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  1. Electrics Any ideas?

    Yes...i had that warning all the time my bluetooth module was faulty. I got it fixed the other week and never had a bong since.
  2. Phirm fx nr tilford. Amazing.dj i live next to that place!
  3. Any gym monkeys in here?!

    Trained on and off for over 20 yrs body building not power lifting...im quite a little lump at the moment,200 k squat 150k bench.gym has monthly comps last month i repped 100k 17 times clean bench.sore next day. Im 13 and half stone starkers and 5'8.
  4. Cats for 550i

    Agreed.5 litres needs nice pipes.
  5. Tyres - Recommendations

    Falken azena
  6. Comfort seats

    No.but my bro has and i want him to swapsies before he sells..and his new headlights.
  7. Fuck bending the door .get the fob sorted.
  8. 530D transmission update problem

    I had my gearbox updated... Not sure if it made any difference. Placebo?
  9. Have you checked for fault codes?. If like me you are not a diy car fixer then do yourself a favour find a good indy. Its a long road to go down with these cars.
  10. Lol..some people. Ocd.
  11. If thats a 530d you are talking about then 286bhp 610 nm sounds right.. Odly mine is 284 /645 Edit..just read title 535 sorry.