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  1. F10 door corrosion

    Its on a link from Matthew on page one of this thread, fourth post down. Surely if you take this doc into any BMW dealer they would struggle to deny the claim?
  2. F10 door corrosion

    Am i imagining this or is there an official Doc from BMW about this issue? If so, does this not confirm that they know about it and hence cannot deny claims?
  3. De-laminating trim

    If it's still under warranty, then I would get it changed. Just out of interest, and perhaps a long shot, it's not a film that needs to be peeled off at all is it?
  4. Which Alloys

    Yes, me too, certainly high up on my reasons to buy or not !!!!
  5. F11 tailgate release button

    Yes, I will take a look at the weekend, thanks..........
  6. F11 tailgate release button

    I have this type of thing in the same place as you have moved yours, so, I expect I cannot do it for mine. https://www.google.com/search?q=bmw+HUD+button&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=XUYYC-8fNCKfcM%3A%2C5ZMh5ddNoamzkM%2C_&usg=___jCXZofJutVQK7j83nVzb_L2Lac%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjfmsrj6ufZAhXlIcAKHdxdCcgQ9QEIODAC#imgrc=9in3rOCDcleSUM: Only the first slot is occupied with my HUD button, very much like this: https://www.google.com/search?q=bmw+HUD+button&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=XUYYC-8fNCKfcM%3A%2C5ZMh5ddNoamzkM%2C_&usg=___jCXZofJutVQK7j83nVzb_L2Lac%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjfmsrj6ufZAhXlIcAKHdxdCcgQ9QEIODAC#imgrc=oNzblUVQMXMOaM:
  7. F11 tailgate release button

    I assume there was enough cable slack to do it and also, how did you blank off the old slot please sshooie? I am sure that on my car there is a wide area where a bank of switches can go as I think my HUD switch is the first one occupied. I wonder if this switch will slot in next to the HUD switch?
  8. F11 tailgate release button

    Yes Andrew, Matthew has a chart of all the available changes and what to code, along with his really good knowledge of how it all works.
  9. Discounts on new

    I always do my homework in advance. I fully spec a car on broadspeed, then print the price out. I then take that spec and price down to a BMW dealer and I make it very easy for them. I stand there with a pen and credit card in my hand and say if they can beat that, they get a signature and deposit. The dealer knows there are no games. He has a price to aim at, not to "maybe" get the business, but defo get the business if he hits the price. I will be honest and say it has never failed me. What dealers hate is giving you there best price and then you walking to the next dealer. Seriously guys, this works!!!!!!. I also always take the PCP deal as extra discount with a finance deposit allowance (FDA) is available, then just pay it off if you have the cash.
  10. Grade of Derv - 535d

    I use Shell V Power Diesel also, but, with no proof of any advantages other than the placebo affect.
  11. Samsung S8 with BMW apps

    Not sure, but without EBT I dont think you can stream music, so, it will be a cable connect via USB I think.
  12. Instrument displays..

    I have the full multi function display (the final 3 pictures) and its really great.
  13. Rear Air Suspension

    Someone on another forum has reported the same thing. Strange.
  14. Instrument displays..

    Which display have you got Dave and which red lines do you mean sir?
  15. Instrument displays..

    Yes, its exactly as Johnny has explained.