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  1. jake13

    Best brake pads

    Spray the wheels with 2k clear coat followed by ceramic coat. The dust should wash off with ease.
  2. jake13

    Resetting warning messages - wont work

    If it goes in the red, sometimes it's not possible to reset via trip button. It took me three attempts with Dis V57 to reset the rear brake pad counter from -15,000.
  3. jake13

    Parts - buy cheap buy twice !

    First time I had issue with their rear brake pad sensor, pins are of poor quality and wouldn't make connection. Chopped and replaced it with the genuine connector which solved the problem.
  4. jake13

    Best brake pads

    Jurid are OEM and the value line range is by Textar. TRW are ok for the brake shoes, however I wouldn't use their discs. I bought rear set for £70 and they never fit properly, rubbed the inside caliper bracket making a grinding noise. I bought genuine floating type and they have never corroded despite many visits to the local car wash who use Conc. HCL to clean the alloys! I've just replaced the rear pads after 4 years with Textar (£26, ECP 50% off 12 mths ago) and Brembos for the front when they need changing. Just make sure the brake fluid is changed every two years.
  5. jake13

    F10 door corrosion

    You've already mentioned them, Soper Lincoln. It's wishful thinking on your behalf if anything changes. The work has been approved by BMW UK and you can go to any BMW approved bodyshop. In your position, I would be prepared to travel and make sacrifices in my time to avoid the inevitable.
  6. jake13

    F10 door corrosion

    Their bodyshop is next door to STAX.
  7. jake13

    Is changing a fuel filter a hard job?

    It all depends what type of fuel heater you have. https://www.mahle-aftermarket.com/media/media-global-&-europe/products-and-services/technical_messenger/tm_issues_2011/tm_sheet_02_2011_e_neu_bearbeitet.pdf
  8. jake13

    F10 door corrosion

    I don't understand why you are persisting with these Assoles who clearly don't want to do the job in the first place. I forsee problems later. Incidentally, my car was 11 years old. I never had problems with the claim. I travelled 100 miles to Sytner Oldbury who did a fantastic job, painted the whole tailgate, replaced all the badges including new number plate lights! They gave me a Mini Clubman with no rental charge, just bring back with same level of fuel. They worked around my schedule and I had the car for extra two days, this what you call service.
  9. jake13

    Bloody women drivers!

    Women Drivers - Harry Enfield
  10. The violation was brought to his attention when he was stopped. It doesn't matter when you are summoned to court. Depending on the court, 3-4 months was typical in the old days. I recalled once it took over 5 months.
  11. jake13

    Plastic welding

    I did pop the bumper out from the side, hook is missing (broken off) as seen far right of the picture.
  12. Have it ceramic coated, no need for clay barring and waxing.
  13. jake13

    Winter oil 5w40 or 5w60?

  14. jake13

    Quick NCS Dummy question - what module should be selected?

    Best to contact the developer, Revtor. From my understanding, you would run keyword search as illustrated in page 23/24 of the guide.
  15. jake13

    Quick NCS Dummy question - what module should be selected?

    https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1553779-NCS-Dummy-Taking-the-expert-out-of-NCS-Expert http://revtor.be/ncsdummy/ncsdummy.pdf