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  1. jake13

    Idrive time different to dash time

    Long haired, drives a Ford.
  2. jake13

    Increased emissions light again

    When I put the car back together, I took it for a test drive with laptop hooked up. There were no error codes registered whilst repeately scanning the codes. Throttle response / boost (for 525D) was normal. I did not feel any 'dead' spot. The only area you disturb when removing the inlet manifold is the EGR - IC boost pipe. I suspect there is a problem here. Speaking from experience, when you have the car on a lift it's 10x faster to tackle the problem.
  3. jake13

    Cic compatability

    Check part number(s) in realoem, it will give you which chassis it's common.
  4. jake13

    2006 730D maps update

    You need HIGH map. I'll look around for a link so you can burn it on a DVD+R media. Edit: See PM.
  5. jake13

    High Battery Drain

    See guide. Code, fully charge battery and register. E60 Battery Replacement Complete Guide.pdf
  6. jake13

    Increased emissions light again

    There's a leak somewhere in the intake system which needs further investigating. Need to get up on a ramp/lift.
  7. jake13

    High Battery Drain

    Code the CAS & LMA back to standard lead acid battery. If you have NCS Expert there is an easy to follow guide to do this. Incidentally, If you charge battery from the bonnet post you don't need to register the battery because IBS is monitoring the charge.
  8. They all rust, even on e60/61. Don't waste time and money, just remove the surface rust with wire brush and paint it with Hammerite.
  9. jake13

    Idrive time different to dash time

    May be the General knows something?
  10. jake13

    Idrive time different to dash time

    I hope you weren't abducted by Aliens that you are unable to account for the 20 minutes.
  11. jake13

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I replaced the rear pads and decided to tidy up the calipers at the same time. Also, sprayed the lock nuts black.
  12. jake13

    Best brake pads

    Spray the wheels with 2k clear coat followed by ceramic coat. The dust should wash off with ease.
  13. jake13

    Resetting warning messages - wont work

    If it goes in the red, sometimes it's not possible to reset via trip button. It took me three attempts with Dis V57 to reset the rear brake pad counter from -15,000.
  14. jake13

    Parts - buy cheap buy twice !

    First time I had issue with their rear brake pad sensor, pins are of poor quality and wouldn't make connection. Chopped and replaced it with the genuine connector which solved the problem.