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  1. boiliebasher

    E28 - 1987 Lachssilber 525e 48K Miles

    Miss my e30 325i touring in lacs silver. Kind of regret selling that one
  2. boiliebasher

    Clutch judder.

    Not necessarily. It's all about having the time, patience and motivation to get these niggly little things sorted. I know what you saying though, I'm the same. I'm a little fussy too. If I hear a rattle or squeak coming from somewhere, it gets to the point where it irritates me so much that I have to dig in and get it sorted until it's gone/fixed!
  3. boiliebasher

    Clutch judder.

    Ok when was it last bleed out?! Probably worth doing anyway for the sake of a couple of quids of fluid But also if you are saying it doesn't always do it, then it's probably not that bad tbh. If gets worse or starts doing it constantly then its probably worth investigating further. Depends how fussy you want to be I suppose
  4. boiliebasher

    e34 recommissioning

    Yes interior certainly does look challenging but keep at it
  5. boiliebasher

    Alpina B10 V8 - £5000 FIRM (UPDATED + REDUCED

    It certainly is a cracking car! GLWTS!
  6. boiliebasher

    Over heating

    Great stuff. Glad to hear
  7. boiliebasher

    And it's goodbye from him too.

    Yeah I had the EFI I4 DOHC 8V engine and I quite liked it, despite it's appetite for HG's lol. Like you said shed load of torque that really pulled like a train.....
  8. boiliebasher

    Triplewax Isn’t What It was

    You wash your car 40 times a year?!
  9. boiliebasher

    engine knocking

    Doubt it
  10. boiliebasher

    engine knocking

    I was going to say it doesn't sound that bad to me either..... If it ain't broke......
  11. boiliebasher

    E39 540i Sport Touring Auto £4950

    What that it looks a bit 'green' ?! No idea if that's just a dodgy photo or what?!
  12. boiliebasher

    And it's goodbye from him too.

    Hahaha! The infamous ol' 2.0 dohc 8v "twinky" engine. Never bothered rebuilding the head myself. T'was cheaper and easier at the time just to chuck a different block in there! My personal favourite was an auto 2.0 dohc engine that I converted and put into my manual estate. Paid the princely sum of £10 for it, pulled better than the 3 previous engines and got a couple more years out of it until she finally went again! Bit like Trigger's broom that car, but it pulled like a train. Much better than any m20b20 or m50b20 engine I can remember anyway
  13. I know exactly where you coming from. Also I MUCH prefer the rack and pinion setup on the older 3's......
  14. boiliebasher

    E39 540i Sport Touring Auto £4950

    I like that a lot. Seems very nice for the money
  15. boiliebasher

    What do you all get on full tank?

    Interesting. Similar figures to my 540i. Although I would imagine your long term average mpg is far better than mine
  16. boiliebasher

    FS: Staggered 18" Style 32s from E38 £350

    Price is in tittle and advert
  17. boiliebasher

    And it's goodbye from him too.

    Hahaha! Same here! The tappet adjustment section was particularly oily which I remember doing on the 2.9i V6 xr4x4. With the rocker covers off, Haynes manual just next to it, I'd follow the book to the Tee as I went along taking the backlash out of the valves. All 12 of them!
  18. boiliebasher

    Clutch judder.

    What does the clutch pedal feel like?! Is there any "spongeyness" to the clutch?
  19. boiliebasher

    Clutch judder.

    Could it be a problem with the hydraulic system?! Weak master/ slave cylinder? Could be old fluid in lines and when cold highlights the problem more?
  20. boiliebasher

    Question about using parts from 06 530i on my 04 525i

    Don't know what it's like on the other side of the pond, but courtesy and manners doesn't cost a lot here and considering you've been on here all of a few weeks with 6 posts to your name that's quite a tall order.....
  21. boiliebasher

    Clutch judder.

  22. boiliebasher

    Clutch judder.

    Not normal. Never had this on any my manual E34's....
  23. boiliebasher

    Clutch judder.

    At a stab in the dark, clutch release bearing?!
  24. boiliebasher

    Over heating

    You also need to find out where the water was going in the first place....
  25. boiliebasher

    E28 525i Restoration Project

    Nice work!! Keep them coming, I love this thread! Keep up the great work Brian!!