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    bmw e34
  1. E34

  2. E34 obc

    just changed it..now.! ..I got two obc so I did took a bulb from the spare one ! looks better now!
  3. E34 obc

    I did found something on ebay...it is going to be my project for this weekend....thank you
  4. E34 obc

    so they do lit.: I knew it .!....where can I find these bulbs? ebay? I'll have a look
  5. E34 obc

    hello I do have an 6 button obc on my e34! the little thing works just fine...still ....my question is: does the buttons lit ? on mine just the display lite at night..! thanks
  6. right oil for my e34

    does anybody has a working 6 button obc? just fitted one and it works fine.... my question is ...does the buttons lit? on mine just the display does
  7. e34 520i 24v setting up obc

    does the buttons lit up on the 6 digit obc?
  8. my e34

  9. right oil for my e34

    my mechanic done the airbag light....because they failed the car initially for it....so im happy...but I will probably pay u a visit soon as I do intend to change the seats....im looking to upgrade to leather..if I can find something .....close by and not to expensive....
  10. right oil for my e34

    ok...I do want to fix it(the airbag light) but I wanted to get the mot done first ....as the tax on my car has run out...once I got it sorted (mot and taxed) we can meet !
  11. right oil for my e34

    one more thing...somehow unrelated to this topic....is the red airbag light on the dash...an mot failure? mine stays on all the time
  12. right oil for my e34

    ok....will swap it for 10 w 40w....thanks guys!
  13. right oil for my e34

    ok...so I will go with it then....tomorrow! and I will let u know if anything dodgy happens:)
  14. right oil for my e34

    hello! I was thinking to change the oil and filter in my old e34 520i any idea if Castrol GTX 15w-40 semi synthetic is ok! friend of mine got me 2X4l cans from Costco(quite cheap)last weekend I just want to be sure is the right one ...as I do not have a owner manual with the car I looked on line on different forums and I got different answers! many thanks!
  15. E34 M5 infill

    I will call them Monday!