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  1. Looks a good project and possibly will cut speed in built up areas. Motorway driving is shocking at the moment with people cutting you up just to get one car length ahead and I've had countless people cut across me at the slip road exit!
  2. paulie031

    parking sensors E39 M5

    Okay I've looked at this again. Sensors work fine with just the ignition on and walk up close and back off from sensors, with the engine running they go a bit crazy without moving the car
  3. paulie031

    Been dismissed at Work

    Thanks for the replies, job is going okay. People are friendly, even the managing director came over and introduced himself.
  4. paulie031

    E39 M5 Cam sensors

    Could I just have one of each for the moment?
  5. paulie031

    Been dismissed at Work

    Thanks peeps, my mam is going into a nursing home tomorrow. Hopefully she'll settle there
  6. paulie031

    E39 M5 Cam sensors

    Hi there could you give me a price on the above? Reg no. DV51ZRX Cheers Paul
  7. paulie031

    Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - please read

    Can I just echo what everyone has said in wishing you all the best Dave, and thanks for raising awareness. I got checked a few weeks back as was having blood when passing but turned out to be piles. It's the second time it's happened in a few years but always get an appointment to make sure.
  8. paulie031

    Been dismissed at Work

    Thanks everyone, yeah similar but far less pressure. Company has a very good reputation for being a good place to work
  9. paulie031

    Been dismissed at Work

    Hi peeps got the job, starting on Monday ☺
  10. paulie031

    Been dismissed at Work

    Hi folks I have an interview on Monday, it's a good place to work as I know a few people working there who have sung my praises. I've contacted my old boss from a few years ago where I had nearly 12 years service and explained what happened, he has no problems giving me a reference and would take me back if he had the room . I also have a personal reference off a university professor of mine to add weight and I've mentioned these when emailing my cv to this company
  11. paulie031

    Been dismissed at Work

    Thanks for the advice but I'd rather concentrate my energy on my wife, mother and a new job. They know deep down he's a liability , one of the owners even alluding to it. Their loss as now they have a 90k ornament sitting in their machine shop as no one else can use it except me and it'll take months to get up to speed on it
  12. paulie031

    Been dismissed at Work

    Thanks, until you posted about hearing my side of the story it never dawned on me about that. Emotions are all over the place, hopefully get my mam sorted in the next few weeks too, it's been a horrible start to the year
  13. paulie031

    Been dismissed at Work

    Tbh guys I'm out of energy and my main priority is my wife and mother. Jobs come and go, family doesn't. We're on holiday next week as booked it a few weeks ago, my wife needed a change of scenery as she's suffering quite badly with grief so it's all a bit too much to take on Thu. Besides she says find something else and leave them to it. I don't need to work with people like that
  14. paulie031

    Been dismissed at Work

    Thanks guys, I've doubted myself over the past 24hrs wether I am a problem employee. Met up with one of my best mates this morning who said with me I don't suffer fools, and there's a few folls there. I'd like to think I'm pretty good at my job programming a 5 axis lathe, sometimes long hand as there's no cad/cam software there. Have decided to just move on and find something else
  15. paulie031

    Been dismissed at Work

    Thanks for the advice, quite a few people from my old works have been in contact saying they can't believe what's happened