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  1. I gave mine a bloody good, and long-overdue, snow foam, devil's blood on the wheels, full clay bar'd, waxed and hoovered. Meguiars tyre gel is lovely and even works well on the rubbing strips and roof bars. Now I can really see the imperfections. Plus, found I'd lost the locking bolt on my NSF wheel.
  2. Thanks Duncan. My "rare" splash guards and under-guards are also taking a battering on mine since it became my daily. Having lowered it,I should have stiffened it, but didn't as it wasn't going to be a 25k mpa daily initially. I may go the Bilstein route later on, or may go for coilovers from Sumil.
  3. I've already polybushed my front ARB's. I'm on lowering springs upfront, but stock dampers all-round, and lowered 40mm front, 25mm rear.
  4. What spec car are your running Duncan? My suspension feels too soft and wallowy, especially for a Sport Touring, so going to look into coilovers possibly of certainly stiffer shocks next time around.
  5. Thanks Phil. Probably leave them for now, or until I've had my last kidney harvested
  6. 51498216725 51498216726 Much appreciated Phil.
  7. Just needs dropping now Mr C, but looking good.
  8. Yes, I bought Lemforder ones, so I don't need to replace again for a while. ECP have 55% off this weekend.
  9. Found out that I had one fitted already by previous owner. Get hold of Ryan Tissandier ( https://www.facebook.com/ryan.tissandier?fref=ts ) over on the other page, as he does them, but prices are due to go up soon. But well worth getting done.
  10. I'm also running Bimecc spacers. Great quality. Don't forget the revised wheel nuts and lock nuts if you do fit these spacers.
  11. If the engine's running, like it would be driving. But, it depends on the condition of the battery, and obviously its age.
  12. Only when in the ignition.
  13. Mine need doing on my Touring, along with engine mounts.
  14. New intercooler fitted last night. Also fitted 2 new rear tyres and correctly fitted the LED bulbs in the dome lighting upfront. What a pig they were.
  15. Duncan is correct. My brakes were under a year old, but a sticking caliper ruined them. Get the brakes hot and then spin the wheel to see if it rubs. If it does, it's likely your caliper. I just put Brembo on all round last weekend.