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  1. WickRatson

    Rick's E28 V8 Build

    Good to hear from you ordnator, not quite an expat, ive jumped above and below the border to many times to be one or the other! Just an ex-pat northerner dipping my toes into the midlands would love to hear about your move!! Drop me a message sometime when you have time! anyway. Today was all about finally getting the brackets welded for the new and improved radiator that looks a little less subtle than the mishimoto one i bought, and now need to sell. Spent 4/5 hours grinding back welds of the box sections that i put into the chassis rail. I dont think its has and disadvantages as such, i maybe just wouldnt use the tow hitches for towing the car on the road anymore... Just a small top bracket needs fabing up now to hold it in place. Fabbing very small bits of metal i haaaaaate doing.
  2. WickRatson

    MOT time - not sure what to make of it...

    Advisory's are completely down to opinion, and "pickyness" for example every single front exhaust bracket in the country is corroded.
  3. Oh if only i had no project and a couple of grand! That really is low milage.
  4. WickRatson

    Rick's E28 V8 Build

    Haha, its strange, ive spent my entire career wanting to move back to the amazing place i call home, only to meet a girl down south and end up moving back down!! Im still in complete denial about where i live. People say i live in the west midlands now, but its still south of the north! As for the shrewsbury/oxford commute, i have digs at work and live there for 5 days. So after 5 days of being at home the misses is ready to kick me out. After 5 days alone she misses me again. Its a great way to keep it healthy! Haha. It gives me 4 full days of working on the bmw every 10 days, so i would effectively be going back to the same amount of average man hours i was doing in the evenings poir to all this moving bwallocks.
  5. I think i need to buy a E39 540i
  6. WickRatson

    Rick's E28 V8 Build

    Yeah please do!
  7. WickRatson

    Rick's E28 V8 Build

    Okay so to update you all a little bit, since my last and slightly premature enthusiastic post... i have moved jobs/house and had moved the project all the way from Inverness down to my work place in Oxfordshire. with currently living in Shrewsbury, I Unfortunately now work 12hr shifts on a 5 day on, 5 day off rota and had very little motivation to do any work whilst at work after 12 hours of fixing silly planes. The only progress i have managed in the last 6 months is changing the location of the slave brake booster. i have also changed the radiator set up as i rushed to try and get the thing finished before i moved, i wasnt happy with my work and had decided that the mishimoto rad just was not in keeping with the finished look i'm after. (OEM+) so ive changed it for a suitable nissen OEM replacement. It's the rad out the 540's so it'l do the trick. I have now moved the project to a unit near Shrewsbury so i can work on the car at my leisure whilst at home on my 5 days stand down. I'm super excited about this as the new unit is pretty much perfect. The only thing it is missing is a ramp! anyway, i have spent the last 2 days installing racking around the car and getting all my tools away in the correct locations. Now there is loads of space around the car i can get cracking this weekend! This weekend's job is to rip the engine out so i can swing a grinder about the bay to tidy up the new rad install and the trans tunnel expansion. I can only apologise about the pictures to guys, ive now got a Imgur account and will go from there. I'm not sure if its worth going back and redoing all the pictures. anyway, here we go guys! Lets see if i can finish this bloody thing this year...
  8. WickRatson

    Anyone having issues with Email or iTunes?

    Im constantly getting crap emails. Im even considering changing emails
  9. WickRatson

    Top Gear

    Im going to have to agree with calypso. I actually enjoy the dynamic between harris and matt. I am also just so glad that they have a guy that can actually drive, and have a fairly well rounded opinion and discribe the actual car. You know, without saying its got a really big engine and adding a metaphor. I used to watch his videos all the time on youtube. Its not just supercars he does...
  10. Awww snapz. Thanks, ive regretted stop reading the forum on a daily basis... im back though, with new progress on the E28. Should really update me thread! Ive moved! Haha, again..
  11. WickRatson

    Rick's E28 V8 Build

    Finally back on this! should have a return to the weekly updates!
  12. WickRatson

    E28 M535i...

    http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/262741813258 Anyone seen this in the flesh? Im not sure where my hatred in the advert starts..
  13. WickRatson

    Top Gear

    This is one of his better videos for sure. And what a car!
  14. WickRatson

    Top Gear

    Haha, go type in chris harris into youtube. He hasnt changed just because hes now on topgear. Hes just playing himself! All they have done is put a guy who is fanatical about cars, as a presenter. You know, one who can actually drive. Because hes quite a sucsessfull racing driver. I personally think they do have a bit of chemistry. Its only gonna get better with time. Thankfully they have folk that can actually drive a car to its full potential this time.