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  1. is that the blue Bi turbo?
  2. what day were you up there? Hopefully he wasn't too harsh on it
  3. Air con leak fixed too.... much needed in this weather, in a Black car, with Black leather and an S38
  4. And a new genuine Flex disc, Center Bearing + Main Diff mount and we are back on the road, vibration sorted
  5. Great work mate, i hope my similar issue isn't as problematic
  6. Thanks, i hope its something simple like that... some research tells me the UJ on the driveshaft maybe past its best at my kind of mileage which isn't replaceable, plus a good opportunity to replace the diff mount and refresh Diff oil whilst there, things tend to have a domino effect.... Im already aware that the oil cooler has a slight weep and the air con condenser looks like its been through the wars. I still have the Koni/H&R suspension to fit and the 535i power steering pump setup, so its due some major spannering.
  7. I really hope its not gearbox related Neil at All Gears has already had my box apart twice so im hoping its prop/drive line related, as far as im aware all those parts are original so likely well past their best... either way im sure it will turn into an expensive fix.... nothing surprises me any more with this car
  8. Thanks all Small update, Car is all back together and..............its broken . It was fine for a couple of hundred miles then i stared to get vibration on hard acceleration, now even a mild amount of throttle in 1st or 2nd causes a lot of rumbling from the drive line. me thinks it the flex disc / center bearing etc, so shes parked up off the road again. I did manage to get my exhaust fitted shortly before it started playing up And a couple of bad pics from the pub car park, before the vibrations got too bad rendering it undriveable Anyways onwards and upwards will get it fixed soon
  9. looks great, good work! i tried to repaint my inlet, it went terribly, im going to pay someone next time
  10. Sorted my tool kit but think im missing a towing eye
  11. Car is going back together slowly, Every time i go to do a job, i think ive ordered all the right bits and i realize there's a clip or gasket ive forgotten to order or another part which i now want to replace whilst im in that area. Then whole job is on standby for another week waiting on bits... Anyways some progress. I had the wheels redone to remove the bling polished lip, its now a much more subtle plain silver New bonnet insulation and washer bottles, i didn't order enough clips for the bonnet insulation and after fitting it realized ive got a small leak from one of the windscreen washer jets/piping Front end is getting there, ive got a small leak from my washer bottle, despite new gaskets, so thats got to come back out or be adjusted. Now my my fog lights have decided to stop working when i attempted to refit the bumper i suspect its a problem with a bad ground as i have voltage at the power side of the fog light connectors, does anyone know where the Fog light wires ground to? On the plus side i managed to get the headlight washer jet system working with the addition of a new pump.
  12. Hi Mate, Details here http://www.kraftwork-chelmsford.co.uk Highly recommended
  13. Few more pics as the paint shop are finished and the car is back with me for final fitting up. Ive got a few bits to sort like a rear window that keeps popping off its runner but I'm really over the moon with the results. Im very fussy and the finish is pretty flawless, cant recommend this paint shop highly enough. they completed the job for the price they quoted, kept great communication throughout and went well over and above addressing little bits like painting my door handles, fitting up my doors and boot lid whilst also repainting other bits of trim etc. Coming home New trim Rear end almost done
  14. great work! loving this thread
  15. Thanks mate, i was worried they had sold me dodgy headlights but everywhere ive looked online the inner lamps seem to be the same.....