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  1. AbidK

    Smg Failure

    Hi Yes it failed whilst out driving, approached some traffic lights and red cog appeared cutting engine off.
  2. AbidK

    Smg Failure

    Afternoon All Just wondering if anyone can help me? My 2008 model M5 Touring has had the red cog appear and is locked in 1st gear. I have read somewhere that the SMG pump can be repaired and that there is also a BMW repair kit does anyone have any info on this please? thanks
  3. AbidK

    Anyone Know this M5 Touring

    Sorry copied the link and forgot to paste
  4. Hi Just been browsing looking for a M5 Touring and came across the car at Arun Jaguar. Does anyone know this car? There is a mileage discrepancy in relation to km and miles being mixed up, has anyone else ever experienced this?
  5. AbidK

    Wet Floor Back Foot well

    Thanks Dan, would never have known what to look for without the links. Makes it seem less daunting now. I have also put a call into Phil Crouch as the car needs a service and he seemed very well clued up about the various leaks etc.
  6. AbidK

    Detailer Recommendations

    Thanks will give him a try.
  7. AbidK

    Detailer Recommendations

    Hi Just looking to see if there are any recommended places for detailing that anyone can recommend either in Birmingham, Leicester or Somerset. Ideally looking for one firm to details a couple of cars back to back as its about time I took the upkeep seriously
  8. AbidK

    Wet Floor Back Foot well

    I do have a sunroof, albeit metal sunroof, not glass. Is removal of the door card easy? Will I need to order new clips beforehand? Also is replacing the vapour barriers easy enough to do myself? Or is it better off left to a garage?
  9. AbidK

    Wet Floor Back Foot well

    I am having same issue with water ingress in the rear footwell behind the drivers seat but also some drips through the top of the A pillar. Been advised by my local Indy it could be all sorts and worse case roof lining needs to be removed!!! does this sound right? He mentioned windscreen coming out etc. Will I need new roof lining once he pulls it off? Any advise would be much appreciated.... I am midlands and south-west based so if anyone knows of a indy that can do the work and has previous experience please let me know. Thanks
  10. How much are you after for these? Are they 8 series fitment?
  11. AbidK

    iphone 6s

    Hi whats the condition and what colour is it?
  12. Does anyone know where I can get the M5 supplement as I have looked in a quite a few WHSmiths and all come with the other M Car magazine special. Cheers
  13. Wondering if anyone can shed light on the below as on way to buy the above model car. Rang dealers about the timing chain replacement cost and they said it's free as part of a bmw enhancement?? Does anyone know if this is true or had the women at the dealers misunderstood me? Been told it's something that needs doing around the 90000 mile mark and the car has done 105000 miles. Cheers
  14. AbidK

    Facelift E39 M5 Wanted!

    It's the same for me can't post a reply or PM due there being abusive behaviour on the PH forum.............