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  1. You wot'? They do that don't they though!
  2. I don't know if you guys are following the German election results right now but, AFD the right wing party has come 3rd in the results... This is the first time EVER any right wing party have won seats in the stag' since, since............well, I think we all know how long ago and just how that panned out last time...... Either way there's definitely been a huge rise in the extreme right parties in the Eurozone in the last few years and I think something's amiss here...... I'm by no means what so ever a hardened Brexiteer but, I wouldn't be surprised if a few years time if Germany drowns and takes everyone around down with it... The HUGE and quite frankly staggering fines that Bosch and Deutsche Bank received seem to have been swept under the carpet so I wonder if and when they will resurface......And what might be the consequences of when they do......
  3. The 8 and z4 looks ok as far as modern car designs go but that X7 looks a bit
  4. I don't think it's just bmw's that are getting bigger. I would of said as a generalisation most car models as they have progressed throughout the years have gotten bigger and bigger
  5. I've used allopneus myself too. Delivery was swift and prices were good. I'd definitely use them again. I think my tyres came from Germany though..... Much better deal than what local Euromaster quoted me...... Including somewhat lucrative "fitting" and tracking fees they wanted near 600 euros to fit 4x budget tyres..... I told they were to stick their quote and that I could probably drive to England and back, pay the petrol, toll roads, return ferry and have the same tyres fitted and drive back again and still be better off financially...
  6. Looks tidy. GLWTS
  7. Problem with the bay is that imho, you are a lot more likely to get messed about. Especially for a car that's being sold as spares or repairs You just need some one local to turn up there and then and take it on rather than having to keep relisting due to time wasters etc. Maybe advertise on both and the first one that turns up gives her some cash job done
  8. To be honest as already mentioned, they are worthless and even more so with an intermittent running issue that trained mechanics were unable to resolve. My advice would be to put it up on gumtree at say £100 ono and see if there any takers. If nothing in a week or so, scrap it.
  9. Looking forwards to it guys!
  10. Why the flying F did they replace the braking system on the front end? It's barely 3 years old and I doubt other than the possibility of worn pads, would have been anything wrong with it. I would say she's quite obviously been mugged off. If I have got this right; she went in complaining of a defective hand brake and to remedy the problem, they replaced the ENTIRE braking system? Something doesn't quite add up here..
  11. I would try and refurbish your existing one. I've got one too and at some point I'll do the led conversion, it looks pretty smart! It's definitely another one on that ever extensive "to do" list
  12. Wow, with them lovely gold coloured alloys and trick suspension, they've certainly got that chav look sorted..... Totally agree, before it got ruthlessly taken from its rightful owner, it looked stunning... I'd also be wondering what was going on in the guy's head before he decided to "modify" his "hot hatch" To answer your question Nomis, nothing at all wrong with how it looked in your photo, in fact it looked gorgeous and I'm sorry that you have had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing your former pride and joy turned into a chav chariot...
  13. Oh and as regards to your question as to why their prices are so mental, I would imagine there are numpties out willing to pay those sorts of prices and so, somehow keep them in business. If people would to put 5 mins more effort and actually contact BMW directly for quotes on parts rather than be lazy and click the buy it now button, they probably wouldn't still be in business today.....
  14. I would have said that most of the USED parts he sells is 90% of the price of new parts direct from BMW. I wouldn't suggest buying from pantri, in a risk that it might inflate his already ridiculous prices and will end up fleecing more people of their hard earned. It benefits us much more as a enthusiast community to keep the market for classic car parts direct from BMW in demand rather than pay through the nose for crappy, ridiculously over priced used second hand parts...... There obviously exceptions to this as Dan highlighted above, but I personally would rather if and when possible buy direct from BMW albeit for literally a couple of quid more than see pantri have the nerve to charge as much as they do. I agree also with Dan that it's nothing short of piss-take prices IMHO, and I really wouldn't want to fuel that fire if I didn't necessarily have to........
  15. What a nob end! Sorry but why would you do that do a lovely old classic like that? There are so many heaps of sh*t on the uk roads he could of used instead, but no, he used a nice original E30 cabriolet with sports interior instead. Not cool, not impressed and on top of all that pointless destruction, he didn't even drive the car!
  16. +1 Completely agree. In my experience, the viscous fan setup is the strongest and most reliable setup you can get, end of. All 4 of my cars have a viscous fan cooling setup, and I'm sure as shit ain't in a hurry to rush out and replace it with an electric setup instead. Some folk do it an effort to gain a few hp, but on something like an M6x V8 engine, are you really actually going to notice them extra couple of ponies?! I highly doubt it.....
  17. Oh by the way, if the viscous coupling itself is still fine, you should be able to literally just undo the nuts holding on the the plastic fan blades to the coupling and bolt your replacement one straight on, voila, job done. This should make things even easier and cheaper for you I hope!
  18. ^^ That looks quite tidy. I would consider fitting something like that to accompany a good quality high output fan but however the OP wanted to buy a universal fan instead and I'm still not confident that a cheap setup would be capable of keeping an m6x engine at the correct temperature sat in a traffic jam on a hot summers day....
  19. I'm after the cable adapter that lets you plug in a set of trailer board lights if any has one spare?!
  20. I personally would never EVER consider lecky fans on my 540i unless I spend a serious amount of money on a set of decent ones. The V8's produce a hell of a lot of heat and putting a set of el cheapol generic universal electric fans is asking for trouble. Do it if you like, but don't be surprised if the next time your sat in traffic you blow the engine up. I would strongly suggest you stick to the oem viscous fan setup as its quite obviously the more reliable option. Hope this helps
  21. Nice one Tref. Make sure you change the fuel filter at the same time. My E30 was suffering from similar problems which essentially turned out to be a blocked filter which in turn knackered the pump. Fingers crossed the issue is now resolved as it's so satisfying knowing that the engine is back up and running how it should be!
  22. I'm loving the supercharged stroker idea Adam..... Sounds proper naughty
  23. Naturally aspired engine. i.e there is no form of forced induction via a turbo or supercharger. The engine simply "breathes in" as much as it needs to burn the combustible. The air is not physically forced into the engine