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  1. Better be careful, with current weather - it will quickly melt!
  2. Hi everyone, I have sold my BMW e60 a few weeks ago but I still have a set of winter wheels - MV2. The allow wheels were fully refurbished last spring and never used since. The colour is close to Ferric grey. The tires are Nokian and the tire thread varies from 5.4mm to 6.4mm (tire to tire). Tires were never repaired and will definitely serve couple more winters. Tires size: 245/40 R18. The wheels are genuine BMW MV2 alloy wheels that have never been repaired or dented. Only one wheel has some rust indentation and even full re-fureb couldn't fix it but I have added a picture of it. I am based in Glasgow and would prefer a pick up or can consider posting at the buyer cost. If anyone interested just PM me. The price: £495 ono Thanks everyone.
  3. Vlady

    Buying a F10 Petrol

    My dad still has 1990 E34 with M50 in it, I can confirm it is bulletproof and was a good sounding and torquey engine. I still wonder why BMW don't make any re 2.0lyr petrol with 6 cylinders?!
  4. Want to be different? Try Lexus GS, very very comfy and different!
  5. Vlady

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    That's crazy! 910Nm?! Uau! I think it pulls like a plain at take off! Well done!
  6. Vlady

    Hello All from sunny Glasgow (for once)

    Hi there, welcome to the forum! I am myself no longer an owner of the great German engineering but still here enjoying this great forum! How is the 530d for you? Did you do anything with her or she is totally standard? Add a few pictures of the car to finalise an introduction!
  7. Vlady

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Hi Phil, this is how I felt when I sold mine last week! Always waiting on something to go wrong even though that e60 was the most reliable car I have had but could not help thinking about all the potential things to go wrong! I will always like an e60 if I see one in good condition and well looked after! What did you go for instead if I may ask?
  8. Thanks crash.uk, hopefully I will be enjoying as much as I was my 5 series!
  9. Thanks sjak92, thanks for advice, I would but I had to get car quickly advertised as put deposit for another car so I had time for proper wash, wax and clean interior. Anyway, I sold it today. It was very sad to see her going! I will always like an e60!
  10. Hi all, due to small issues from above (cd drive and scratches on front bumper) I reduce the price for forum members to £7500. Any question just ask. Thank you Vlady
  11. Hi everyone, Did anyone had issues with the cd player when they can't insert a cd disc in it? BMW garage said their system shows a loose connection, can it be? I think I started having this issue when I changed the car battery couple of years ago. Can anyone advice where to get a cheap CD drive for lci e60 with professional media or of ne can get refurbed or cleaned, quick search on ebay shows all prices for cd unit above £100 and BMW does a new one for £160! Any ideas? By the way I have tried to reset the system by holding both EJECT buttons and pressing an on/off button, it did not cure the problem. Thank you all in advance. Vlady
  12. Thanks Dave, I think so! In a meantime I am trying to sort out CD player issue, a new one from BMW is £160 plus labour, but I am pretty sure I can change it myself. I was in BMW yesterday they red the codes and it says cd loose connection, weird! But yes, apart from this stupid issue the car is great.
  13. Vlady

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Grizzle your car is beautiful, it will sell in a day for good money!
  14. I am willing to negotiate - within reasons of course! If you have any questions just ask. Thank you Vlady