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  1. Rear toe

    Indys love forum advice lol.
  2. New MOT rules woes

    My but cheeks will be gracing a m3 by renewal time.
  3. Back in an ‘M’...

    You meant to finish the driveway before blinging it up. Nice mrs!.
  4. New MOT rules woes

    My mot is due in 2 weeks..i will let you know how it goes.
  5. Looking at a 535d

    Mines mapped to f@ck and has no smoke. Not untill very high revs.
  6. Back in an ‘M’...

    Sorry roofer the white one looks nicer.
  7. Back in an ‘M’...

    F@ck yeh!! Love the colour combo.that paint is bad ass. Dont change them wheels.
  8. Back in a Five!

    You done well getting a mulf module and fixing all that for a g. My mulf alone wss 600 odd and thats the basic one.
  9. Options prices for 2008 LCI

    Stage 2 seems dear.
  10. Gearbox Issues (I think)

    I had power to 60 then limp. Indy cleaned and cleared egr. Solved.
  11. Remap don’t feel quite as expected

    Meaning 2.o tank vs 2.0 not so much tank.
  12. Remap don’t feel quite as expected

    Them golfs are quick..i had a gtd and it was nimble. Same size engine..half the weight.
  13. Battery Cable Cover Recall

    Does it affect all e60?
  14. When exactly was the LCI Switch

    Then maybe i wouldnt be put off.. however id want a manual gearbox in that.
  15. When exactly was the LCI Switch

    Was interested at that myself untill i saw small screen i drive.