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  1. How Long Have You Owned Your E34?

    Had various E34's for probably around 8 years now, as regards to mileage not a clue but at a guess roughly 50k+ miles
  2. 525TD cut out while driving, now won't start

    I'm no diesel expert either but sounds to me its fuel starvation. I would say that there should be some fuel shut off solenoid (like you described as turned the key off) and this could have failed or potentially a fuel blockage somewhere. Fuel filter blocked up etc, but from the way you have described, and If it were me, I would definitely be looking into the location of fuel shut off solenoid..... Someone else more knowledgeable on diesel engines will hopefully chime in
  3. Intensive Wash - Info required

    Sorry can't help you on that one then buddy, none of mine had anything nsf that I can remember
  4. Intensive Wash - Info required

    If you get stuck I can go take photos of mine tomorrow (too dark now) But got a feeling my setup may be different to yours. The reservoirs for both intensive and standard washer are all located in osf Pretty sure nothing washer related on the nsf
  5. Off to look at a car

    Seems like a good car for the money. Good luck on your quest!
  6. I broke it again

    Oh and good luck with the repairs mate..... Mine needs some minor work but I'm not too keen on facing the cold! Oh well it'll soon be spring!
  7. I broke it again

    ^^^ ^^^^^^ Lucky bar steward, that's about 40 degree C more than here right now!!
  8. Wheal Bearing - Does Brand matter?

    Agreed. A lot of parts these days aren't what they should be and I'm carefully about fitting certain parts to my cars because Febi and Meyle ain't what they used to be..... As regards to OP, I personally would pay the extra 20 quid for premium bearings. Wheel bearings can last a LONG time and can do a lot of miles before they give problems. I'd say an extra 20 bob is nothing in the grand scheme of things...
  9. I broke it again

    How odd... Oh and just out of curiosity how is Xmas in Oz?! Shorts and t-shirt weather?! Pretty Brrr cold on this side of the hemisphere atm!!
  10. Nice low miles e34 535i Sport

    Couldn't agree more. But then again, I wasn't actually comparing this car to the OP's one, merely suggesting it seemed nice for the money. But you know how it goes, some people just have more money than sense
  11. Nice low miles e34 535i Sport

    That's nice and all but the interior looks like a waiting room at a dentist's surgery lol. For the money, I'd be taking a look at this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bmw-525i-E34-Black-Low-Miles-Unmolested-Example/292371933750?hash=item4412b9aa36:g:aXgAAOSwevlaOWNa
  12. chip tunning tds

    Hi I'm also very interested in the outcome of this for my E36 TDS..... You mentioned this to me when I first got the E36 and to be honest I tend to agree, but would say that increased the FUELING will tend to over stress the engine and may cause it throw a rod or are you saying increasing the BOOST is more likely to do this?! Or both? My TDS is just ticked over 150k miles and pulls quite strong so still inclined to leave it alone for longevity but if your saying there is a "safe" way of getting more power out of it, I'm all for that..
  13. Recommend a commuter car

    Agreed. Good old plodders them tds engines, having owned a couple myself I quite like them. However it's getting difficult to a find decent example in this day and age...
  14. Some tw*t has nicked me car....

    Hahaha!!! You got to admit it's a pretty funny outcome and in situations like that all you can do is laugh it off mate
  15. 525ix refreshed

    Result Perfect iX weather