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  1. jake13

    New brake pads and discs

    Which one 296mm x 22mm (34116767061) or 324mm x 30mm (34116767059)? Most likely the former.
  2. They are set by the vehicle manufacturer, i.e 3 years / 30,000 miles or whatever the warranty period and no more. This is what I was told by the ZF Engineer (Automechanika 2017).
  3. jake13

    Electric cars to be mandated 8 years earlier

    It's all about control. Technically, you're off the grid if you run your tractor on biodiesel.
  4. jake13

    Next job...

    You don't want to go back once you've been using the ramp/lift. If I had my own yard, it would be first thing I would install (hint )
  5. jake13

    New brake pads and discs

    What year and model is your car? I will probably be able to find a set of genuine discs for the price of an aftermarket.
  6. jake13

    535d Turbo and Intercooler Hoses

    IC boost issues affect LCi cars. On pre-LCi models the boost pipe is pressed tight on to the IC. It's a robust design and without the clip it would still stay in place.
  7. I know how you feel. It took me two visits on the ramp to sort the knocking sound which was due to the pipes hitting the centre reinforcement plate. The impact bent both rear silencer hanger brackets. I pressed them back into shape with the aid of a 10T press and bench vice. Unfortunately, I overlooked the fact the hanger was not straight which resulted a second visit.
  8. jake13

    535d Turbo and Intercooler Hoses

    I've used the BS hose kit which come with jubilee clips. The hoses are fine but their cutting is poor. I only used the top hose since the bottom EGR-IC has a different connection. On the Pre-LCi, the clip is on the pressure by-pass pipe. Unless I'm wrong, those IC boost pipes images are for the LCi model.
  9. jake13

    WANTED - E61 M Sport Towbar cover

    That's the tow eye, he's looking for the towbar. e.g.: M - Sport. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E60-E61-5-SERIES-M-SPORT-REAR-BUMPER-TOW-BAR-HOOK-HOLE-COVER-CAP-7897224/201604440899?hash=item2ef08fa343:g:so0AAOSw6wRXAn3i:rk:13:pf:0
  10. You would completely remove the old glass which would give you the thickness for the replacement, and obviously remove the surrounding bezel to install the new glass to the vizor.
  11. Go to a place where they sell & cut glass, you will need to remove the visor from the car. I once broke a rear view mirror glass and got them to cut to size. It cost me £5 .
  12. jake13

    OEM driveshaft supplier?

    Not sure about E36, GKN is oem supplier.
  13. jake13

    A tale of woe about my F10's tail

    You should check status of charge in ISTA. I have an original 11 year old BMW battery which I use as spare and never fails to start the car. You just have to know how to charge them properly using the old skool chargers. In your case it's obvious, you have to drop your trouser and coerced to buy a new battery.
  14. jake13

    A tale of woe about my F10's tail

    If you had dropped it at Douglas, we would have been discussing a new replacement upgrade.
  15. I've seen fleabay counterfieters do better labels than that.
  16. jake13

    DME update with WinKFP

    There is a software called 'BMW Coding Tool' which you can use to update datem and check. There are some ytube videos, for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ObkfsNfq2s BMW Coding Tool v250.zip
  17. jake13

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    We practically have the same engine, it's sits between 1700 - 2200 rpm and there's no need for x-40 oil. They all clatter, but the 4 pot sounds worse. The lifter noise is masked in the 6 pot. I did a 500 mile round trip, on average 2 hours on the road and it was bloody quiet. Oil burners are designed to be driven longer which keeps the engine consistantly hot. Problems arise when they are predominately used for short stop-start journeys. Enjoy the E65, it's a very comfortable car.
  18. jake13

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Just monitor oil consumption, if it drinks then change it. More viscous oil induces drag.
  19. Norwegian MIL spec gear or Regatta.
  20. jake13

    Time to Change the Company Car

    No driveway, so whenever the 'slot' is available and keen eye on the weather forecast. It takes longer to packup than actually clean the car. My car also has been ceramic coated because I did want to clay, polish, wax, seal etc...... Currently it takes me 25 mins wash & dry the car (including door jams) which includes 10 mins to leave the snowfoam. I don't do 2,3.5...bucket method nor separate shampoo. I just use snowfoam with mitt to mechanically wash the whole car with separate microfibre cloths for bumpers / skirt and wheels. With a leaf blower / compressed air to remove excess water, I can confidentally get the whole thing done in 15 mins.
  21. It was swiftly resolved there and then. I was fine, just cheesed off. It's only been 3 months since the car has been painted. Fortunately, the impact missed the tailpipes / exhaust but made thumb size gouge on the top edge which is the worst part. Also, one of the clips of the diffuser need to be realigned with hot air gun so it can pop back in. I've removed the rear bumber before when I replaced rear pdc sensor and did it again to check further damage. Just approaching roundabout at crawling pace. I had the foot on the brake (autobox) when it happened ,so could have been worse by shunting those infront. Suprisingly, I was calm and checked the tailgate opened and closed properly. It was a W and admitted at fault.
  22. Yesterday, someone hit me from behind. I'm certain they were playing with their phone.
  23. jake13

    ECP code

    GSF 60% off until Sunday midnight - GSF60
  24. When it comes to brake discs, I don't bother with aftermarket 'oems'. The link is for Genuine BMWs, however need to confirm if they are for the pair since they cost £180 each!
  25. I wouldn't go aftermarket. BMW do £449 with discs and pads for your car. You can pay them by installments over 12 months at 0% APR (min £250 service cost). I found this Genuine BMW front disc set at £265. You need to doulble check the numbers for your car; 34116785669 & 34116785670.