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  1. ahhh ok makes sense - such a shame you have to sell such a beauty!
  2. she's a beauty - excuse the dumb question but whats the reason for the missing light on the front end?
  3. im looking forward to seeing the pics of this beauty!!!

    Love a set of Hartge's
  5. oh... ...my ...GOD! this is killing me, so much want this is an awesome bit of kit you have here bud! would be perfect for my m54
  6. E39 xenon hella headlights

    Let me know if you decide to sell again! Rather buy from a member than a random of Ebay!
  7. 2003 52 530i sport champagne 1 breaking

    Is the interior still available? If so how much bud Thanks
  8. E39 xenon hella headlights

    Got any pics of the facelift ones bud? If you are still selling please let me know as I'm interested Thanks Sumil
  9. hi guys have the following jacket for sale (ebay link is of the same jacket, not me selling it - i will upload my own pics later this weekend) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ALL-SAINTS-DRAKE-INK-DARK-BLUE-BIKER-JACKET-COAT-XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL-NEW-TAGS-/221717949502 the jacket is originally £298 ebay selling it for £90 the Size is 'Small' but it is a little big for me would fit someone perfectly with a 38-40" chest im selling mine for £75 delivered, its unworn and in excellent condition - as new. let me know if you are interested and i can send pics thanks Sumil
  10. iPhone 5S - 32GB Gold

    Hi guys iPhone 5s - 32GB gold Screen is unmarked had a screen protector on it from day 1 The back however is scratched up on the lower left corner Price reflects this £215 delivered
  11. Bose 321 GSX Hard Drive Surround Sound System

    does it definitely have the HDMI port bud? if you could confirm for sure that would be great thanks
  12. P 5UML - The E39 Build Thread...

    dennisssssssss thanks so much for the awesome pics! they came out great