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  1. That sounds more like it then.
  2. £570 sounds very cheap, is there a large excess with that?
  3. Yes, my EGR was replaced under recall also. Nov 2014 520d B47. There is another thread on here about it a while ago.
  4. The performance upgrade is not for me. Nationwide have brand new FL 5 door models for 26.9k!!!! Staggering discount.
  5. How strange is that Lennox, I too fancy one of these also. The broker deals on these FL models are staggering. Makes great value for money.
  6. Yes, me too, 70mph.
  7. yes, lol, the adblu goo that VAG and others use.
  8. Yes Andrew, agree, we are all tired of talking about the 520d B47 Regen noise. I guess it's the only way BMW can reach EU6 standards without using the additive "goo" that other brands use.
  9. Same here, not for me for the reasons stated above. It is disabled for a reason.
  10. Yes, I think this is a Pressure Converter (PC). These have air filters on them and on higher mileage cars the filters get blocked. Try taking the PC to bits and clean it out as suggested above by sshooie.
  11. Those of us with the B47 engine are in absolutely no doubt when ours are in regen mode as we can hear the damn thing for sure!!! (well documented of course)
  12. aha, that was the answer then, understood.
  13. Its a chance you take like anything in life I guess. I have always had every requirement on board for each country I have visited, BUT, never needed any of it in 30 years of driving in europe. However, with my luck, the trip I take with nothing on board will be the one where I need something for sure!!!!!
  14. I am surprised the dealership allowed you to take it up the road before paying for it......
  15. Agree with above from Andrew, personally I would not put anything non OEM on my car, sorry............