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  1. Hi All, The old headliner from my E39 M5 is for sale, includes the sunroof panel, pillars and visors £90 collected from around the Heathrow Area. Drop me a message if interested Thanks Sumil
  2. E39 - 3P Airlift Airride Kit *BRAND NEW*

    Such a clever guy you are!
  3. E39 - 3P Airlift Airride Kit *BRAND NEW*

    haha - much appreciated bud! Thank you!
  4. E39 - 3P Airlift Airride Kit *BRAND NEW*

    Thanks mate, much appreciated I got to the point where i was hardly using it (I used to daily that thing) so just didn’t seem viable having it sitting there. So I split it apart, put it back to standard and sold it! still have the wheels though!!
  5. E39 - 3P Airlift Airride Kit *BRAND NEW*

    It actually does yea, would suit you perfectly This was my previous car on air which had a 6 page feature in performance BMW and voted 2nd in best modified in 2016. Still got the shoes from that - happy to pass them down
  6. BRAND NEW - E39 AIRLIFT Airride FULL 3P KIT Kit retails for just under £3,500 including the 3/8s and seamless tank This is a full kit available with 3P Management SUITABLE FOR ALL E39’s Inc M5! This kit has been upgraded from the original spec to include the better/quicker 3/8 lines and also a stunning 4 gallon seamless tank Grab yourself a bargain! https://www.airliftperformance.com/product-lines/3h/ I’m asking for £2,800 Which is around £600-700 less than retail (Happy to spread the payments over a few months if it helps, collection when the final payments been made)
  7. ahhh ok makes sense - such a shame you have to sell such a beauty!
  8. she's a beauty - excuse the dumb question but whats the reason for the missing light on the front end?
  9. im looking forward to seeing the pics of this beauty!!!
  10. HARTGE19X9.5 ALLOYS ET20

    Love a set of Hartge's
  11. oh... ...my ...GOD! this is killing me, so much want this is an awesome bit of kit you have here bud! would be perfect for my m54
  12. E39 xenon hella headlights

    Let me know if you decide to sell again! Rather buy from a member than a random of Ebay!