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  1. As per the title, looking for a friend. Please send me a message if you have any (1, 2, 3 or 4)
  2. dg666

    Bmw e39 M5 titanium interior trim

    Hi I don't have the titanium trim you're after but would be interested in your birch should you decide to sell it
  3. To some 100k is merely a nice holiday.
  4. dg666

    E39 M5 OEM Exhaust

    Ah I'm up in Bolton- quite a distance!
  5. dg666

    E39 M5 OEM Exhaust

    I have. Where are you located?
  6. dg666

    E39 M5 OEM Exhaust

    Any bit in specific? I.e. back box only... I have a full system chopped up in my garage.
  7. dg666

    How much to ask?

    Nice! 53 plate too... I want! Hellrot?
  8. dg666

    Alcantara headlining

    That changes things then! Thanks for the heads up!!
  9. dg666

    Alcantara headlining

    Is this definitely the case?
  10. dg666

    Alcantara headlining

    I'd be interested if the price is right. Sunroof version?
  11. dg666

    Alcantara headlining

    This set has been up for sale for 18 months. He started off at 1400, didn't sell so the obvious thing to do is to put the price up
  12. dg666

    E39 m5 manifold evolve/fellows

    Hi As per title I am after a manifold so if you have one you're thinking of selling then please get in touch
  13. dg666

    Feeler 2002 Carbon Black M5 FBMWSH 75k

    Saw your car advertised on another motoring site... seen the mention of a russ fellows - if you ever decided to take this off you car, I would be interested in "disposing" of it for you
  14. dg666

    e39 interior trim

    No longer required. Picked up my preffered option. Not sure how to delete the thread?
  15. dg666

    e39 interior trim

    Hi, Looking for some new interior trim. Interested to hear what people have spare but my top four preferences would be; Poplar wood / Papel Natur Birch Anthracite Tech Graphite (Only interested in crack free)