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  1. Guys, not specifically 5 series, but, general, but I appreciate a lot of people's view on this forum, so, here it is. In recent months, there seems to a be a general change of tune across the UK and Europe around diesel engines. So, where is all this going? There are cities across europe that are banning or restricting access if you are not EU6 standard. Also, all the talk seems to be recently to steer away from diesels in the future. So, is it just a whim or is there new evidence to suggest that we now know they are not good. Where is it heading? I heard the other day about a possibility of the market prices for second hand diesel's dropping considerably. The possibility of a government scrappage scheme for diesels etc etc. Some manufacturers sell upwards of 80% of their vehicles in diesel versions. Some manufacturers do not offer petrol versions on some models. Just to tease debate really, should my next car be a petrol? Some manufacturers make some great low cc/turbo driven engines, VAG for example so is this the future of engines? (not excluding the 2040 plan to move away from combustion engines) Regards, Dave
  2. Yes, my thoughts are the same as others on here and I am happy to be proved wrong. Also, sshooie is right, there does appear to be some anger in your words sir. We are very nice people on this forum and we share the love, so relax, and thanks for your contribution, I have learnt something on this so appreciated.
  3. How are you measuring that as it seems very high?
  4. I am confused Andrew, can you elaborate please?
  5. So my Lux measurement as will I guess be the same as an SE, so, yours is lower than a SE but only by 5mm.
  6. Good point Ian. We are assuming that the yellow chamber outlet pipe is connected to the wheel arch drain, but Matthew found a dead end when he poked his camera up the pipe. When you look at the picture of the wheel arch drain, there is not much of a drain there as it has those pipes going through it also.
  7. Not a great deal of difference between 6WA and the standard imo.
  8. Thats informative Matthew, even though its a strange way to measure. But I can see why they might have done it that way to eliminate any tyre tread/pressure issues affecting the measurement. My 18' F11 Lux is 635mm using the method matthew has said.
  9. Its strange that so many things have moved on in car production terms, but, they still use this plastic sheet to keep prevent water coming in the car from the door. Very strange.
  10. Also, is item 4 the same part that has the three pipes going into it that Matthew put the camera down and found leaves?
  11. The more I look at this picture the more interesting it becomes. It does indeed look like that same pipe, but, I am not sure it is. There is another identical piece the other side on this diagram, also marked with a 1. Are these not the exit pipes underneath the fan enclosure box for any moisture? Also, I am not sure where these pipes go to as it looks like they go into the wheel arch vents that Matthew was talking about as the items looked similar.
  12. Just checked the Nilfisk website, very expensive products, but, perhaps representative of the quality I guess?
  13. Understood thanks Matthew.
  14. So, now we have the other post running thanks to Matthew, we now know that the water enters behind the panel at the top under the sticky out bit at the top of the panel. Also, water should drain out of the hole in the bodywork at the bottom right but does not for some reason. That now also means that the bead of sealant all around the panel was not a design fault after all as water should never have needed to get out of the panel at the very bottom.
  15. Thanks. As mine has service package, it wont show anything other than that when I check on that website. I did learn something from it though. My service pack has "MOT Protect" which means if anything fails on the MOT, it will be fixed FOC. This is for three MOT's.