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  1. Upcoming Service

    They email you 'Health Check' video to bring to your attention of anything that needs doing, tyres are favourite item.
  2. BMW 520D E60 not starting no cranking

    Google N47 & timing chain
  3. E60 535d Touring Buying Advice

    There is no specific '535d' issue. The M57TU/T2 is a solid engine and majority of boost problems arise from leaking vacuum hoses, charge pipe and tired pressure converters. Turbo failures are due to owner neglect - missed oil intervals and incorrect oil. Avoid 'test pilots' who put on cheap tyres and sell before the service is due. The boot space is deceptive so my advice is go and check it out. Get one with Comfort seats, electic folding mirrors, heated seats. I have the panaromic roof, used it thrice in five years. It's only useful to brighten up the cabin because I have sun protection (privacy) glass. The seals perish which allow wind noise, pita to replace. The best colour is silver grey (A08) .
  4. Bmw 90AH or Universal 110AH battery 760LI

    FLASH50 50% off batteries from EuroCarParts.
  5. Bmw 90AH or Universal 110AH battery 760LI

    I have Bosch S5 110Ah 020. It is roughly 4cm longer than the 90Ah BMW one I replaced.
  6. Shocks questions.

    Other than anti-roll bar, I have replaced the whole front end with ZF (Sachs / Lemforder) parts. I wanted to keep the ride height to factory spec and couldn't find competitively priced Bilstein B4s (M-sport). The back end feels like a truck with leaf springs, horrible are these air springs.
  7. Heated seats & steering wheel a must . More importantly, keep that battery fully charged.
  8. Glow plug controller removal

    You are thinking of pressure converter. Note locking-tab on large connector of glow plug relay.
  9. Glow plug controller removal

    I did the same; pliers, srewdriver and hammer - no luck and gave up. I tried again 3 weeks later and it came off with ease.
  10. Glow plug controller removal

    Sounds familiar, it has rubber seal so you need spray wd-40.
  11. Glow plug controller removal

    The key is to remove the clips which hold the various pipes & hoses. This will give you room to access the controller and electrical connection. I followed this video without removing the manifold a few years ago
  12. 535d intercooler retainer clip

    It would have been interesting to see if you could have got hold of a wire and bend it into shape. Not sure if they teach metalwork and woodwork at school these days.
  13. Happy new year!

    Joy to drive, roads were empty.
  14. Battery Help

    Blue plug is from the IBS lead, i'm not sure the other d-connector which comes from the positive cable, bsd+? Connect both leads back. Ideally, you should try fully charging existing battery and registering it before replacing with new and also scan codes for faults. I have upgraded a 90Ah battery to 110Ah, it's longer by 20mm (tight fit in E61). The coding and registering is straight forward, see guide. E60 Battery Replacement Complete Guide.pdf
  15. Wheal Bearing - Does Brand matter?

    Plenty of counterfeit parts floating around; NGK plugs, SKF bearings..... You have to buy through authorised stockist/distributors.