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    1998 E39 535i
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    Hi there from a E39 535i owner

    Hi, sorry for the late reply, been busy then forgot about you. I'm mainly about Newton Mearns and the Southside. The car has a NI plate on it, originally from the North although everyone probably thinks i only have it on to hide the age. She'll be 20 years old in a few weeks. some photos from a couple of years ago. i really need to get those door seals fixed.....
  2. Hi, i've been browsing around the net recently, (mainly as i've began using my car a lot more and a lack of music is driving me nuts and i'm looking for solutions), and i've realised i had signed up to the forum just under 3 years ago and never said hi. So i have a 1998 E39 BMW 535i. it's only just passed 100k miles. i have owned it for about 2 and a half years, buying it from my pal who had owned it for a year. There were 2 owners before him , a father (from new) then son and they kept almost every receipt for work done on the car. They also got the gear box "reconditioned" around 80k. My pal had to get the radiator replaced almost instantly. i've spent about £1000 on it, getting rear brake lines fixed and various suspension components replaced, all done at a small independent garage. My remaining problems are: Got squeaks coming from the car which get worse when hot/dry and a longer drive. Also get an odd sound when turning the steering after a long drive. I'm told this is probably rubber top mounts drying out. I'm going to try another garage as the previous one has never fixed the problem. Air con no longer works and the car is like an oven. Condensation inside which i think is due to the seals around all the windows and doors needing replaced. Rust beginning to bubble around the car. Its only small spots at the moment apart from the drivers front wheel arch. CD changer no longer works. I love driving the car and the V8 is just fun. just a pity my average MPG is 15.5!!! so, hello again.