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  1. paulie031

    My E39 M5 for sale

    Hi Lee yeah bit gutted myself but needs must, I've done quite a bit of work to her since owning it. It's pretty close to where I want it to be now. Any projects on the horizon?
  2. paulie031

    My E39 M5 for sale

    As you can see I'm no photographer! Apologies
  3. paulie031

    My E39 M5 for sale

  4. paulie031

    My E39 M5 for sale

  5. paulie031

    My E39 M5 for sale

  6. paulie031

    My E39 M5 for sale

    Thanks for the advice folks, will amend it later at home
  7. paulie031

    My E39 M5 for sale

    Price is in the last two lines of the advert, will take some decent pics this week
  8. paulie031

    My E39 M5 for sale

    After 3 years of ownership it's time to let her go, she's a facelift 2001 in Le man's blue. Mileage is 140k but runs like a watch. It has full service history at main dealers and most recently independent specialists, the last one being at a very good friends of 25 years garage as the other nearest was 70 miles away. In my ownership she's had a full suspension refresh with genuine shocks at the cost of £1100 plus suspension arms Being lemforder, Myle etc. It's also had some bodywork including painting the bonnet and correcting some previous cill work. Recent 4 wheel alignment and service, matching Michelin PS 4's tyres which are quite frankly awesome! The car drives fantastic and gets comments wherever I take her 13k Ono I'll get some pics in the week but here's one I took a few weeks ago
  9. paulie031

    Photo up the black mountains

    Here it is
  10. paulie031

    Photo up the black mountains

    Not as old as the bloke driving it......
  11. paulie031

    Photo up the black mountains

    Photo I took on an early Sunday morning a few weekends ago
  12. Looks a good project and possibly will cut speed in built up areas. Motorway driving is shocking at the moment with people cutting you up just to get one car length ahead and I've had countless people cut across me at the slip road exit!
  13. paulie031

    parking sensors E39 M5

    Okay I've looked at this again. Sensors work fine with just the ignition on and walk up close and back off from sensors, with the engine running they go a bit crazy without moving the car
  14. paulie031

    Been dismissed at Work

    Thanks for the replies, job is going okay. People are friendly, even the managing director came over and introduced himself.
  15. paulie031

    E39 M5 Cam sensors

    Could I just have one of each for the moment?