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  1. Hmmmnn! An e34 m30b35 turbo, nice! Looking forwards to this one! Oh and welcome back!
  2. Whole heartedly agree. Companies like parking eye etc are IMHO complete scum, harassing people and prey from the weak, vulnerable and gullible. I had several "final notices" in big red letters come through the post and ignored every single one. Never replied back, never contested the fine, I simply ignored them and just chucked them in the bin. They stopped sending them after a while and I never heard back from them. Essentially they are fishing and as soon as you make contact, they've got a bite..... From what I read at the time (few years back), they did NOT have the rights to enforce sweet F.A. and were sending fines to the registered keep's address from number plate details through DVLA. Difficult to prove who was driving/ parking car and most of the time were powerless to take to court and usual employed "scare mongering" tactics to trick people into coughing up. However, like I said that was a few years back and things may well have changed by now....... Plan B: Can you not go to the gym and enquire about the date the fine was issued and maybe get proof that you were legit? If it's a private company that I "think" technically its the gym that employs them so they "should" have the final say. If it's a fine from the council, that's a whole different game..... Hope this helps but please don't take it as gospel as I don't want to drop you in the doo doo matey!
  3. Please may I have a quote for the following: 25111220707 It should come up a bearing shifter arm for an E30 318i Many thanks Marc
  4. 4.3k for an import? Bit much isn't it? That's easily TWICE as much as I've seen the equivalent rhd car go for! I think the guy's smoking crack.. Probably explains the horrendous colour scheme! That interior is just absolutely awful!
  5. Ouch...... 1800 euros for a windscreen... I don't know where you are based but I'm currently living near Rodez and I fully agree, prices for car parts around here are a joke compared to what I was used to back in the U.K. I've all but given up going to my local motor factors just out of principle that I think they are taking the pi$$ I now either mail order or just get it sent over from the UK. Even with postage it still works out far, far cheap than over here!
  6. Nice find, looks like a lovely old car. Seems to be in great "origenal" condition
  7. Yeah I too did wonder where it went?! Can't find any trace of it anywhere....... It's like its disappeared off the face of the planet.....
  8. Nice! If the shell is rotten on the sport, break it. All least you'll have a nice tourer out of it!. As regards to the stroker idea, sounds great but it all depends on how much time, space, money and effort you want to put into it. Dropping the engine into tourer shouldn't be too difficult and could potential be done in less than a weekend. If you want a stroker build and a full overhaul, the car is obviously going to be off the road for far longer....... I would say if you don't mind having the car off the road for a little while, then go for it!! A m50b28 or m50b30 powered E34 Touring would make an amazing machine!
  9. Gutted The original and best is no longer with us. I remember as a kid watching those episodes and Mum making up a cape for me using an old curtain.....Then running round the street, showing off my new cape to my mates, "flying" fast as I could shouting DE NER NE NER NER NER! BATMAN! Good times, millions of other kids across the planet, including myself, thank you for that amusing childhood memory and providing endless hours of entertainment. RIP Adam West
  10. Fair enuff chaps! I bow down to your superior knowledge and experience regarding the M51 tds engine! I must have got lucky with mine then! Li
  11. Wowsers! You must like that car after all that crap! Find it hard to believe that both a brand new starter AND alternator both failed within a couple of weeks of each other...... My advice would be to firstly, find a new parts supplier as I've personally had budget/cheapo starters, batteries and alternators etc last for years with no issues! Secondly fix the oil cooler and get shot of it!! Stick to the original plan, take the plates off and move it on! The car is clearly cursed and I would move it on before it (or you, which ever comes first) blows a head gasket!!!! Nah in all seriousness, that's a series of pretty unlucky events if you ask me. My TDS was bullet proof!! I would have driven mine to China and back in a heartbeat!! Feel for you mate, that's proper bad luck!
  12. Agreed. You are doing all you can given the scenario and have wisely chosen to pursue legal action. I wish you the best possible outcome.
  13. I'm just so surprised he's being so dismissive of the whole situation Either way I hope it gets resolved swiftly
  14. Bollox. That doesn't sound like good news... Sorry to hear that, sounds like he was just trying to pull a fast one and is clearly not a trustworthy dealer Name and shame?
  15. 2 stroke carbs are pretty notorious for gumming up...... The petrol evaporates and the 2 stoke oil remains gunking up all those tiny little jets...... Just my experience with them anyway
  16. Rear axle rebuild is definitely on the "to do" list for my 540i, so good effort Carl, keep up the good work. Looks like its another going to be another job well done on the TBL
  17. We bombed the living crap out of Germany and France in the war but funnily enough there didn't seem to be too many of them seeking asylum in the uk....
  18. I'm sorry to say it Chu but that quote is fundamentally flawed my friend....
  19. Oh dear, don't like the way this seems to be going and I think the mods might end up locking this one up.......
  20. I hope you get the outcome your after
  21. Sounds like your on the ball there mate. I think with undisputable evidence like that they will have no choice but to offer you a refund if that's your intended desire. If not, as has been mentioned before they should also offer to have the faults corrected. Either way I would say the law is on your side and they shouldn't be able to get away with blatant deception like that....Either way keep us posted, but I have a feeling it will end up going your way and they'll offer you the choice in how you wish to proceed...
  22. You really do have to question their mental state at times like these...... I know I'll attack armed police with a hammer and see what happens, my god will protect me from the infidel's inferior bullets....
  23. 3rd time lucky?
  24. Ouch!!