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  1. r0ryb

    535d antifreeze

    Where can you get it for £20 mate
  2. r0ryb

    535d antifreeze

    Morning all, I’m going to be changing my thermostats in the next week or two but I’m not sure on which correct antifreeze I need. It’s a 2006 if that makes any difference
  3. r0ryb

    2005 E60 520D - Replacing the Alternator

    Go online and use the discount code
  4. r0ryb

    2005 E60 520D - Replacing the Alternator

    Put a picture up for us to see
  5. r0ryb

    Glow plugs

    Afternoon all. I got round to sorting my bmw diagnostic out last night so today I checked to see if it works. Anyways I got 5 errors for glow plug but one still working so I cleared them in case they were old codes but after an hours drive today I checked again and there back. Is this a full glow plugs and relay or just relay unit.
  6. Hi all can I get any led bulbs for my pro lci e60 for rear side lights and Indicators. I have already done the number and reverse Bulbs in led but want to make sure they will work fine before buying
  7. r0ryb

    E60 535d thermostats Q

    What is your inline mod?
  8. r0ryb

    E60 535d thermostats Q

    How long have you been running with the Renault 5 stat?
  9. Morning all in the next week or two I’m going to be doing my stat change on my 535d. Iv got egr and main stat from bmw but what I want to ask is while I’m at it is it worth me fitting the Renault 5 in-line stat as Iv seen this is a good mod to do.
  10. Looks good that. What stud kit did you use?
  11. What spacer size did you go for in the end ger. also did you fit your stud conversion?
  12. r0ryb

    E60/E61 Peeling Steering Trim? - Fix

    Been turning to find something like this to do my wheel with. Thanks I’ll get a tin
  13. Hi guys Iv been thinking about putting spacers on my 2006 e60 535d. It has the standard 245/45/18 mv2 alloys and sometimes have a full car of people. Would it be best with 15mm all round or could I go for the 20mm on rear without rubbing when car is loaded
  14. r0ryb

    Bodged job Repair by car dealer

    Trust me the pictures make it look better then it actually is. I have plenty of proof that the car dealer has done the repair work and also have emails from him saying the car is in outstanding condition with no body damage which is has. Every place I went to told me it’s a cheap smart repair then put a load of fast wax on to hide all the imperfections and now it’s worn off I’m left with this. I already have plenty of evidence and a uncle who is a barrister