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  1. Sent mine to Hydroline in the Netherlands was about 450 euros all in with shipping took about 3-4 days end to end including shipping. Total rebuild... Rini even sent me some before and after videos showing the box in bits, root cause and the finished unit with eliminated play. Hydroline Trade Standaardruiter 27A 3905 PT Veenendaal Tel. 0318 - 24 00 28
  2. ok, then im all out of ideas lol
  3. Perhaps a dead Mirror control switch? Mine have stopped working since i stripped my doors apart and rebuilt them, i have a strong feeling its the switch since it fell apart into a million pieces when i took it off the car Mines got the memory seats/mirrors + heated seats and the switch is different to normal and NLA from BMW and i cant track down a 2nd hand replacement as yet
  4. got to say avus blue!
  5. Superb! great work
  6. Front suspension now fitted and it drives so much better than before no more crashing over bumps, next up im fitting my 535i power steering pump, deleting the SLS and renewing the rear suspension, will fit my new parcel shelf whilst im there (long over due). After that ive got plans to delete the air pump, fit a lighter flywheel and recon the alternator, then a few bits to sort on the interior. Not sure the to do list will ever end but im still enjoying the journey I spent several hours of polishing and waxing this weekend, a few pics....
  7. I'm in the process of changing out my front shocks to Koni yellows and H&R's. Almost there ... but the original suspension was totally screwed. Crud and rust from the shock tower and those bump stops more crud Will get some photos up once ive finished in the next couple of days, cant wait to drive it with the new bits on BMW main dealer are holding me up!! over 9 days now to get the top suspension support/metal ring that sits under the main nut, they showed 2 in stock in the UK, the next day they tell me 1 in stock one from Germany
  8. Whats the latest on your new acquisition mate?
  9. is that the blue Bi turbo?
  10. what day were you up there? Hopefully he wasn't too harsh on it
  11. Air con leak fixed too.... much needed in this weather, in a Black car, with Black leather and an S38
  12. And a new genuine Flex disc, Center Bearing + Main Diff mount and we are back on the road, vibration sorted
  13. Great work mate, i hope my similar issue isn't as problematic
  14. Thanks, i hope its something simple like that... some research tells me the UJ on the driveshaft maybe past its best at my kind of mileage which isn't replaceable, plus a good opportunity to replace the diff mount and refresh Diff oil whilst there, things tend to have a domino effect.... Im already aware that the oil cooler has a slight weep and the air con condenser looks like its been through the wars. I still have the Koni/H&R suspension to fit and the 535i power steering pump setup, so its due some major spannering.
  15. I really hope its not gearbox related Neil at All Gears has already had my box apart twice so im hoping its prop/drive line related, as far as im aware all those parts are original so likely well past their best... either way im sure it will turn into an expensive fix.... nothing surprises me any more with this car