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  1. Matthew, you mentioned above that PSdZ Lite will not work with newer cars, mine is a Nov 2014 build, is that ok or not please?
  2. Thanks, need to get myself an old laptop and load the software. Then the cable, and I will be in touch Matthew. Thanks once again, appreciated.
  3. Thanks Matthew, so, we are both the same side of the Thames which is a good start. Looking at the how to, I am far too nervous nerys to do this on my own sir, so, I will defo take you up on that for sure, thanks very much for the offer, much appreciated.
  4. Thanks Matthew, so, where are you based sir to potentially hold my hand?
  5. Christ, I have just read a "how to" for using ESYS, it looks like a bloody nightmare to use!!!
  6. Somebody has mentioned the software for free, anybody know where I can get it from please? Also, what is PSdZ also please as I have read about that and the need to have it updated all the time? help please?
  7. I stumbled across it one day by lightly touching the button in error...............
  8. Don't you like the rest of the page John?
  9. Have you put this in the right thread?
  10. I think this is the key. I have said this a couple of times on this forum. Twice a year I have the wheels off and on the rear, I fully clean out any grit etc that has gathered in the "fold". Should we have to? Maybe not, but we all know they are a liability, so, keep them clean to see if that is the issue. I think a clue is the fact that the nearside seems to go first. Eventually if I keep the car long enough, they will give way no doubt, but, I will try to prevent that as much as I can.
  11. Ah ok, thanks, I really want to get into this, will take a look at the website you have listed.
  12. Yes, me too. I think you had the HP's before, so, really interested to see how you find them. Due to the way I drive my car (Miss Daisy), the main thing I am looking for is reduced road noise. This is my first F11, so, my Pirelli P7's seem ok, but I have no benchmark, it might be they are best in class, but I just don't know and there is no point in group test reviews as they never test RF's on a BMW.
  13. What did you go for in the end Andrew?
  14. Guys, will this software work with a Mac please as nobody in the house has a windows laptop? Thanks........