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  1. GCM535i

    Rear M535i shock absorber needed

    Hi Gary i have a pair of rear shock absorbers in the boot of my car they came with it 3 years ago I am not entirely sure of condition as never inspected them but they are there and available to sell. What are they worth?
  2. Hi Duncan Are these the coach line stripes for the E28 that go around both sides and the boot? If so im def interested in having them. Are they vinyl? Thanks Giles
  3. GCM535i

    E38 Brakes

    Thanks Eamo and yes have read that, I assume no-one has done an E39 540 brake upgrade for an E28 then as not listed or mentioned in that thread so question remains...
  4. GCM535i

    E38 Brakes

    Will E39 540i front disc brakes and callipers fit my E28 M535i? I have E38 16" BBS Alloys fitted to the car Thanks GC
  5. GCM535i

    E28 OBC Computer and other bits

    Hi all My OBC dashboard computer has died so looking for a replacement 13 button etc for my M535 if anyone has Also looking for boot carpet trim that covers the rear lights in Black. Cheers GC
  6. GCM535i

    E28 parts - all cheap

    Hey Duncan I'm looking for another OBD Computer if you have one going? The one I bought has sadly died Cheers Giles
  7. Yup will let you know how I get on with the exhaust system am trying to get it all done by 8th Dec for its inaugral outing. Tried Euro's for the service parts but only thing coming up for my car is the rotor arm, think Bosch, otherwise nothing listed so maybe worth me calling them up and supplying my chassis number. Am sure they're a lot cheaper than BMW As i'm sure you guys have had my relationship with my E28 has been a love / hate one literally 50/50 but today has been good with fresh MOT sunshine and a proper blast out of town = pure joy! Have good weekends both Cheers
  8. Yup agree Gary can't be many around that haven't disintegrated by now! Car went through its MOT without the brake back plate so all good and will replace when I upgrade the brakes to E34 540/M5 spec in due course. Took it out for a spin in the sunshine today first drive since I bought it 2 years ago and it was superb a lot more responsive than I expected and pretty fast too great acceleration in 3/4th gears and that straight 6 sound... Next up is a new exhaust hopefully just the back box can be changed over been quoted £400 by a company in Surrey for a tailor made 3" stainless steel twin pipe exit. Thanks for the advice / support I have completely fallen back in love with this machine again. Happy days. Now on the lookout for a new dizzy cap, rotor arm and leads as well as coolant / radiator hoses.
  9. Yup agree Duncan having just spoken to my mechanic re the job at hand, BMW are also charging the earth for a new one so anyone with one in decent condition let me know!
  10. Just thought i'd update this thread after asking for your advice and help...I managed to swop my battery under warranty as old one was fried hooked it up correctly and it started on the button. Got it to my garage for MOT work where the new battery drained within hours and we realised alternator had no charge so have had them put on a new one bought off Duncan earlier this year. The car failed its MOT on a few things but better than expected after 4 years off the road so just getting all that done, the only part I can't get hold of in time for the re-test is a nearside front brake back plate as needs to come from BMW Germany - does anyone on here have one to sell by any chance? I think it will fail its MOT again seeing as it was noted in the first test so time is of the essence!! Cheers all GC
  11. Had the alarm system taken out last year to avoid any potential drainage on the battery but could be a low amp circuit such as boot light etc that could be the issue will double check tomorrow. It def needs a good run hopefully getting it road legal next couple of weeks so will give it a good run afterwards, the first since I've had it so pretty excited about that!! Cheers for your help again its greatly appreciated.
  12. Ok thanks both this makes sense although can't believe I have been that stupid! Hopefully I haven't fried the electrics altogether or affected the ECU, the smoke worries me and was def coming from the alternator...Gary my set up is exactly the same one as yours brown lead etc so maybe I got it crossed - will try again over the weekend and see what happens. Duncan will as suggested hook up E28 positive terminal last. What confuses me is if it is my error why was the battery drained flat in the first place? I haven't driven the car or played around with it since putting in the new battery and it starting on the button first time which was circa 2 months ago. If it works then guess better to disconnect the battery lead going fwd as something draining it...I had all the electrics gone through but as we know its a 30 year old car so anything could go wrong at any time! Cheers
  13. Hi all Its been a while since my last post I own a 1986 E28 M535i that for the last 2 years has been a slow burner restoration project throwing money at it as and when I have the cash. The car is due to go to my mechanic on Tuesday for various engine gearbox and suspension work so went to the garage to start her up and make sure all fine and dandy, the first giveaway was the central locking not working and a flat battery which I was surprised about as its a brand new battery that went in just 2 months ago and started on the button. I proceeded to jump start the car and when hooking up the leads had a huge spark on the positive terminal of my Saab I then went to turn the ignition key of the E28 and smelt smoke, jumped out of the car to find white smoke bellowing out of the alternator so something had been fried! I am pretty certain I hooked it up right positive to positive etc and haven't touched it since yesterday as am worried about trying again as don't fancy an engine fire in a downstairs garage with other classic cars within feet of me. Question is if the terminals were hooked up correctly what could have done this? Is it the alternator or an earth or an electrical fault connected to the alternator? Would the alternator have run the battery down in the first place? Thought you guys would be able to shed some light on it, I've got a spare alternator bought off Duncan earlier this year which I can have fitted but need to get the car out of the garage to the mechanics on Tuesday to do that and wondering whether to try again either on my own or with an AA man - should I buy an extinguisher?! Thoughts please gents Cheers GC
  14. GCM535i

    M535 Bodykit to Chrome Bumpers

    Jamie Thanks I def agree cars retain their value better if kept as they came out of the factory I've seen M5's with and without the body kit and agree that less is definitely more on those...I plan to keep the body kit regardless and guess they can always be changed back if needed. The good news is my guys reported back that it's a straight car in good condition, I've just replaced the all important sills and jacking points so hopefully its good to go for another 30 birthdays As I'm sure is the case for most of us the M5 is the holy grail a true sleeper and original wolf in sheep's clothing I will definitely own one someday in the meantime I am slightly in love with this E28 Cheers Giles
  15. GCM535i

    M535 Bodykit to Chrome Bumpers

    Ha was going to ask if you recognised them!! Really pleased with them Duncan Also need to thank Mick for the superb advice on alloy wheels last summer I went with E38 16"s so just big enough to fit the E34 M5 brakes