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  1. WickRatson

    E39 Alpina 17" copy wheels (4)

    Still available?
  2. My brake pad change has turned into a week... I had unevan wear on rear left. I just presumed it was because they were a crappy no name make. After replacing with pagid, turns out that one of the caliper carrier sliding bolts had seized. The reason why it turned into a week's job is that I refused to pay £115 from Volkswagen for a carrier.... £33 from the internet was much more to my liking. (Made by TRW, who I believe makes them for VW anyway?) I dread to do the job tomorrow as I know the two huge bolts keeping them in can be a right pain...
  3. WickRatson

    Motorcyclist films himself at 189mph

    You know, I'm not at all surprised. Driving home yesterday confirmed to me that I need a dashcam.. I was given the birdy twice yesterday. I wasn't even the guilty party!
  4. WickRatson

    Davis resigns

    It would be a bit awkward if you weren't!
  5. WickRatson

    Davis resigns

    The video that is thrown about with the POTUS walking Infront of the queen is just so cringe worthy. How so very disrespectful.
  6. WickRatson

    Davis resigns

    Yea, I ment cant!
  7. WickRatson

    Davis resigns

    I have to admit, I hate no one more than hunt and gove. The only shining light to the situation is that he can destroy the NHS anymore than he already has.
  8. WickRatson

    Davis resigns

    I'd agree with that. All Barnier/the other bloke is doing is going in hard. He knows he needs to go back to many many countries MEP's and argue what's best for everyone. Are they going to agree? Like every single debate in the EU parliament nothing is ever agreed on. Just proof read and batted Futher up the ranks. I don't mind stating that I voted leave. For the sole reason I don't like the "democratic" process the EU holds. In leaving it has just pointed out exactly the reason why I wanted to leave. Life will exist after. The only example I can think off ATM is one my father told me. He wasn't in any EU summits, but rather NATO conferences. (Fairly comparable) Sitting in a room full of the top brass under orders from there own governments, no one ever, ever agreed on anything. Nothing was done. Occasionally, just occasionally, they agreed on somthing that they didn't want to do. It surprises me not then that we are in this situation as getting the EU to act on somthing is near impossible. "De-nitting" our laws out of theirs will take a life time. The EU bureaucrats was always going to drag their heels. Simply putting a remainer in charge ain't going to solve this. You need a maggie. One that doesn't mind speaking up.
  9. WickRatson

    A tart I came across today.....

    I totally forgot that you lived up in Inverness. Near fort George wasn't it? I've not bin to there new showroom. Looks epic.
  10. WickRatson

    A tart I came across today.....

    He did what!!? One day I'll own a alpina
  11. WickRatson

    Fuel Cards - employer provided for your BMW

    Are fuel cards not usually a set amount every month? I know my misses has one. But she has a company car but is allowed to use it as a private car for personal milage. Her company owns the car, She has to pay emissions tax and £60 a month on the fuel card. No one ever asks to account for the personal or company milage. In theory that's pretty impossible. It's great when I travel to the family home in Inverness! She is currently doing around 25k a year to!
  12. I wouldn't mind the new quadrifoglio!
  13. WickRatson

    Rick's E28 V8 Build

    Nooooo. I did pause for a moment and consider doing so. But then I thought if it is not going to see any track action. As much as I like to drive progressively I don't like to be erratic. So I figured I'd risk it!
  14. WickRatson

    Novichok poisoning

    I think it's quite clear that the use of a nerve agent is a bigger deterrent than a simple shooting. As elaborate as it is. What surprises me is that an ex spy doesn't atleast have a basic cctv of his front door.
  15. WickRatson


    It is! It would be great if I included even more data, for example engine coding could include engine manual/data