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  1. jake13

    Davis resigns

    Prior to Euro , all international trade was carried in US$. We don't produce anything of value to take advantage of any favourable trading conditions. Nuclear power is French and there's no free lunch when it comes to the Chinese. The 'City' is a clearing house for laundered money. Don't pay too much attention to the markets as they are rigged.
  2. jake13

    Weird Smell....

    I had a similiar issue so I steam cleaned all the vents and filters. Furthermore, you need to keep the carpets clean. I have rubber mats which I frequently wash which eliminates bad odour.
  3. I doubt that's going to happen considering the amount of complaints you get regarding mpg. It's probably cheaper to buy a new oem sensor (£25?). I'm not sure how important it is to centre the sensor so I included the dimensions in the drawing which will eliminate the need for the tool and paying premium price. As stated earlier this only affects Pre-LCi models. LCi models (post 2007) don't have a separate sensor and is incorporated in infra-red rain sensor.
  4. C110 reports fresh air flap issue, DIS V57 states fogging sensor. In later model (LCi) the sensor is incorporated into the rain/light sensor. The fogging sensor is damaged during removal from windscreen. It has a shelf life (note: week 46 2019) Broken sensor New sensor comes with installation tool. 64 11 970 Replacing fogging sensor Special tools required: 00 9 317 Warning! Make sure rooms are well ventilated when working with adhesive remover indoors. Important! Do not under any circumstances use paint thinner to clean the bonding surface. Expand two-part mirror base cover (1) by pressing from below and detach. Feed out two-part mirror base cover (1) and remove. Disconnect plug connection (1). Note: If necessary, carefully heat fogging sensor (2) with a hot air blower to approx. 40-60 °C. Lift off fogging sensor (2) with special tool 00 9 317 and slowly pull off from windshield. Installation: Bonding surface must be dry and free of dust and grease. Clean bonding surface with adhesive remover (sourcing reference: BMW Parts Service). After cleaning, do not touch bonding surface with bare hands. Pull off protective film completely from fogging sensor (3). Place mounting template (1) as pictured on rain sensor (2). Press fogging sensor (3) in direction of arrow with a contact pressure of ≥15 N/cm2 onto inside of windshield. Note: Firm thumb pressure attains approx. 30 N/cm2. Remove mounting template (1) carefully from fogging sensor (3).
  5. jake13

    Windscreen Side Trim clip Replacement

    Nah, people should take more care when removing bits from the car during paint correction work.
  6. The trims were not sitting flush to the A pillar so I decided to replace the clips. TIS is unhelpful..... 51 31 030Removing and installing or replacing left or right gutter strip along windscreen Unclip gutter strip (1) towards top. Important! Replace clips (2) after each removal. Note part number. Installation: Locks (3) of clips (2) must not be damaged. Gutter strip (1) must not be damaged, replace if necessary. Fortunately, I found an excellent Ytube video showing how to remove the trim without breaking the clips. From 8:12 - 10:05 Slide off the peg to remove clip.
  7. I've done the A&E visits in the early days. The problem is when the child is not normal and is dependant in all manner of care into adolescent and possibly into adulthood.
  8. No stamina, should have done this in my 20s.
  9. I can't wait for mines to grow up quickly.
  10. I tend to wait before moving when selecting reverse. The system is a bit slow and had a few near misses before realising.
  11. jake13

    S62 Rebuild

    I knew what he was thinking when he first posted. Figure a way of getting the subframes in then it will be the real deal.
  12. jake13

    Poor mpg 530d

    Due to cool weather (aircon off), I am reporting a 2 mpg improvement.
  13. jake13

    Davis resigns

    The days of cheap parts..... https://www.poundsterlinglive.com/bank-of-england-spot/historical-spot-exchange-rates/gbp/GBP-to-EUR-2007#charts