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  1. Got it on my F11, superb option, glad i went for it.
  2. I like the exhausts and stuff, but not the wheels.
  3. Mine had the EGR recall done also.
  4. Yes, the constant swapping of bands does repeat words and lyrics a lot, gets on my nerves a bit.
  5. It could have been a momentary drop in signal which I am sure must happen at times.
  6. Yes I must have I guess, the car is still within its three year warranty and hence three year connected drive subscription, but I am not an expert on that.
  7. Mine seems ok, I get the correct page then sign in and all ok.
  8. I think the FM default when no DAB is a user config option in idrive, not sure though.............
  9. Mine are at 140 also.
  10. I am sure there are a number of threads already about this and in the main the fix is a new exhaust manifold as they can develop very small cracks that cause this issue. Take a search and see what you can find.
  11. Yes, if it's anything to do with boost or vacuum you "should" get error codes to suggest issues. Having said that, have you got an engine light showing on the dash?
  12. As others have said. Codes first, then check for split hozes and also any issues with vacuum pipes. How many miles has the car done?
  13. I have got all four of the family cars on Admiral multi car policy Matthew, see how they compare when you use the comparison sites.
  14. Yes, I get that, it was sarcasm I was using sir............................
  15. That could have been so much worse Matthew, and kind of them to leave you a note just in case of damage!!!!! With examples like this, it's no wonder us kind people on here are so paranoid about where we park. It annoys the wife so much that I park in the furthest spot so as to avoid this from happening!!! (sometimes in an adjacent town!!, only kidding!!)