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  1. Recently taken a policy out with Chris Knott due to the very competitive quote. I needed to call them to change my reg number as I added my private plate to my car, I braced myself for the " well there's a charge for this and a charge for that" as experienced from other insurance companies, but no! Gave them the new number and that was that, no charge! Well done, credit where it's due !!
  2. I've got BT TV and really happy with it, I kicked Sky into touch as they were getting too expensive, Most of the content comes over the digital network (Freeview) and the rest over the Broadband, you can add on apps if you wish. I bought Netflix, costs about £8 a month.
  3. The performance issue is more than likely a sticking/faulty EGR Valve, and the EGR coolers are known to leak internally!
  4. It could be the boot loom wiring broken and shorting, I've seen it before!
  5. They went back the same night in the same stolen truck and took a second load! You couldn't make it up !
  6. Sorry I meant's 0w-30 !!!
  7. I was in Costco yesterday and bought 8 liters of Castrol Edge 0W-40 for £34 per 4 litres, off to the dealers to get an oil filter as I like to change mine every 12000 miles !
  8. I got a quote and cover from the broker recommended on here. Chris Knott insurance, they were the cheapest and from what I read it's pretty decent cover. They did keep asking if I'd owned a rear wheel drive before ! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk