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  1. nashdm2

    Dealer advice please....

    where are you with the car though and the faults etc?
  2. nashdm2

    523i cutting out when hot...?

    When it cuts out, is there any message on the dash? Have you managed to get the codes read?
  3. I had one done for my boys old Fiat Punto and that was £245.
  4. nashdm2

    Goodbye my friend.

    Wow, this nearly happened to me before christmas. I was driving a Jag XJ Limo. It was dark and raining. In the distance, I saw brake light flashing fast. Thanks to my understanding, I knew what that meant. I disengaged the CC, and slowed down. As I approached, it was a car in lane two, which had stopped, cars were swerving all over the place, and I managed to miss the stationary car and the other cars swerving all over the place. I had a car load of passengers with me, they were really scared. If I had not have known what red flashing lights had meant, it could have been a lot worse. I feel for you Penfold, my incident could have been very similar, so, I understand what you mean. Glad everybody was ok.............
  5. nashdm2

    Collision warning

    I wonder what the insurance companies would have to say about having a safety feature and turning it off. I used to be a part of a VW forum and people on there were discussing the same and the insurance companies for a number of them had a real issue once they declared it.
  6. nashdm2

    Too many thieves about !!

    The product above is what I have ordered, and they work.
  7. nashdm2

    Towbar removal

    Andrew and Matthew are the experts on this, they will be along soon no doubt.
  8. nashdm2

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Maybe they could build a device that attaches itself to the outside of the windscreen frame and the tries to suck air in (Like a large air tent thingy). If it can suck air in, then its not sealed? Something like that.....perhaps I should go on Dragons Den with that idea? I am sure I have seen something like it on Grand Designs when they do an air sealed house and see if it can suck air in to see how air tight the house is?
  9. nashdm2

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    mmm, interesting. Just as I said in my post above, this screen fitting mullarky is a lottery down to if the screen is sealed 100% around the edge. Surely somebody has developed a method to analyse this? It can't be too hard. Looking at the vid, they have come a long way since the old days, especially how they take care of the car etc (might be down to the fact that he is being videoed of course) Having said that, I am no windscreen expert, but surely having too much goo would not be a reason to fail, yes, too little and that part of the glass will not touch the goo. Anyway, as I said I am no windscreen expert...........
  10. nashdm2


    I have another one to add. Not on this forum so much, but, on another forum I contribute to. Some people just type a load of garbage, without any punctuation at all. It makes it very had to read and also try to understand what on earth they are gibbering on about.
  11. When you say factory tints, what do you mean?
  12. You need to move this to the correct forum, ie, F10-F11. It will get more replies there.
  13. That 8 series has the look of a Japanese car at the back, ie, lots of angles and colours and materials. Just like some of the toyota and Honda cars that have been over engineered/designed.
  14. nashdm2


    There you go. Thats the attitude we need in this country. The best deterrent there is.
  15. nashdm2

    Staggered wheel set up tyre price difference

    Same here Andrew, always have to have all four corners the same brand. I currently have P7's on mine but when the rears get close I am swapping all four to Michelin's and then sell the front two P7's