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  1. Nope, I can't see it either!
  2. Davy keep us updated and remember we all like pictures (of the car! if you get! ) Good luck!
  3. I have the same problem on my wife's Passat! The driver seat belt does not want to retract, you must pull it lots of times until you can fasten it! The thing is it happens only when it's hot outside!
  4. Lovely! Plus a manual gearbox! Thirsty though!
  5. Had fun last weekend with my locking wheel bolts! Took the car to Kwik Fit for front wheel balancing and 2 hours later when I came back to pick up the car they said they could not do it as the socket for the bolts is f...ed! So luckily BMW garage just down the road so I went there to get a new socket, price was £36 but I did not have a choice but the're was none in stock and new delivery in 1 week time! On Monday contacted friend of mine who works in BMW and their Parts department had one in stock! I paid £15 for the key!!! Nice! I managed to take 2 bolts only and then even a new key started strangling with the other 2 that were too tight so I killed a new key and was very pissed off - how can BMW make something like that from such soft steel?! Idiots! Anyway, took to workshop at my work and my colleague managed to remove another 2 wheel bolts, one of them had to be removed by hammering a size 23 socket on top of the security bolt!!! Anyway, all 4 bolts are off now and I don't think I will replace them with similar type bolts I think I just will go for a standard wheel bolts! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  6. Happy birthday Dan! Feel better!
  7. Love e34's and this one looks clean for the age! Well done and keep us posted! If I could find 1-owner e34 I would buy it as well, the garage would help which I don't have one yet! Vlady
  8. Hi Davy, welcome to the forum! I have never driven an e39 520i but I have heard the engine is very smooth, comparably economical and still provides a fantastic noise from that 6 cylinder engine. My dad still has e34 520i, yes it is not a fast car (anymore) but very comfortable and sounds great! Enjoy it! Vlady
  9. Dan I have no idea if they have similar pattern but I assume Length and thread pitch should be the same, no? Does anyone know on the forum? I am also not sure about coned head but it's probably a standard coned head, no idea!
  10. Hi Dan, will they suit e60? I assume these are new, right? Cheers Vlady
  11. The car looks great, very nice! If I had were to keep it only! Good luck with the sale! Vlady
  12. Not a big fun of big Lexuses but this one is gorgeous! Beautiful car! Well done! Any allows suit this car!
  13. Last week I popped in to Mackies Glasgow, my car has 60k so I was just fishing the price, they said if it's 6 speed gear box the price starts FROM £330, will take couple hours to do the service, they also said that Gear Box service should be done every 20-30k miles! I have no issues with the gearbox (touch wood) but wanted to know the rough price, may be if I get a pay rise I may do the service!
  14. Very good review Sir! Thank you and keep these updates coming! Vlady
  15. Welcome to the forum! That's a good looking car! What color is the interior? How do you find BMW versus VW?