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  1. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/262741813258 Anyone seen this in the flesh? Im not sure where my hatred in the advert starts..
  2. This is one of his better videos for sure. And what a car!
  3. Haha, go type in chris harris into youtube. He hasnt changed just because hes now on topgear. Hes just playing himself! All they have done is put a guy who is fanatical about cars, as a presenter. You know, one who can actually drive. Because hes quite a sucsessfull racing driver. I personally think they do have a bit of chemistry. Its only gonna get better with time. Thankfully they have folk that can actually drive a car to its full potential this time.
  4. To be fair, i literally had no idea what you were on about!
  5. Aye! I had a vast amount of parts in my room. Sock migrated as they do!
  6. Making sure i had everything ( i didnt! ) Just to shiney!
  7. Sent via paypal. Thanks for putting urgent!
  8. mick if I'm not at work on shift, and if it doesn't clash with touring cars, i'm there! Mind you i'll not be in my E28 Today the engine has gone in well, and we have a rear subframe and diff on(went on quite well!). managed to put a door on! the other 3 and the bonnet will be going on tomorrow. The rear trailing arms are in the workshops to have the bearings pressed in, as my press is terrible, and i have parts on there way hopefully to have the front struts have there bearings pressed on, but that might have to be next weeks job! thanks for the encouragement tho guys!
  9. 31211128423 x2 31211128336 x2 34111154640 x1 34111154639 x1 and delivery as quickly as possible please! Dont mind paying extra for next day ect. Thanks!!
  10. Brize norton! Way over the wall
  11. So, im due to move soon. Not entirely sure when this project can follow me. But it will, at some point soon. I've even gone and passed my B+E so i can trailer it! But first things first, we need to prep her onto wheels. Thats this weeks job! Wish me luck...
  12. This is so, so true. Having issues going to the shops with a bit of snow on the ground? Ill just sail past you with my winter prepared car!
  13. Okay if we can remove the 12x washers for £41.60 ill pay the rest (31.47) over paypal right now. £41.60? Man i should of just restored a mini instead
  14. blimby, even my welding is better than that!