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  1. What about taking off the outer lower door strip and see if you can use a coat hanger in a U shape to push the door catch up?
  2. Looks good to me nice and low
  3. Yes, it seems to go on and on but when done it's worth it. Crees J
  4. The first MOT was done today with DPF gut and EGR mapped out and it passed with no problems. Also, have the sheet with the exhaust gas reading does this seem low or high anyone?
  5. Did this with LED
  6. No just solder wires to bulb a bit like this
  7. No, all good no errors and nice and bright the hook comes in handy also.
  8. Lot more power and only a bit of smoke if the foot is to the floor also definitely more mpg. Mine has no welds, guts were all removed from the inlet-outlet holes.
  9. Moe like http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LED-Bar-Light-12v-50cm-30cm-10w-6w-LED-Tube-Light-12V-SMD-5730-Wall-Lamps-Cold-W-/282555006637?hash=item41c9973ead:g:lt8AAOSwi8VZWjUA
  10. A bit like this type but mine has the cover over the LED's http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5PCS-LED-Light-Tube-Bar-36-SMD5050-12V-Pure-White-Light-for-Home-Cabinet-Light-/282441234376?hash=item41c2cf37c8:g:RvQAAOSwE0JY-WM5
  11. Yes always ready for some action !!
  12. Changed mine to LED
  13. See my past post