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  1. Changed driver wiper arm as the old one had knackered bearings and was scratching against the bonnet! Very happy with the new one as wipers work much much quite now and clean a lot better! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. Found that (see picture) another day - wiper arm is scratching the bonnet! Is there way to adjust these or raise a bonnet a little or arms dropped and I need a new ones? Just don't see the point starting new topic may be you can help me through this thread. Cheers! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  3. hi

    Thats a very nice e61 you have, looks like you look after her very well! Welcome to the forum!
  4. I put on set of summer wheels, washed and stored away winter set, looks like it will need a refurb! On summer set I have 2 new Kumho tyres I put these on front and 2 tyres RF's on the back I bought the car with as they shpuld be enough to do this season and if Kunhos prove them well will buy another 2 next season for rears.
  5. I have exact same problem as you but never had a chance to take to read the codes, plus I thought if I change glow plugs now I wont see any effect until winter so I just left it as it is. Still would need to get prices for 6 glow plugs an glow plug controller, you know, just in case!
  6. I used OPONEO but they have tendency to send you a wrong tyre or size and to deal with them is a nightmare, honestly! 3 weeks ago I ordered Kumho and I am still waiting for them as they send me a Hankook and a wrong size!!! Hopefully they will arrive this Monday! They usually have a good price though but the time I spent writing emails to them is not worth it of a £10-15 you save on tyres! What I am saying just going after cheap price is not always saving you money!
  7. I took f10 2.0D Auto for a test drive 2.5 years ago and I can tell you I liked it, a lot, it was quite, acceptably quick, lovely 8-speed gearbox and I did not notice tractor engine noise but for the money I was going to spend I would get an empty model with no extras whatsoever, so I took a test drive of M-Sport e60 and still enjoy it! I would hate to have a small sat-nav screen or no seat heating or ugly standard wheels on SE models.
  8. Almost 2.5 years ago I had to make the same decision i.e well spec late e60 or a very basic f10 with 4-pot engine and I went for an 09 e60 with 6-pot engine and no regrets so far!
  9. Congratulations! How do you like it? Pictures of the car?!
  10. There are very good reviews here about Kumho, but me personally no, never used it before, decided to give it a go as people do really recommend it.
  11. That's what I call service! Well done and lucky you!
  12. OMG! I hope alloy is not damaged! What tyres do you have?
  13. Received my order today (tyres) and guess what, they are not Kumho they are Hankook and even wrong size!!! How? Why? Very unpleased and angry!
  14. Ok, based on attached link below the 20mm rear spacers will be the best fit but that doesn't answer the question which one is better the cheaper set will do or go for more expensive? There was a good point about ending up with two locking keys as I never thought about it.
  15. Hi Steve, thank you, when I searched for it the were sooo many threads and I just couldn't go through all of them! I will look into one you attached.