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  1. rad22

    Style 32 for my e39

    did send u a msg on ebay are they 17 staggered? let me know how much thanks
  2. rad22

    Style 32 for my e39

    Hello I'm looking to get some new alloys for my car! I'd really love some type 32 17 staggered ! If anyone can help do contact me asap! Regards Rad
  3. yep! they are really nice! goodluck
  4. i got some style 32 17" interested in a swap?
  5. rad22

    Bmw e39

  6. rad22

    bmw e39 alloys type 37(para)

    south west Bristol
  7. rad22

    bmw e39 alloys type 37(para)

    hello im thinking of changing my alloys on my E39 and i would love a set of type 37 (parallel) if anybody can help please let me know! regards rad
  8. looking for a new set of alloys maybe type 37:)

  9. rad22

    my e39

  10. rad22

    E34 obc

    just changed it..now.! ..I got two obc so I did took a bulb from the spare one ! looks better now!
  11. rad22

    E34 obc

    I did found something on ebay...it is going to be my project for this weekend....thank you
  12. rad22

    E34 obc

    so they do lit.: I knew it .!....where can I find these bulbs? ebay? I'll have a look
  13. rad22

    E34 obc

    hello I do have an 6 button obc on my e34! the little thing works just fine...still ....my question is: does the buttons lit ? on mine just the display lite at night..! thanks
  14. rad22

    right oil for my e34

    does anybody has a working 6 button obc? just fitted one and it works fine.... my question is ...does the buttons lit? on mine just the display does
  15. rad22

    e34 520i 24v setting up obc

    does the buttons lit up on the 6 digit obc?