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  1. Replace both at the same time, and order from Aerosus as Clavurion has suggested. I ordered from them last year, and they're perfect.
  2. You can always PM me for info and offer.
  3. I bought a staggered set of Borbet Style 125 and had them refurb'd, but now need to sell them to fund the B12 Pro Kit I've fitted instead. Very similar to Parras, but 19" and OEM wheels.
  4. I'm selling a set of 19", and it's recommended they have 245/35/19 and 275/30/19 as they're also 8.5 and 9.5.
  5. I had my new Bilstein B8 kit fitted to my Touring, followed by camber adjustments and 4 wheel alignment. Had it done near Bournemouth, and then drove it home to Warwick. Drive is certainly "sportier" and has raised the car by 10mm all round, so those pesky speed humps aren't still grinding my underneath.
  6. Sounds like a boost leak. Check ALL vac lines and your intercooler too.
  7. I have them. Fitted last year. You wouldn't know the difference.
  8. Yes please. All mine are broken, and even Gorilla glue tape isn't holding them in place anymore.
  9. I only used those Powerflex on my front anti roll bars, but certainly worth doing IMO
  10. When I worked as a BMW salesman, I sold and delivered one like this to Jersey, CI for a guy. I felt like royalty taking it over as everyone else on the ship just wanted pics and to talk about the car.
  11. Likely the black upper trims. Items 1 and 5 in this picture.
  12. Thanks Hippy, I'd be interested to hear how you find them. I'm torn between these and going for coilovers, but want to retain the SLS if possible.
  13. Just remembered, I need the interior trims around the tailgate window if yours are in decent condition?
  14. Are those shocks for the front or rear? I need something stiffer all-round on mine and looking at B8's I think instead of my standard Sport ones.
  15. Jimmy, you don't have any factory tinted windows for a Touring laying around do you?