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  1. Sounds like you got there in the end Adam! Nice one!
  2. I find on mine, the only way to get the cruise working is to push the stalk in to activate it (resume), then toggle it forwards a few clicks to increase the speed rating (accel). If I just simply push the stalk in, not a lot happens unless I toggle it forwards. It might be worth trying this method Adam to see if it works. Good luck, and let us know if you manage to get to the bottom of this. All the best, boilie.
  3. Great thread and will be watching with interest. Maybe worth moving this into the project area mods?!
  4. Wow, what a fantastic E28 you have. Lovely example and I wish all the best in your ownership
  5. Very interesting post and dealing with 20+ year old rusted out cars is never quite as easy as it seems......Good luck and let us know how you get on
  6. From what I noticed there is a tubular side impact bar on later models and the barrels on the locks are slightly different..........Other than that I would say they are identical....... Good luck with your you search either way...
  7. Agreed. I think the whole lot is just utter shite, and it's probably only a matter of time until they axe it. Le Blanc is just about watchable but the quicker the bbc realise it will just never be the same again the better. Complete waste of OUR (tv licence) money. 5th gear for the win, much better show and at least they are not trying and failing miserable at imitating a former show and or hosts.....
  8. Hi all, just wanted to share a small problem I have had recently from some parts...... I have recently just changed my engine mounts on my M60b40 with some brand new, straight from the shop, out of the box, Febi bilstein ones to replace my original ones..... Well what happened next I've never quite seen before, having gone through the not so simple task of removing and replacing the BMW ones, I then had everything in place sitting nicely where it should be on lovely new mounts and this happed: I thought, well bugger me what just happened there?! Bearing in mind I am using a proper 3/8 torque wrench using specified BMW torque settings. The nut that was being tightened at the time didn't even manage to get to the specified Newton meter setting when........... It just snapped, just like that....... Bollox I thought....... Time to do the other side.......... Yep you get guessed it............ Other side went as well........... *(%&&%^%&&% You got to be joking me right?! BOTH sides of the studs snapped BEFORE actually reaching their required torque setting....... So off to BMW to get some genuine ones this time. Shock horror, NO PROBLEMS AT ALL....... So lessoned learned here always try to fit OEM as and when possible....... And most importantly to everyone else on the forum here as a friendly heads up: DO NOT BUY FEBI BILSTEIN ENGINE MOUNTS FOR YOUR M60!!!
  9. Looks like a nice example to me Might be worth a punt. Certainly seems reasonable to me and if the E34 sports ever end up in value like the E30 sports your quids in! Hope someone on here buys it, despite the mileage, seems like an all round nice car....
  10. Agreed, I'm as surprised as you, but I've never personally seen a M10 thread break quite as easily as that.....Honestly it was just ridiculous..... When I got the OEM ones, it was obvious that the steal used in the threads was completely and utterly different compared to the febi ones....
  11. Maybe I'm just unlucky?! But seems odd that the febi ones mangled up straight away and the OEM ones where fine...... Look at the thread that snapped on the very first pic. Doesn't look like decent steel for it to end up breaking like that to me? Where it snapped it looked like micro bubbles/fissures or poor casting? Didn't look great either way....
  12. Written here:
  13. LOL so it does!!! From DVLA: Registration number: M160JPG Vehicle make BMW Vehicle model M5 Date first used 30 September 1994 Fuel type Petrol Colour Red MOT history of this vehicle Test date 22 September 2016 Test Result Fail Odometer reading 233,377 miles MOT test number 5540 2520 7259 Reason(s) for failure front Windscreen wiper does not clear the windscreen effectively (8.2.2) nearside Direction indicators not working (1.4.A.2c) nearside rear Suspension component mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded (2.4.A.3) offside rear Subframe mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded (2.4.A.3) Fuel pipe leaking (7.2.3) Brake pipe excessively corroded (3.6.B.2c) front Tyre tread depth below requirements of 1.6mm (4.1.E.1) offside front Suspension arm has excessive play in a ball joint (2.4.G.2) Sub-frame has excessive play in a pin/bush (2.4.G.2) Going by the info on the DVLA and generally appearance, it well and truly looks like a breaker to me!!! Seller wanted £1200 ?!! Good luck!! Oh saying that, I completely forgot its got a "quick release gearbox" too Might be worth the extra premium with that "upgrade" fitted...
  14. Agreed. If it's as clean as it looks from the pics and the seller is willing to pop the sill covers or better yet get it up in the air to make sure there's no nasty surprises, it could well be a good car for someone out there.......
  15. France...... Just brought them back to the motors factors this afternoon and sent back to Febi for analysis..... For me it was pretty clear cut that they used cheap shit monkey metal threads/studs made in china for mounts that are supposedly capable of restraining the torque and weight of a 286hp 4.0 V8 but oh no, it's got to back to Febi which according to the sales representative, could take anytime between a week to two months. No one is ever in a hurry out here, so just got to deal with it I suppose........
  16. Yep, I really won't go down through the ebay route either and less the OP is really desparado to sell. Ebay is nothing short of a nightmare if you ask me, full of time wasters and scammers and I doubt it's going to get any better..... It's fine if you want to buy cheap car parts etc, but when it comes to selling stuff it becomes horrendous..... If you feel your car is a good car and worth a bit more than the going rate, my advice would be to simply hold out until the right person comes along and makes you a decent offer for it. It just may take a it longer that's all. GLWTS
  17. Agreed, I did kind of think that 2k for a breaker is a bit much!
  18. Photo of both my beemers currently residing in the south of France and thought I'd share it with all of you as I don't think I have ever posted or put photo's up on this particular section before...... My black on black E34 540i Touring with circa 94k Miles (long standing project) My E30 316i lazurblau metallic with 134K kms (83K miles) Both completely different kettle of fish, but both equality as fantastic in my opinion. I really can't see me changing these two cars anytime soon, if ever........ Oh and tempted to get some yellow tinted headlights for the E34, might look pretty cool I reckon
  19. After this incident and reading up on the quality of Febi/ Meyle stuff apparently a lot of it now made in China (like everything else lol) and not quite up to the standard is used to be! I'm definitely gong to think twice now about ordering stuff up my E34! Oh and for everyone's info, when I ordered up the engine mounts for my M60, I got an oil filter at the same time from BMW and the make stamped on it was HENGST. To be precise it was this one: The code stamped on it was Hengst E202H01 along with BMW 11427510716
  20. Cruise control is lush! Not that you really get much use for it on UK roads unless you happen to be driving about in the dead of night lol. Either way good luck and let us know how you get on with the retrofit!!
  21. Sound advice for GStarrr above, couldn't agree more. I actually quite liked my TDS and thought the M51 was quite a strong old engine. The only other thing they seem to suffer from is a leaking fuel pump/ distribution unit. It's usually only the seals that go (and not very even often may I add) but when they do, it's a specialist job...... In regards to the OP's questions: the wandering temp gauge is as Gstarrr said most like a thermostat or sender issue.... The high speed handling issue could be a number of things really and the front end of an E34 is fairly complex..... IIRC there is something like 10 or 12 individual ball joints on the front suspension/ steering setup alone..... Or as Gstarr said, could simply be the tracking.... Either way good luck and any other Q's don't hesitate to post on the E34 section..... Oh and welcome aboard!
  22. Its all standard metric size thread. The larger size one is standard M10 which is according to BMW is torqued to 47N/M and the smaller one is M8 which goes to 22 N/M respectively. I had the torque wrench set at 40 and 20 and they didn't last that long! Cheap nasty threads! Got the OEM ones and no problems at all!! Just got shafted with lack of quality control and poorly made parts!!
  23. Decided to (foolishly?!) tighten up the steering box to try and take out some of the play from it. Managed to get most of it out but not 100%. When the engine eventually comes out to fit a 420G, I will get it sent off to that place in Holland for a full refurb. For the time being it will do. Whilst I was in there replaced the engine mounts (massive fun on the M60) and the "replacement " ones from Febi actually snapped at the threads before even reaching the specific torque setting..... Ended up going direct to BMW to get them in the end and low and behold, they didn't snap this time round!! Hooray!!! Oh and replaced the gear selector oil seal shaft too on my 5HP30 as I noticed a minor oil leak coming from there and was ever so slowly losing (the expensive) special gearbox fluid. Another p.i.t.a. job to do, but all sorted now Hasn't been leaking for long at all as everything was bone dry under there a few months ago and haven't really done many miles since.
  24. Oh and generally agree with everything else that your saying in that reply
  25. You stayed where now Dongiov?! Quite how long ago was this?! Didn't you mean to say retirement home hostel?!