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  1. Never tried Corteco, but Lemforder from GSF (457BM0041) would be cheaper (£18.31) with 55% discount (WKD55).
  2. Over 15v means weak battery or faulty IBS. I had a faulty IBS and it use to charge at 15.5v.
  3. We are all Zombie Drivers. Incidentally, still have those street altases.
  4. Two years is very poor. I replaced mine nearly four years ago from BMW and they sit around 88c-90c and occasionally hitting 97c-98c.
  5. Repalced front shocks / springs / Top mounts and wheel bearings. I had them already pre-assembled so just straight swap out. The PITA was the wheel bearing, crappy air gun did't have the torque and spent 3/4 hour removing four bolts with a breaker bar. On the E60/E61 one of the four bolts is covered by the strut arm so it has to be raised and to allow leverage. I still haven't started on the rear yet . Nevertheless, happy with the M-sport shocks which transformed the ride.
  6. Irrelevant whether it's manual or auto. The rod is incorporated inside the intake manifold which is actuated by a motor (#3). It would be a hassle in removing them. BTW, my friend has a E90 LCi (N47) with manual gearbox.
  7. Looking at the Monroe video, the spring alignment is different to the way TIS illustrates it. However, with the Monroe way the spring sits with a tighter profile on the bottom pad. Attention! Align lower end of coil spring (1) as pictured to spring pad. Relieve tension on coil spring. Check installation position of gaiter, correct fold if necessary. Note: End of coil spring (1) must not touch against shoulder of spring pad. The recess (2) only serves to reinforce and correctly seat the lower spring pad and does not serve as a stop for the spring end. From 6:30
  8. You mean front shocks. Just remind them that since they are replacing both whishbones, a wheel alignment must be carried out and you want a print out.
  9. Tyre pressures are critical with a wagon, you need to check them regularly. Both tyres exhibit same wear patterns so it would be incorrect to suggest majority of your journey is right or left turn biased. Check rear bushing / ball joint for wear
  10. I had a valentine many many moons ago. http://www.valentine1.com/ If you can let someone pass by and drive in the left lane of the motoryway than you have already succeeded - You don't need any detection device.
  11. Hi, Please quote individually for the following: 31331110196 DUST PROTECTION COLLAR x2 31306763966 Washer D=55MM x2 31326769667 UPPER SPRING POCKET WITH SPACER x2 31331091867 SPRING PAD UPPER x2 31337905316 Additional shock absorber, front x2 31331094749 Protection tube x2 31331096664 SPRING PAD LOWER x2 33326760668 Self-locking collar nut x4 Many thanks Jake
  12. They do B4 in M Sport chassis; 22-212696. However, according to their parts catalogue the B3 springs are for standard chassis.
  13. Follows same format as realoem, https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/
  14. No need for ISTA, F series is covered online in new TIS https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/
  15. The car is M Sport with sports seats, may be one of the reason it has Sports Setting suspension (226)? I have replaced both inner/outer tie rods, control arms, tension struts and drop links. I want to replace the front suspensions and prefer to keep current ride height. Any suggestions? Bilstein B3/B4, Eibachpro/B4, Sachs?