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  1. Baby Arrival

  2. Really didn't need this on Christmas Eve

    Hiya, a couple of years ago had a is200 and was insured via directline, they wanted it to go to some random garage to get fixed i told them that as it had spent all its life in lexus (they didnt ask for proof of this incidentally ) i wanted the car to get fixed by their approved repairers. Directline didnt challenge this and it went to lexus to get fixed, no extra had to be paid, hope that helps.
  3. Baby Arrival

    Congratulations buddy, life as you knew it will have new meaning, all the best.
  4. E60 530d sport

    Cheers Bud,Absolutely what is with the no temp Guage, germany isnt exactly the warmest country on the planet lol Defo keep an eye on those stats, day off tomorrow so I'll be on that mission in the morning [emoji1]
  5. E60 530d sport

    Drove the car back from the workshop finally!! Wow what a difference, after all the work the car has really perked up, flying to be honest. I am going to really enjoy driving her now. So the following planned for the first 3 months of next year. Full gearbox oil and filter change. Remap from the lads at e-maps. Upgrade of the headlights to something like this.
  6. E60 530d sport

  7. E60 530d sport

    The old stainless steel manifold which had loads of cracks in it especially around the dark area you can see on the pictures, replaced with a shiny new cast iron part, highly recommended.
  8. E60 530d sport

    Swirl flaps removed woohoo!!
  9. E60 530d sport

    Thanks Alun, The Oxford Green wasn't my first choice when I was on the hunt for one but it has grown on me. Can't wait to get it back tomorrow from the workshop then more pictures will follow and it'll be great to see how it handles post swirl flaps removal and the new cast iron manifold, for good measure its getting a full service with ALL the filters changed and engine flush followed by fresh castrol. Considering running it on shell diesel V Power anyone got any news on how if any difference i would notice obviously not driving with a lead foot lol
  10. E60 530d sport

    Yep I have the widescreen version also, maybe ok thanks
  11. E60 530d sport

    Maybe, should it actually stop you when you come to the end of a menu, i thought it was one where it would just spin freely in any direction, maybe i should try someone else's it just feels different in the 2008 x5 to my 2005 530d thats all i have to compare.
  12. E60 530d sport

    The knob will sometimes vibrate when trying to scroll through my telephone directory and needs gentle persuasion to get it to scroll, in the main menus is the knob meant to be able to freely spin round or does it stop whether scrolling right or left when coming to the end of the menu selections.
  13. E60 530d sport

    Hi All, just a heads up on the delay and the cause of it, the exhaust manifold which was getting shipped up to me was sent via UPS, should have arrived last thursday, arrived yesterday!!!!!!! After back and forward trying to figure out why the delay (which they haven't yet explained ) my part finally landed almost a week later than it should have. UPS customer service during this time was the worst ever. For more insight check my twitter @the_fza Stick to DPD if you can guys.
  14. E60 530d sport

    Hi BausNice one, I've seen you post that stats should be changed around 100k, for better mpg, is there a sure fire way of knowing if they are in good nick and don't need changed.
  15. E60 530d sport

    So a couple of questions for the experts out there, 1. Came with 1 key, whats the cost for replacements, and has anyone used ebay to purchase as its a lot cheaper picking up a key on there getting the blade cut but can reprogramming be done avoiding the stealers. 2. Pdc shows visual back and front but no audio, all car speakers work but to be honest the sound is pretty disappointing is that normal because the bass has hardly any depth at all. 3. Is retro fitted heated seats a pain or is there specialists out there who can do it so that it looks oem. 4. Whats the gig with the hidden menu and how do you access these. 5.lastly the knob for the obc at times has a mind of its own, just a knob replacement needed or more. Thanks in advance guys.