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  1. Afternoon all Iv seen a lot online about the top hose mod using a Renault 5 stat. Is it any stat from the Renault 5 or does it have to be from the turbo version
  2. r0ryb

    Diagnostic Help

    There is a cable you can buy on eBay that you can switch between to two
  3. r0ryb

    Increased emissions warning

    Well if that’s happened after you had it remapped then I would take it back and get them to sort it
  4. Did you find the problem?
  5. r0ryb

    MadCow detailing

  6. r0ryb

    Increased emissions warning

    I cleaned my egr valve out last week as I did the swirl flaps and full service with all new filters
  7. r0ryb

    Increased emissions warning

    Did you find out the problem?
  8. r0ryb

    E60 wind deflectors

    Deviant that looks sweet. Same colour as my car
  9. r0ryb

    Lost a inlet manifold washer

    Misterbish it is this one here in the picture. I got it from someone on Facebook for £25 brand new as they brought it in error lol. U can also take pictures and do recordings
  10. r0ryb

    E60 wind deflectors

    Thinking of getting some wind deflectors for my 2006 e60. Can anyone tell me if there any good or not
  11. r0ryb

    Lost a inlet manifold washer

    All up and running now guys so I’m now one happy bunny lol
  12. r0ryb

    Lost a inlet manifold washer

    Right I’m back lol. I found a brand new inspectors camera on Facebook for £25 so when and got that and looked down the engine and this is what I have found. I’m happy now and yes I did the other ports and still nothing
  13. r0ryb

    Lost a inlet manifold washer

    Been doing that since yesterday afternoon Jason lol
  14. r0ryb

    Lost a inlet manifold washer

    Don still enough to damage the engine tho ain’t it
  15. r0ryb

    Lost a inlet manifold washer

    Where did you find yours too?