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  1. Hello All

    Jag XF? How do you compare them? Every magazine in UK says the Jag is so much better as a driver car! I always wanted to test drive one but I am not a big fun of the interior, plus BMW (f10) is a quitter car. What work do you need get done on your car?
  2. Hello All

    Hi Tommy, welcome to the forum! Where about in Scotland are you? Tell us more about your previous driving experience and why you decided to go for a BMW? You will find plenty advice in here even just be reading through never mind asking a particular question! Good Luck!
  3. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Picked up the car, glow plug controller was changed, faulty codes were cleared, took the car for a short run and read codes again, this time no faults came up, so all happy chappy! The car was cold when I started it and the engine worked nice and smooth but will keep my eye on it. tomorrow should be quite cold! Jake13, you are right, mechanic said he managed to change the controller without removing the manifold!
  4. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Misterbish do you have winter tyres? My previous e39 had a brand new summer tyres (famous brand) and when snow came I was totally useless, couldn't even move from my driveway and my wife Ford Mondeo with cheapest budget tyres (summer) was fantastic on the snow, that pissed me off! Anyway, since then I buy winter (all season) tyres for the winter, it does make the big difference.
  5. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Well done for doing it yourself, I couldn't be bothered and dropped off the car yesterday at the garage for exactly same reason - glow plug control, I did not buy any glow plugs yet but something tells me some of them will need replacing.
  6. Hellowwww :D

    Congratulations! the car looks very good and clean and looks nothing like a 5-6 years car! How do yo like it so far? How does interior look?
  7. Hello from Portugal

    Welcome Djuganight! How do you like the car so far? What did you have before? This forum is great, I am sure you will like it here! Vlady
  8. Hellowwww :D

    Hate waiting, I wouldn't be able to seep man! Did they say why the date slipped to Friday? The car sounds great! Auto? What engine did you go for?
  9. Hellowwww :D

    Congrats Shaikh! Take a few good pictures and post them over here! We are all curious here! More details in what the car you bought please. Vlady
  10. Hi all

    Welcome! What did you drive before? 650miles a week, that's a lot compared to me, you definitely need a nice car to spent all this time in!
  11. Hellowwww :D

    I am like that, while driving someone else's car, I think, yes it's nice, quite, comfy but then I always want to get back to my bimmer, can't explain it!
  12. Dreaded but Necessary Insurance

    This is shocking! How can insurances do that? Hate the bastards! I every year hope to get it cheaper with every year adding NCB and every year the price goes up! Well done for you, you got much better prices at the end!
  13. Hellowwww :D

    So this is an F10 series you are looking at not an e60? I would go for automatic as it has 8 gears and is very smooth and quite, I took one for the test drive 3 years ago and really liked it. Regards 2.0ltr or 3.0ltr engine, well, I like 6 cylinders, they are torque, make a nice sound (yes, even diesel) when you rev it and not that much more heavier on the fuel. It's all about the budget, F10530D is right saying these are more reliable. Take the car for the test drive, you might like it that much that none of ours comments will help to convince you not to buy it! Happy car hunting mate! Vlady
  14. Hellowwww :D

  15. Hellowwww :D

    Hi, welcome to the forum! To me this is quite a high mileage but I have learned on this forum that BMW can do mega miles. It's all depends on the model as well, engine, spec, with this mileage you will need to invest some money in anyway, 1st things most likely gearbox oil change (if it is an automatic, swirl flaps to be removed, change EGR and main thermostats etc) but it could be a good buy. I just wonder what kind of BMW driver can get it wheels to get to exposed cord? Tell us more about the car. Vlady