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  1. 2-Post 4 Ton Car Lift
  2. jake13

    Dpf issue e60 525d Lci

    Below 10mb at idle is what you should be aiming for, 30mb is too high. I would put dpf additive like forte, Wynns pro (black bottle) etc in the tank and take it for a long drive whilst deleating the codes.
  3. jake13

    Servicing advice

    Vehicle Check is a separate service and usually due every 35,000 miles. Someone is trying to milk money.
  4. jake13

    Servicing advice

    Used 2010 model from eBay: F10 535i (2014, 26,000)
  5. jake13

    Servicing advice

    Tells me to contact the nearest retailer . On 'offer' they don't charge this f*** £19 standard scope rip off. You have a go https://www.bmw-service.co.uk make up the reg & mileage and use the drop down menus. for example aa69xxx ; 12000
  6. jake13

    Servicing advice

    BMW Servicing Price:
  7. jake13

    Servicing advice

    Unless your a vat registered service centre, don't make any entries in the service book yourself. You WILL have problems when claiming under the anti-corrosion warranty or for any goodwill. £236 with microfilter? You're confusing 'Health Check' with Vehicle Check, although health check seems to be more thorough with a video recording sent to your email.
  8. Yes. Just needs good contact between bulb holder contacts and the metal strip of the light.
  9. I had exact same problem with N/S brake light. I cleaned the charred pins on the bulb holder and the light. I used some stranded desleeved copper wire and tucked it under the metal strip of the light and along the inner opening of the light. Once fitted, the bulb holder made a nice tight fit and never had any faults after.
  10. jake13

    BMW 535d possible auto box fault?

    wear & tear.
  11. When is the last time you scanned the car with ISTA and have you coded anything with NCS Expert?
  12. The bottom section where the large plug and socket is referred to A4010a. However, if you search documents "A4010a" in E61 535D there is no such item https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/e61-535d-tou/components-connectors/components/a-control-units-modules/
  13. I bought those 'pegs' a few months ago and thanks for the link. I use a single peg per wheel, which makes it easier than what you've done and it doesn't scratch the wheel either.
  14. No idea what model ISTA is looking at because there is no A4010/a JBE in E61 535D. In E91 it's located under the passenger glove box.