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  1. I only used those Powerflex on my front anti roll bars, but certainly worth doing IMO
  2. When I worked as a BMW salesman, I sold and delivered one like this to Jersey, CI for a guy. I felt like royalty taking it over as everyone else on the ship just wanted pics and to talk about the car.
  3. Likely the black upper trims. Items 1 and 5 in this picture.
  4. Thanks Hippy, I'd be interested to hear how you find them. I'm torn between these and going for coilovers, but want to retain the SLS if possible.
  5. Just remembered, I need the interior trims around the tailgate window if yours are in decent condition?
  6. Are those shocks for the front or rear? I need something stiffer all-round on mine and looking at B8's I think instead of my standard Sport ones.
  7. Jimmy, you don't have any factory tinted windows for a Touring laying around do you?
  8. Don't suppose it's got factory Sun Protection glass does it?
  9. As above, if anyone's breaking a Touring with the factory tints, would you let me know? Never been that keen on window film, and if there's the windows from a breaker then I could well be interested. TIA.
  10. Try this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/231834611345?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  11. I broke out the Meguiars Headlight resto and attempted mine. Whilst they weren't horrendous, they certainly came up much better after the polish, but the pic doesn't really capture it.
  12. Really? He did do my main AC pipe as well. I thought I'd done good, but now you got me wondering....
  13. I bought Lemforder engine mounts and Corteco gearbox mounts from Euros. Had my local Indy do them for £100 labour. The OS mount is a bitch to do apparently.
  14. Engine mounts and associated vac lines, gearbox mounts and an AC pipe. Get your engine mounts done lads. It's transformed the car in performance and responsiveness terms.
  15. I gave mine a bloody good, and long-overdue, snow foam, devil's blood on the wheels, full clay bar'd, waxed and hoovered. Meguiars tyre gel is lovely and even works well on the rubbing strips and roof bars. Now I can really see the imperfections. Plus, found I'd lost the locking bolt on my NSF wheel.