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  1. I was referring to a Beemer, which usually has low ride height.
  2. Has anyone used these plug kits in a real situation?
  3. Thanks. I'm aware that the feed line connectors are brass, however the valve block orifice is plastic. If you overtighten them, it will just keep spinning. Torque is only 8NM.
  4. May be someone overtighten the air feed pipe to the solenoid valve block and it's leaking? Note, the connection (thread) are plastic on the valve block and easily damaged - use gas PTFE tape to stop leak.
  5. Hi, Please quote individually for the following: 18307793766 Muffler clamp x1 18307793771 Gasket ring x4 11657794493 Gasket Asbestos Free x1 11427792245 Oil pipe x1 11422247921 Hose x1 11427794552 Hose x1 07129952109 Hose clamp x4 07119905041 Gasket ring x5 07147263759 Oval-head screw with washer x1 Many thanks Jake
  6. Don't break the connectors (nipples) on the pressure converters, use a sharp blade to split open the old vac tubes. The pressure converter (#1) near the bulk head is the most difficult to do in situ, so remove it from the bracket. The best way is to remove the upper nut but loosen and leave the bottom nut in place, this will allow the PC to slip upwards and will make reinstallation much easier. Note foam pad is attached to bracket with push clip and cable tied to PC. https://www.etkbmw.com/bmw/EN/search/selectCar/E61/Tou/BMW+535d/ECE/11_3791
  7. Check tie rod ball joint, but most likely the strut (shock) is not seated correctly when you replaced the upper control arm.
  8. Part number: 1165224762 between £25-£30. Try Cotswold http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/forum/98-cotswold-bmw/
  9. You need to find a way of opening the tailgate glass lid without breaking the glass so you can climb through. There is info on how-to but can't find it.
  10. I decided to change all the glow plugs and was getting fault in number 3 & 4. This time I decided to replace them with Bosch instead of Beru. I hope these last longer than the Beru as it's a PITA. I must have over torqued #2 which I had trouble removing despite coating with copper grease. This time I used a torque wrench. 2013 2017 I did poke around with a long round file to see if there was any carbon build up. Ideally, need a reamer to clean threads and remove any carbon to prevent the glow plugs (tips) from seizing. Nevertheless, the tips were ok. The head is coked with carbon .........................................on the upside, got to play around with the karcher
  11. Looks good - Folding mirrors, memory seats, pano roof, heated seats, bluetooth........ if you have full electric memory seats then the steering column is also electric. This is the case with mine. Vehicle Identification Number WBANJ92040B900213 Type NJ92 Model 535d - EUR Development Code E61 Chassis TOUR Steering RL Doors 5 Engine M57X Displacement 3.00 Power 200 Drivetrain HECK Transmission AUT Color Titansilber Metallic - 354 Upholstery Leder Dakota/rotorange - LCRK Production Plant DINGOLFING Production Date 2005-01-13 Standard Equipment 216 Servotronic 442 Cupholder 534 Automatic Air Conditioning 540 Cruise Control 785 White Direction Indicator Lights 853 Language Version English Options 205 Automatic Transmission 229 Dynamic Drive 235 Trailer-hitch With Removable Head 302 Alarm System 386 Roof Rail 402 Panorama Glass Roof 423 Floor Mats, Velour 428 Warning Triangle 430 Interior And Exterior Mirror Packa 431 Interior Rr Vw Mirror W Aut Anti-d 438 Wood Trim 459 Seat Adjustm., Electr. W. Memory 494 Seat Heating F Driver/front Passenger 502 Headlight Washer System 508 Park Distance Control (pdc) 522 Xenon Light 524 Adaptive Headlights 563 Lights Package 587 Lt/aly Wheels/double Sp. 116 W Runflat 609 Navigation System Professional 620 Voice Input System 644 Prep. For. Mob. Ph. Bluet. Interf. 672 Cd Changer Bmw For 6 Cds 698 Area-code 2 761 Individual Sun Protection Glazing 8SA Country Spec. Release Of Navigation 8SB Country Spec. Release Of Telematic 8SC Country Spec. Release Of Teleservice 8SM Vin, Visible From Outside 8SP Cop Control 812 England Version 850 Add Fuel Tank Filling For Export 863 Europe/dealer Directory 877 Deletion Cross-over Operation 880 English / On-board Documentation 9AA External Skin Protection
  12. Is it burning oil that you need to top it up regularly?
  13. Don't confuse reliability issues with owner neglect. The 535d is reliable including the pre-LCi, however the ZF transmission is the weakest link. With any purchase, evidence of maintenance is paramount.
  14. It's called 'regulating arm' (#4) controls xenon vertical aim http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=NC92-EUR-07-2005-E60-BMW-535d&diagId=31_0656 Also, you have cover missing (tension strut, #22) which encloses the steering rack booth hence the cable ties.
  15. It would be impossible to gauge how long a used IBS would last and most likely would be an old version. New revision came into production in 2010 and most BMW sensors are made by Hella. You may be able to source it cheaply from a Hella distributor.