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  1. As topic my rear drivers side underfoam is soaking but carpet above is dry (was looking for break in my BST cable) and found it to be soaking wet under carpet the foam only unsure were it's coming from checked all rubbers around doors and seem fine any ideas thanks mark
  2. marko530d

    9CBC bmw code for tool32

    Hi my passanger frm footwell module has shut down and need to reset the code for reverse lights in tool32 as it's had 50 attempts and shut down problem is now fixed just need reset code is 9cbc thank you
  3. marko530d

    BMW E60 530D smoking

    Crankcase breather maybe
  4. marko530d

    Automatic transmission swap

    Yeah both ga6hp26z but have 6hp-28 on side of boxs above is mine on real oem the box i circled in yellow superseded the box i have in my car now. The mechatronics unit from my original box is going to be used in new box as its coded to my car thanks mark
  5. marko530d

    Automatic transmission swap

    Hi, I've shared 1 Any one know if this automatic transmission will fit my car picture is from real oem site both boxs are 530d 6hp-28 my cars a 2009 and box a want to buy is 2008 mine is highlighted in red and box am buying is yellow Thanks mark
  6. marko530d

    New from Kent - E60 M5

    Very nice and welcome
  7. marko530d

    High battery drain from instrument cluster

    Try disconnecting the ibs cable thats connected to negative on battery can cause all sorts of drain issues
  8. marko530d

    BMW X5 20" alloys on e61

    Not sure on fitment but i have seen a few with them on looks great on the e61
  9. marko530d

    Automatic transmission swap

    Think you guys should be to view now thanks again
  10. marko530d

    idrive playing up.

    If it's not new i dont think you will need it coded . Is there a date on battery? Just tighten every thing up. Was ibs cable still connected.
  11. marko530d

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Ah bad luck not a good start. Hopefully something simple
  12. marko530d

    Bst cable diagram

    Ok cheers is that seat out job
  13. marko530d

    Bst cable diagram

    Hi guys looking to find out where battery safety terminal (bst) yellow and black wire runs too i think its different colour on pre lci cars. I know it runs from battery then drivers side boot then rear seat and along bottom of rear door but not sure where it goes from there i have a short to negative in dis with 0.0 ohms fault code (acsm 93b2 short to negative) and wanted to check the whole wire the red Restraint system fault is driving me mad thanks
  14. marko530d

    idrive playing up.

    Maybe ibs cable on battery negative. If battery is kaput it starts to shut things down. Another longshot am afraid.
  15. marko530d

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Welcome. Invest in some bmw software and cables from jimmy on here (cableshack) money well spent you will need it.
  16. marko530d

    idrive playing up.

    When this happened to me i just removed all connections from mulf (bluetooth) unit and all was well just no bluetooth. My idrive kept freezing and shutting down worked perfectly after disconnected bt unit.
  17. marko530d

    Need help !! Frustrated !!!

    Yip led for angel eye
  18. marko530d

    Rear drivers side footwell soaking

    Front driver footwell was also wet so checked scuttle drain was about 25% full of water push grommet through hopefully thats my issue sorted
  19. marko530d

    Sump Plug Torque / National Oil Change

    I think Fuchs oil they use is bmw recommended.
  20. marko530d

    E60 LCI Auto Transmission Fault!

    Yeah expensive but thanks steve
  21. marko530d

    Sump Plug Torque / National Oil Change

    I used them a few times never had any issues and then change filters myself its good value for oil and filter print your 10% voucher off also
  22. marko530d

    Show your workshop/garage setups

    1+ on the hatred
  23. marko530d

    Timing chain

    wheels washed - 80% no scratches.
  24. marko530d

    Timing chain

    Just call up bmw and ask about timing chain recall on your car. Just done battery cable recalll and rear light cluster recall on mine all foc got free wash too
  25. marko530d

    Need help !! Frustrated !!!

    You could need a gearbox refurbishment like me. 1+ Voltage regulator