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  1. I've inadvertently bought the wrong size winter tyres for my '39. I should have ordered 17" but have ended up with 18" tyres to fit 17" rims, and I've had them over the period I could send them back, because I forgot to check when they arrived. I'm offering them here before fleabaying them. All are 6mm+ in tread depth and matching brand & style. You're welcome to organise a courier, or I may be able to deliver around the Midlands or South Coast as I travel around fairly regularly. The image is the one in the advert I purchased from. £200 OVNO.
  2. Sorry fellas, just seen these notifications. Sold now.
  3. I prefer my Ambers with my US style markers. Just different. No problem with MOT either.
  4. see what else it has at www.bimmer.work
  5. Mmm, I've been looking at those as well.
  6. Hey Dan, They are still a bit shiny, but the chrome matches the grilles, but I agree that they may go matt black at some point soon. Hopefully road grime will soften their look for a while.
  7. Well, yesterday my old barge went into Bodytech Bodyshop and had a new front bumper, T-bar delete with M5 style and trumpets fitted. Then a full body mop & clay bar. I'm so pleased with the results.
  8. I'm in the same position. Bought cheap and shitty eBay last year. This year they're fooked, so have ponied up and ordered from the stealers.
  9. I've got a set out of my auto. Vavona with the gearknob.
  10. Urgently and desperately require a replacement fuel tank for my 2003 build. Somehow I've managed to pick up road debris and got a hole in mine. Closer to Birmingham the better. TIA
  11. The catches on the back of the handles.
  12. Tint Thursday