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  1. E39 M5 inspection 2 parts

    Thanks for the quote, what does that include? Just curious ☺
  2. E39 M5 inspection 2 parts

    Hi there could I have a price for the above please? Reg no. DV51ZRX Cheers Paul
  3. Ford Escort

    I had two mk3 xr3's , sadly one got stolen after only owning it a week. Had a mk3 escort ghia then a series one RS turbo
  4. parking sensors E39 M5

    Thanks for the replies, yes bought them new Seesure. Like you say not many dry days especially here in sunny South Wales ! Will try and dry thrm out and go from there ☺
  5. parking sensors E39 M5

    Hi folks recently had my rear parking sensors changed as I'd encountered the usual continuous noise when reversing. Since then it still does this intermittently even when I'm no where near and objects. Is there a way to reset them? With the ignition on and in reverse engine off they act as they should when walking up to them. Thanks
  6. New Wheeler Dealers

    Not bad at all fella ☺ Yep as much as I love my M5 there's nothing like the experience of driving my saff, rattles and build quality more evident but still love it
  7. New Wheeler Dealers

    I know lol, power delivery I'd imagine is very different and linear
  8. New Wheeler Dealers

    Monte Carlo were big turbo too iirc
  9. New Wheeler Dealers

    That sound right, a friend of mine had a L reg big turbo in ash black around 10 years ago. Was a bit laggy but when it came on boost it was savage, running 340 bhp at the time
  10. New Wheeler Dealers

    I believe it was to do with emmisions at the time thats why Ford installed their own management and smaller turbo to make it more driveable also but think you can only go to 305bhp from various tuners unlike the Weber system like on my car
  11. New Wheeler Dealers

    I've not seen the episode but the last of the escort cosworths were small turbo which had coilpacks and Ford's engine management system as opposed to the Weber system. I think the engine is called the YBJ variant of the YB range which I know the rocker covers aren't interchangeable with earlier engines
  12. Death in the family

    Thanks for the replies means a lot to me ☺
  13. Death in the family

    Sorry about your nan fella, started back at work today. Found it really hard this morning and had a cry in the office with the health and safety last who was great tbh, and some of the boys I work with. Got easier as the day went on but then felt anxious towards the end of the day as I knew it was reality if that doesn't sound daft
  14. Death in the family

    Managed to get through the funeral and Ann had a great send off with lots of people there. Now reality has hit us and got work tomorrow which I'm not looking forward too. Sorry guys just wanted to get things off my chest
  15. Death in the family

    Thanks, there's been no shortage of tears. Both of us have been sobbing just now, just want the pain to go away