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  1. Need it asap so local stealer is getting one in for me tomorrow morning and cheaper than that item on fleabay too,£23
  2. Seems like it's a common problem after searching on t'interweb,managed to locate one of these but it's in Lithuania so will give my local stealer the part number and see what they can come up with https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-OEM-GENUINE-BMW-E53-E60-Crankshaft-Position-Sensor-CPS-Adapter-12517567686/252630314199?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  3. I've managed to snapped the plug that goes into the crankshaft sensor Hate working on cars when it's cold,everything's so brittle.Looks like a trip to the breakers
  4. Ah right,I'll have a look tomorrow,thanks Andy
  5. Just read the codes,comes back with P0335-crankshaft sensor,not sure how that effects the transmission?
  6. Oily10

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Changed my starter,didn't end well as I've got a 'transmission fault' now?
  7. Just changed the starter on my 530i and now have a 'transmission fault'? Obviously I've dislodged something whilst wrestling the inlet manifold trying to gain access. Car starts and drives but message says to get it sorted etc Any ideas on what I've disturbed?
  8. Oily10

    19" staggered alloys for my E60

    Now sorted,mods please delete
  9. Oily10

    Yay or nay for these wheels

    The wheels I've put on are Dotz Mugello's Dennis,the Spyders were OEM
  10. Oily10

    Yay or nay for these wheels

    Obviously not as deep as our potholes You're spot on with regards to what suits the E60 iiNNeX but these are now on as I was sick of having to keep repairing the Spyders,keep pumping the tyres up etc. They'll do until I get something more suited or refurb the Spyders,who knows,once all shiney and new I get to like them again
  11. Oily10

    19" staggered alloys for my E60

  12. Oily10

    Yay or nay for these wheels

    Definately OEM then
  13. Oily10

    Yay or nay for these wheels

    I presume they are Jay,how can you tell the difference between OEM and non OEM Spiders?
  14. Looking at these wheels to replace the "I'll crack going over a shadow Spiders" on my 530i M Sport.I'm still in two minds about them, only reason I'm considering these is because,A.they're local ,B.the price and C.I'm sick of repairing these Spiders I'll consider anything! Offets are ET20 rear and ET15 front Yay or nay?