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  1. P 5UML

    Front style 65 or pair of rears

    hey bud been trying to contact you, let me know if you are still interested in selling these? thanks Sumil
  2. P 5UML

    Front style 65 or pair of rears

    Told you I’m interested in them bud just waiting for you to message me with pics and a price. Let me know please thanks
  3. P 5UML

    Stylel 65 Alloys

    Sure thing - keep me posted please as mentioned feel free to drop me a message on my phone thanks
  4. P 5UML

    Stylel 65 Alloys

    Hey bud please send me pics to 07805 924 886 interested in taking all 4 including the damaged front no matter what the issue is how much would you want for the set? 100% genuine?
  5. P 5UML

    Stylel 65 Alloys

    From the E39 M5 - if you have anything please let me know thanks Sumil
  6. Hi All, The old headliner from my E39 M5 is for sale, includes the sunroof panel, pillars and visors £90 collected from around the Heathrow Area. Drop me a message if interested Thanks Sumil
  7. P 5UML

    E39 - 3P Airlift Airride Kit *BRAND NEW*

    Such a clever guy you are!
  8. P 5UML

    E39 - 3P Airlift Airride Kit *BRAND NEW*

    haha - much appreciated bud! Thank you!
  9. P 5UML

    E39 - 3P Airlift Airride Kit *BRAND NEW*

    Thanks mate, much appreciated I got to the point where i was hardly using it (I used to daily that thing) so just didn’t seem viable having it sitting there. So I split it apart, put it back to standard and sold it! still have the wheels though!!
  10. P 5UML

    E39 - 3P Airlift Airride Kit *BRAND NEW*

    It actually does yea, would suit you perfectly This was my previous car on air which had a 6 page feature in performance BMW and voted 2nd in best modified in 2016. Still got the shoes from that - happy to pass them down
  11. BRAND NEW - E39 AIRLIFT Airride FULL 3P KIT Kit retails for just under £3,500 including the 3/8s and seamless tank This is a full kit available with 3P Management SUITABLE FOR ALL E39’s Inc M5! This kit has been upgraded from the original spec to include the better/quicker 3/8 lines and also a stunning 4 gallon seamless tank Grab yourself a bargain! https://www.airliftperformance.com/product-lines/3h/ I’m asking for £2,800 Which is around £600-700 less than retail (Happy to spread the payments over a few months if it helps, collection when the final payments been made)
  12. ahhh ok makes sense - such a shame you have to sell such a beauty!