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  1. I have used Snows in Portsmouth for as many years as I care to mention. Brilliant service department. I have built up a great rapport with them over the years and I can always trust them to look after my car. No issues at all.
  2. Led lights on door handle query

    Yes, I am sure mine in underneath only also.
  3. Towbar'

    PF Jones website sir as Matthew listed above.
  4. F10 roof rust / contamination

    Yes, looks like bird poo etching to me for sure.
  5. F11 rear bulb flickering

    Aha, don't get smart with me sshooie!!! Good point, well made!!! Or, perhaps she was pressing the brake pedal on the left hand side of the pedal?
  6. F11 rear bulb flickering

    Are you sure your wife was not hovering her foot over the brake pedal?
  7. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Wow, and are you sure the tape over the sill plate holes is holding?
  8. Identify the part

    Looks about right to me, certainly matches on looks alone.
  9. Small cut in boot seal

    There is a product out there that used to revive old door rubbers by cutting a slot in the rubber and inserting a solid round length of rubber down the inside of the old rubber. This would then make the old rubber like new again and seal against the door. This maybe a solution for your issue and you could then glue over the new solid rubber inside the old seal making it water tight again. I hope I have worded this so people can understand what I mean.
  10. Engine Fault Reduced Powrr

    Steve, Matthew will step in at some stage and assist you I am sure.
  11. Amazed by my car

    It is a great car, mine did something very similar in France last year.
  12. Sat nav randomly thinks I'm in a field

    Doc, I believe we use the same benefactor I think. Bloody nice bloke he is too.
  13. Apple Carplay Retrofit

    Ah right, my mistake, thats good then, thanks Matthew. (reading it back now, it was obvious what you meant lol!!)
  14. Apple Carplay Retrofit

    Thanks Matthew. I am really happy with my screen and system so no plans to change. Regarding the map updates, thats a bugger for sure!!! It was good while it lasted. I will wait for a year then buy the BMW one for £69, assuming they keep it at that price given they have now nailed the hacking. What about those that did a lifetime FSC, does the same apply do you know?