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  1. Jim Bob

    Bonnet release

    I'm going to suggest the catch handle is catching the grille. Aftermarket grilles caused this on mine. OEM fit perfectly.
  2. Jim Bob

    BMW E38 Contour Seats To Fit E39

    Hi, yes they did.
  3. Jim Bob

    E39 2.5d Estate Sill replacement

  4. I have a pair of E39 Lemforder top mounts available, due to me ordering wrong parts. Ordered to fit my 530d, but should fit other models (please check for yourself) £65 delivered for the pair.
  5. Jim Bob

    Some Japanese Provenance!

    I'm waiting for some funds to arrive in the next couple of months, and then I'm hoping to import a Japanese beauty, so I'll have many questions to those of you with experience of this process. I'd prefer a touring, but heard they're silly rare from there. Can anyone confirm?
  6. Jim Bob

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I'd be interested in what other parts you'd need in addition. Could get very ££££££
  7. Jim Bob

    Crackling speakers

    Baris did mine last year and well worth the money. Can't recommend enough.
  8. Jim Bob

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Sytner Solihull are brilliant
  9. Jim Bob

    BMW E38 Contour Seats To Fit E39

    Leamington Spa
  10. I have a set of electric Contours for sale. These are grey in colour. Not perfect, and driver's could do with some TLC. Non heated. £275 OVNO.
  11. Jim Bob

    About to break a 2001 e39 touring 530i titan silver

    I'd really like the under-headlight trims as long as they're genuine and not snapped.
  12. My guess is an arm is on the way out. This was my problem.
  13. Jim Bob

    Right lads...get your tips out!!!

    YNP 69 has a decent rear box setup if you see his.
  14. Jim Bob

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    You'll be good for another week, weather-wise. I'm the same. Servicing mine end of this month, so will swap back to summer's then.