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  1. Intelligent Battery Sensor Comms 4212

    ok thanks for reply
  2. Good Afternoon, I am after prices for a Throttle Valve Actuator for my Feb 2007 E60 535D M57 Thank you B
  3. Afternoon All I have this error coming up on my 535D E60 2006, battery was changed last year and also registered and coded. Anyone any ideas what is the issue here Thanks B
  4. 43E2 Throttle Actuator Fault

    Cheers mate I saw that real oem one and about shat at price lol
  5. 43E2 Throttle Actuator Fault

    yeah thanks for that mate ive been looking most are about £200
  6. 43E2 Throttle Actuator Fault

    they are NGK's mate
  7. 43E2 Throttle Actuator Fault

    Sorry mate havent a clue on glow plugs maybe Denso or Bosch
  8. 43E2 Throttle Actuator Fault

    Thanks for the reply, where about did you get the used one from Cheers
  9. Good Evening My car last day or so has been a bit jolty in pulling away at low revs, i put it on a laptop today and these errors appeared 43E2 Throttle actuator, activation 43D1 Throttle actuator, activation 4212 Glow plug cylinder 1, activation 4687 Throttle valve, intermittent Can anyone take time out and shed some light on these faults please thanks inadvance B
  10. Door Strap / Window Issues

    Evening All Few days ago i opened my drivers door and the wind blew it wide open, so now when i shut it there is a massive metal noise and a clunk. Also my window only goes half way down. Are the door straps expensive to and are they easy to replace. Thanks
  11. Window Wipers 535D E60 56 Plate

    Good Afternoon Can you give me a price for a pair or OEM window wipers for my E60 535D 56 Plate please including delivery to Edinburgh Thanks Mark
  12. Window Wipers

    Good Morning I am looking for window wipers for my E60 Anyone have any good choices for me thanks Mark
  13. E60 oil separator/breather replacement

    thanks for the info but how will i know or does mine need changed thanks
  14. 535D What Additives

    Hi Using that Archoil stuff means you dont need to buy Bp or Shell Diesel every time
  15. E60 oil separator/breather replacement

    Noob help required. I have a 56 plate 535D E60 and was wondering if it would be a vortex or loo roll breather in my car. thanks