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  1. I dont its long gone. No worries.
  2. Mine does this briefly on start up sometimes.
  3. Chu

    20 inch staggered wheels e60

    Sorry late reply.. Deep dish 5 spoke would be nice..budget..depends how much i like them i suppose! Staggered.
  4. Chu

    20 inch staggered wheels e60

    As title says.. pref deep dish rear.nothing too cheap that will crack.
  5. Chu

    Audio keeps cutting out

    same symptons for me was the mulf module. 600 for new one.
  6. Chu

    Anyone used ecotune?

    Are these rolling road figures(dyno)..i have stage 2 and get284bhp. Seems a lot for stage 1.
  7. Would you sell wheels? Cash + spyders
  8. The only time i used my spare it told me it would only let me once.
  9. Chu

    2005 E60 545i Sport Auto ***SOLD***

    Nice! That wont hang around.
  10. Chu

    Remapping - 530d

    590 is probably in nm not lbs. So my 456 lbsconverts to 619in nm.
  11. Chu

    Remapping - 530d

    284 bhp and 456 ft/lbs
  12. Chu

    Milk Top Dust Cover.

    Wont be buying a car off you lol...full service history sir!!
  13. Chu

    E61 535D knock when under acceleration

    Something tapping the caliper?
  14. Chu

    Dpf removal, and new mot rules...

    My car straight passed with no dpf.
  15. Chu

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    100 euros? My new one was nearly 600 pounds!.