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  1. Think the ET are the wrong size,mine are ET18 and ET32
  2. Would these fit an E60 530i?
  3. Finally got round to fixing this,not as hard as I thought it was going to be.New extended piece of wire soldered in.
  4. To be honest I didn't know they did a guarentee,would they have honoured it after 2 years of tyres being fitted?
  5. I've just had 3 Kumhos fail on the sidewall in the last 2 months,1 rear and 2 fronts, won't be buying Kumho again, shame as they were great on my RX8
  6. Had a quick peek inside and as suggested by Luke,a grey wire has snapped Now to get the console off!
  7. Yeah the LED has stopped working,will have a look at the wiring(somehow!)
  8. As titled,the sport mode in my 530i MSport has suddenly stopped working?Works in drive fine,it's the first thing that has gone wrong with the car since I've owned it so quite gutted Is it a known problem?Or anyone have any pointers etc?
  9. I'll give that a go,thanks for the reply
  10. Just burnt a couple of MP3 CD's(polaroid brand) for the car using Toast Titanium(Macbook) at a burn rate of X6.The CD's play fine if i leave it to play but the problem arises when I want to skip tracks,it'll then decide to go through the tracks one by one,play a little off each or not at all? Any ideas please as I'm sick of listening to the first few tracks!
  11. Try and find one with a factory fitted towbar,comes with all the extra cooling etc and is detachable.
  12. Glad you sorted it Marko
  13. Reading the Whatcar reasons for the Alfa's position,axles&suspension,these aren't reliabilty issues but most likely general wear and tear with owners using non oe parts then blaming the car for failing.Approx 15% down to engines,again,most likely down to owners not reading the servicing handbook,36000mls for a cambelt change on a T spark,not keeping the oil topped up,1ltr per 1000mls on a T spark or using the wrong grade of oil.
  14. 'Pub talk' at it's best! I've had 2 Alfa's,both 156's,a 1.8 twin spark and a 2.4JTD,both great cars,never had an ounce of trouble from them.I've only just replaced my JTD after 10yrs of hard graft for this 530i and had more faults in the last 10mths with this than I had with both my 156's!
  15. Still not convinced it's the cranshaft sensor,what with it re-starting immediately after stalling,I may be wrong though,it has been known!! If you do manage to change it,check that the old 'o' ring has been removed.