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  1. barracuda

    Glow Plug Issue

    Thanks for the reply, I replaced the glow plug nearest the front bumper. Do you know if this issue will cause any problems Thanks again Mark
  2. barracuda

    Glow Plug Issue

    Good Morning. I have found the following error code " 4212 Glow Plug, Cylinder 1, Activation " on my 535D. Whilst i removed / cleaned the EGR and replaced the throttle actuator valve i replaced cylinder 1 glow plug with a brand new one. Cleared the codes etc but this one keeps appearing. Any ideas Thanks inadvance Mark
  3. barracuda

    The old thermostat questions (again)

    BM to read
  4. barracuda

    113 grams of Ash

    ok thank you
  5. barracuda

    113 grams of Ash

    Is there any type of additive i can add to help clean the DPF
  6. barracuda

    113 grams of Ash

    ok thanks for the reply, i am about to change out my faulty throttle actuator so i heard that can give regen issues
  7. barracuda

    113 grams of Ash

    Good Morning Yesterday i met up with Grizzle and mucked about with my car for a bit, he plugged in the carly and it showed i had 113 grams of ash in my DPF. Is this normal amount or not, thanks
  8. barracuda

    Throttle Valve Actuator Price Please

    Sorry for the late reply B893500 Thanks
  9. barracuda

    Intelligent Battery Sensor Comms 4212

    ok thanks for reply
  10. Good Afternoon, I am after prices for a Throttle Valve Actuator for my Feb 2007 E60 535D M57 Thank you B
  11. Afternoon All I have this error coming up on my 535D E60 2006, battery was changed last year and also registered and coded. Anyone any ideas what is the issue here Thanks B
  12. barracuda

    43E2 Throttle Actuator Fault

    Cheers mate I saw that real oem one and about shat at price lol
  13. barracuda

    43E2 Throttle Actuator Fault

    yeah thanks for that mate ive been looking most are about £200
  14. barracuda

    43E2 Throttle Actuator Fault

    they are NGK's mate
  15. barracuda

    43E2 Throttle Actuator Fault

    Sorry mate havent a clue on glow plugs maybe Denso or Bosch