around the one-third mark on the gauge. The cooling system and head gasket are very sound but I guess the thermostat probably needs replacing. There are no misfires and the MPG on the cruise back home (around 200 miles) was around 29mpg so it doesn't even appear to be running too richly but I'd like to get it sorted for peace of mind. Finally, and probably the only slightly odd one. There is a minor high frequency vibration at very low speeds. It is speed dependent (rather than RPM) and it disappears over 20mph and there are no other symptoms from the gearbox, suspension or engine. My gut feel is pointing towards engine mounts or something suspension related such as drop links. If anyone has experienced anything similar to these minor niggles I'd appreciate any feedback. Finally, I've got to say the drive and cabin of a good E39 is still a fabulous thing. This particular example is 21 years old and just feels so solid, comfortable and relaxing. Thanks Alex
  14. alexrowe2000

    Alpina B10 V8

    Coming right up. The original owner certainly didn't scrimp on the options list!
  15. alexrowe2000

    Alpina B10 V8

    True although a bit more subtle being colour coded then some I've seen in stenciled in white. It is low though, I need to watch those speed bumps!