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  1. m3matt

    Black electric SE seats. Great condition

    Hi Timbolina, I am based in Caterham (Junct 6 M25)
  2. Hi all, These are the wheels of my e36 M3 Evo vert. Set of 4. They are in superb condition having been refurbished recently. Tyres are average but ok and legal. Price is £400 Collection - Caterham
  3. m3matt

    Andrive e39-3

    Hi all, I had this unit in my sisters car. She is now part ex-ing her car and it is surplus. This is very much an enthusiast unit, however after a few niggles we had it working great, even with USB hard disk, reversing camera and sat nav (uprated sat nav ariel incl too) Unit comes with all cables. Price is £250 collected or £265 incl posted (insured courier) or you can arrange your own.
  4. Hi all, I have my original black SE seats for sale (yellow plug) The leather is in great condition and the electric motors work perfectly. The drivers side trim is cracked but it was never a problem and can be replaced easily. Price £60 collected please as they are way to big to big to post.
  5. m3matt

    Wood e39 trim - £40 ono

    Any interest. How about £25 collected? I need it gone and would rather it went to an enthusiast
  6. Had this for ages since I replaced mine with black trim. It is in great condition and has been professionally cleaned. It is for a sunroof car. Need it gone, first person at my door with £40 can have it. Located in Caterham
  7. Hi all. My car is sold and back to standard. I don't require this head unit anyone. It is an Alpine IVA D106R single din fold out screen. It is in good condition but does have a little bit of trim scuffing. I spoke to my local car audio shop and they said it was fixable bu getting a new trim bit. It didnt bother me or interfere with the unit so i left it. Price is £120 collection. I would rather collection so the buyer can see it working. I can arrange a courier if needed I imagine this would cost about £15 as I would like it insured. I am located in Caterham.
  8. Hi all, no photos as I have this all wrapped up. Complete wood trim from my e39. £40 ono Collection only please, I am in Caterham (junc 6 M25) Thanks Matt
  9. I should be there. 5 is still of the road so it will be me and my M3 Evo..
  10. m3matt

    My Macbook is a piece of shit

    I am a Windows fan, my current tablet which is a Dell Venue 8 Pro cost a mere £100, runs a full Windows 8.1 OS office, all the apps and even my diagnostics software... Windows 10 however... WOW! uh-oh did I just open a can of worms here..
  11. Come along pal. More the merrier regardless of condition. This is easily the biggest list I have seen for a meet. I would absolutely love to be there in my E39, but alas my E36 will be on duty that day. Going for the experience
  12. Ok so I really wanna go however I have broken the 5 series (Need a new cransksensor)... Will I be ok in a shonky E36 M3?
  13. 1. Mr Shaz H (Shaz) – E60 M Sport 2. RumRunner E34 525iSE as long as it is ready by then 3. 711JRP (Pete) E39 m5 4. Simonc E60 M5 5. Jut 535i e28 m535i 6. Maca E39 M5 7. Steve T E39 M5 (send to maca) 8. Dan E39 M5 (send to maca) 9. Phil E39 M5 (send to maca) 10. Stuclark E39 530i M Sport 11. Mikem. E39 M5 113 12. Pritesh E39 530d 13. onks e39 m5 14. Micky dmw e39 540 15. Bungles e28 m535i x2 16. BRussell87 E39 530i 17. Jam172 E28 528i 18. Jamworth E39 530i Sport 19.M3 Matt - e39 525se 20.
  14. m3matt

    Andrive faults and fixes

    Another update. Issue Fader stops working. This happens when using bluetooth to stream music. If you turn off the ignition and then turn back on the fader will no longer work, nor will the EQ. The sound is mono through all speakers. Fix Launch radio app, then relaunch bluetooth app, This apparently reloads the fader app and all will work again. Fix 2 Set MCU timeout to 0hrs 0mins. This will force the unit to cold boot each time the ignition is cut. Not ideal but might help.