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  1. Chu

    MOT changes.

    Happened on my van 4 months ago Failed on leaky rear brake. They wouldnt let me drive it and replaced the whole shebang.
  2. Chu

    E61 in the snow

    20 bags of gear..if you can get that on in a day drop me a pm lol
  3. My 530d stage 2 is rolling road at 281bhp and 655 nm
  4. Chu

    Bloody cold weather....

    Claimed a battery here.. Indy said my battery was original 05'.
  5. Chu


    White smoke is something off.
  6. Chu


    Does it chuck out black smoke when you floor it? Does the turbo make a spooling noise?.
  7. Chu


    Dpf removed makes me think mapped.
  8. That knock could be the strut brace bolts..try tightening them.
  9. I dont its long gone. No worries.
  10. Mine does this briefly on start up sometimes.
  11. Chu

    20 inch staggered wheels e60

    Sorry late reply.. Deep dish 5 spoke would be nice..budget..depends how much i like them i suppose! Staggered.
  12. Chu

    20 inch staggered wheels e60

    As title says.. pref deep dish rear.nothing too cheap that will crack.
  13. Chu

    Audio keeps cutting out

    same symptons for me was the mulf module. 600 for new one.