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  1. I can't wait to test mine, it is my 1st car with dual Xenon ( or any xenon) plus being Adaptive should be noticeable but do not get a chance to drive at night. I guess with days getting shorter it be happening very soon!
  2. How is that? Why? What are getting instead Dave?
  3. Vlady

    Winter tyres yes or no?

    Thanks @L1011, it was good to meet another forum member and it was a pleasure having business with you. Hope the wheels will prove right and will look good on the car! Good luck and all the best! Vlady
  4. The wheels are now SOLD, thanks everyone! Vlady
  5. Vlady

    Winter tyres yes or no?

    I still got my fully refurbished MV2 for sale with Nokian winter tires, just saying!
  6. Vlady

    Winter tyres yes or no?

    Winter tires make a big difference on BMW, I confirmed that on e34, e39 and e60, if you have a chance buy it!
  7. Vlady

    STOLEN 525e D836DHP

    Oh man, so sorry to hear that! I hope the car will be found very soon and un-damaged! Good luck!
  8. Vlady

    Buying number plates on line

    This is the 1st thing I do as well after picking the car up - removing the sticker on the rear window. I never had to use the hair drier, I always managed to get it off by using my nails.
  9. Vlady

    Buying number plates on line

    What place is that Andrew?
  10. Vlady

    Buying number plates on line

    Hi Andrew, I do not remember, I was trying to find that email but do not see it, I think I scanned the V5 and only covered my address on it, may be it is pointless but delivery has been done to my work address so techically they do not know my home address, hmm, who knows. Sorry, not much of a help here. Let us know if you manage to find the number plates and the link you are looking for as I was thinking myself to change these - fed up doing free advert for the garage I bought the car from!
  11. Vlady

    Buying number plates on line

    I bought number plates through ebay last year for my motorbike and I was asked for ownership proof so had to send them a V5 doc.
  12. Vlady

    Dyno runs and search for more power...

    Very interesting, who would have thought? Do you have to put back in a DPF? I know it is requirement now for an MOT pass but you are the first one I hear to do it so far! Regards numbers above, I am not an expert but numbers seems all over the place, are you sure that Dyno is right and adjusted or set well? Your DPF, is it new or used? Anyway, seems a lot (110bhp) lost but good comparing anyway. It would drive me nuts knowing I have lost a 100bhp! Do you feel it when you drive the car? Vlady
  13. Vlady

    I bought it - Lexus GS 450h! :)

    I am managing 39.5-40 mpg doing 70mph but I use cruise control a lot as its easy to go high speed/low mpg without noticing! You still can have fun in GS Andrew but I agree it can not be compared to a good BMW but now I have a piece of mind knowing nothing will go wrong or brake as I used to always think while I had a BMW!
  14. Vlady

    I bought it - Lexus GS 450h! :)

    Hi Andrew, you are right here about CVT and Atkinson cycle engine but I think on 450h it is less noticeable as on 300h be it GS or IS, you still do have higher revs while quickly accelerating but in normal driving gearbox is smooth and stageless and if you do need quickly accelerate it does happen quickly (on 450h) so it doesn't annoy you as much. I think you will need to get used to any car, be it diesel, petrol or electric. Regards sound of the engine, I actually quite like it, I can tell you that I have been driven in Panamera with V6 petrol engine and I thought that my Lexus sounds better, more mature and has a better growl to it! One more thing which takes time to get used to is brakes - it feels like it has 2 stages, one to recuperate energy and then to actually brake and when in relatively slow traffic it can be felt. 42 mpg for IS300h I would say way too low, I would expect 50ish mpg. Never the less, GS is still comfy and doesn't provoke you to loose your licence!
  15. Vlady

    Update on Michelin Cross Climate Plus

    32k miles? That's impressive!