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  1. Vlady

    New here with E46 330i

    Great looking car, welcome to the forum!
  2. Thank you, it will be more help in e60 section. People still put HIDs in as they really do make the difference but you need to have a friendly Mechanic to carry on an MOT.
  3. Vlady

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    HID was great in my car, the best upgrade I have done after changing tires to Non-runflat! I am not sure but check if HID converted cars will pass MOT under new rules.
  4. Vlady

    Low mileage E39 530i

    The car looks great! Did you see the mileage?! 32k!!! The car immaculate! I know this is an SE but still looks fresh and beautiful!
  5. Nuh, does not look like a Russian car, more like Romanian or Caucasus owner. lol!
  6. I can't wait to test mine, it is my 1st car with dual Xenon ( or any xenon) plus being Adaptive should be noticeable but do not get a chance to drive at night. I guess with days getting shorter it be happening very soon!
  7. How is that? Why? What are getting instead Dave?
  8. Vlady

    Winter tyres yes or no?

    Thanks @L1011, it was good to meet another forum member and it was a pleasure having business with you. Hope the wheels will prove right and will look good on the car! Good luck and all the best! Vlady
  9. The wheels are now SOLD, thanks everyone! Vlady
  10. Vlady

    Winter tyres yes or no?

    I still got my fully refurbished MV2 for sale with Nokian winter tires, just saying!
  11. Vlady

    Winter tyres yes or no?

    Winter tires make a big difference on BMW, I confirmed that on e34, e39 and e60, if you have a chance buy it!
  12. Vlady

    STOLEN 525e D836DHP

    Oh man, so sorry to hear that! I hope the car will be found very soon and un-damaged! Good luck!
  13. Vlady

    Buying number plates on line

    This is the 1st thing I do as well after picking the car up - removing the sticker on the rear window. I never had to use the hair drier, I always managed to get it off by using my nails.
  14. Vlady

    Buying number plates on line

    What place is that Andrew?