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  1. Most reliable engine is M57 3L ?

    Do not feed the troll.
  2. Diesel vs. Petrol

    To those who do, why do you write 'DIEsel' or 'diseasel'?
  3. Favourite feature?

    The opening boot glass on my touring - it's rare that I open the whole door now. Not a feature but the engineering of the front ashtray gives me a warm feeling! As you say, the interior lighting is lovely, especially compared to the harsh white/blue that is usually found in modern cars.
  4. Whoa there! Steady as she goes...

    Could be one of many. Your best bet is to take the wheel off and have a look. For the record, I had new tyres put on earlier and I took a few pics whilst they were off. Here's a close-up of one of the better bushes:
  5. Eejit of the week award?

    We'd like to think so, but I doubt it. Narrow pavement; zig-zags; what appears to be a busy road and he still thinks that is acceptable? Pure selfishness. Well done, OP. Send the picture anyway and then you've done all you can. Oh, and repost the picture without the anonymising!
  6. Would you sell your e39 for an e38??

    I'd love a 740/750, but I'd wonder if I'd miss the convenience of a Touring. I don't need an estate, but there have been times when I've had a fridge/freezer to move, or my bike. Also, spontaneous purchases of larger items would need more planning. As mentioned above, they are a very attractive/imposing car.
  7. 2002 E39 540i Sport Touring for sale. 172k

    Any chance of some pics of the rusty bits? What are the sills/jacking points/fuel cap area like?
  8. I checked the MOT on that when I first saw it a few days ago and couldn't help but wonder just what horrors lurked... If we ignore the oil situation, it's going to need a whole new underside: sills, floorpan, suspension parts, bushes, pipework, brakes, tyres... I promptly closed the ad.
  9. Considering Slimming world - BUT - I like my Beer

    Are you open to some form of exercise? If so, buy a set of dumbbells then look for a beginners routine on Youtube.
  10. Sensible Mods

    A left-field alternative but you'd probably be better off investing in the driver, rather than the car: advanced lessons would cost no more than a remap and would benefit every journey you make: quicker, smoother and with less wear-and-tear on the car.
  11. Triumph street triple R

    Another Triumph fan here. I've never considered myself a biker, I just like bikes. I passed in '91, mainly for practical reasons - bikes are cheaper to run than cars. I spent the next 7 years with a bike as my sole form of transport. Then I got fed up of frozen fingers and spilt diesel, and got a car. Later, I was able to afford both a car and a bike, and bought the one pictured. Sadly, ill health meant I had to sell it although I don't miss it, as each year there are more and more self-absorbed idiots on the road.
  12. Elegant plumbing solution?

    There'd be nothing to see, surely?
  13. 2001 E39 530i Sport auto £2200 SOLD

    I know I'm (too) late to this but I had my E39 on a classic policy. There isn't an age where cars automatically become 'classic', it depends on the make and model (you can get brand new cars insured as a classic). My policy was with Footman James.
  14. Have I done this right? No claims discount.

    OP: look at classic insurance. NCB doesn't apply to classic policies anyway. For what it's worth, I had my E39 on a classic policy from Footman James for my first year of ownership (3 years ago). It cost circa £350.
  15. 530D Jealousy

    Coincidentally, I was thinking about the noise of my car the other day; not that it was loud, but quite the opposite. I'll agree that, at idle, it's more intrusive than a petrol engine, but, at the time of my thought, I was doing not very fast on a steady throttle down a smooth road: all I could hear was road noise. With all the rumblings about the future of diesel, I've been looking at replacing it. At times like those mentioned above, or when I'm doing decent motorway speeds and getting decent mpg, and I'm practically falling asleep because the car is so easy to drive, I wonder what I *can* replace it with.