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  1. Received yesterday. 97 in a 70.
  2. Damn thats nice looking.
  3. Makita brushless stuff is good. All my stuff is makita..had dewalt but prefer green tools.
  4. Mulf module. No bluetooth either? Pdc intermittent too?
  5. Made the jump to lightspeed. Got flashed. Ban coming.
  6. Reset your tyre on i drive.
  8. No issues..just less harsh.price...couldnt comment!.
  9. 35 for a smoother ride
  10. Just got back from south of france.. Wow this car was great. Having to hang around for the father inlaw in the 32 was tiring though!. Got flashed by a hidden speedcam too:(. Love my 5.
  11. Bluetooth module. I leave for south france in 1 hr with no radio.
  12. If in doubt cut it out.
  13. In post above mate.