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  1. Looks good that. What stud kit did you use?
  2. What spacer size did you go for in the end ger. also did you fit your stud conversion?
  3. r0ryb

    E60/E61 Peeling Steering Trim? - Fix

    Been turning to find something like this to do my wheel with. Thanks I’ll get a tin
  4. Hi guys Iv been thinking about putting spacers on my 2006 e60 535d. It has the standard 245/45/18 mv2 alloys and sometimes have a full car of people. Would it be best with 15mm all round or could I go for the 20mm on rear without rubbing when car is loaded
  5. r0ryb

    Bodged job Repair by car dealer

    Trust me the pictures make it look better then it actually is. I have plenty of proof that the car dealer has done the repair work and also have emails from him saying the car is in outstanding condition with no body damage which is has. Every place I went to told me it’s a cheap smart repair then put a load of fast wax on to hide all the imperfections and now it’s worn off I’m left with this. I already have plenty of evidence and a uncle who is a barrister
  6. r0ryb

    Bodged job Repair by car dealer

    Lots of sanding marks and you can see the filler lines and also the primer has bled though the paint work. All the places Iv been to today for a quote have all said it’s a bad job and most probably be done by a smart repairer. Here is one of the pictures of the paint work
  7. r0ryb

    SIM card for gps tracker

    All sorted now. I got myself a 2g SIM card from giffgaff. All I need to do is ring the tracker and hang up then about 10 second later it text me back with the location
  8. Afternoon guys. Well Iv had my 2006 e60 535d for about 5 months now and was very happy with the car and the condition the car was in for its age until 2 weekends ago when a bodged job done by the dealer I brought it from appeared. I rang the car dealer straight away But surprise surprise they knew nothing about it so I got in contact with the previous owner to ask him which he kindly told me that he px the car with the damage and sent me pictures to Prove the damage was there. Anyway I rang the dealer again which they then told me that the owner was on holiday for 3 weeks and they don’t have the Authority to say yes or no to get the repair done so told me to email the owner which I did. 3 days later I get an email back from the dealer telling me there’s nothing he can do about it and there’s no such thing as warranty for body repairs which is a load of crap. I have rang 3 repair garages near to his dealer that tells me that all there work comes at least 3 years warranty on their work. So is this now a case of I have to pay up and put his work right or can I still get him to pay for the work to be done right
  9. r0ryb

    SIM card for gps tracker

    Thanks oldjohnny. So it has to be a 2g one can’t use a normal one
  10. Afternoon all. Iv got myself a little gps tracker for the 535d in case someone wants to try and take it away from me. Anyways I’m stuck about a SIM card now as it the booklet says it needs a 2g SIM card so is there a sim car with just 2g or will any SIM card work but will use 2g.
  11. Good morning all. Well on my bmw e60 I have the common wing mirror corrosion. What way did you go about sorting yours out
  12. r0ryb

    2006 535d exhaust flap

    Hi jake13 yes I think I got it working. I drove to work and when I parked up the flap was close then after stopping the engine it was open again. Sounds silly but if feels like there’s more back pressure when pulling away
  13. Evening all when using your air conditioning does it use much extra fuel?
  14. r0ryb

    2006 535d exhaust flap

    Yeah it open and closes fine and when reved it closes. 2B6BB1A2-F0A8-41AE-9CAD-3928CD36C43D.MOV