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  1. F11 Buying advice - new owner

    My F11 is a lovely car. Its not the desireable 3l, but, a B47 2l. As matthew says, its a very good engine and is all the car I need with my driving style. Mine is in mineral white and is brimming with some great toys as I purchased mine new.
  2. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Yes, as Matthew says, the cover is really hard to get back on. As he also says, I would not trust a garage to do it as well as I did as it needs to carefully slot in nicely. I also slightly widened the hole where the screw goes through the panel in the side inner wing. This helped it slot in really well. Do it yourself. It will slot in and then you know you have done it correctly.
  3. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Interesting that even though some find a tide mark on their yellow grommet, not all of them have the wet carpets. I can only assume that the build up of water has to be continuous and consistent in order for the grommet to eventually let water in.
  4. Frozen washer jets?

    I think the headlight wash is also a bigger diameter pipe, but not sure.
  5. Just bought a 520d B47

    What month build is the car? Are you absolutely sure its a B47?
  6. Leakage AGR cooler

    Goran, on the later engine (B47), the EGR was part of a quality campaign as it was leaking and replaced by the dealer FOC. Are you sure you have the N47 engine?
  7. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Unless I am mistaken, this is the first time we have seen where the drain hole comes out? The ironic thing is that the area under the gas strut also fills up with leaves and blocks lol..
  8. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Matthew, why does the water only materialise in the back seat area and not the front seat also?
  9. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Looking at that picture of the seat out, you can see the rear vent and it looks like its set very low down and from the picture it is very possible water from the carpet area can get into the vent. So, I think your problem is still the yellow grommet?
  10. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Chicken and Egg. What came first, are you sure the vent is not filling up as a result of the carpet being soaked, rather than the vent soaking the carpet? Have you looked at the yellow grommet on yours and seen what is lurking behind?
  11. BMW connected drive app on IPHONE

    Hi, I think you need to sign up for something when it was new. Thats what I recall, then the rest was simples...... Also, I think there is a new App as mine downloaded a brand new one the other day.
  12. Timing chain now replaced

    Did the car have an engine map before that perhaps has been overwritten by BMW?
  13. StopStart

    I have the Ctek for mine also, think its a 5.0 or something like that. I have permanently located the bit that connects to the car, so, just plug and play for me.
  14. Aha, ok, that makes sense then. Could we not have removed the links and let the thread run? Also, can we start the thread again so long as we don't list any links please? Thanks....