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  1. Bugger me! Just had a look at this and checked out the fleabay link. Initially thought he wanted 2850 for the whole car, then suddenly realised it was what he was asking for them daft looking wheels.... Well blud, learnz sumthin today innit, pimpin ya ride and getin dwn wid da homies in da stance crewz dnts come for nuttin, evry1 gotta pay proper monies to getz ya a bitchin ridez lyke dat innit
  2. Sorry guys but I'm going to go against the grain and say that I really like a subtle oem style rear spoiler on a E34 saloon like the one pictured above. I think my one might of been built by Hella? I think it finishes off the back end nicely and looks quite smart and if I were ever to buy a saloon again, I would defo prefer one with the spoiler but each to their own I suppose I can see why people don't like them, but I personally think it suits the car quite nicely....
  3. Same with some cool Fords too. For example they got the XR8i Whilst we errr, well we just didn't
  4. Welcome aboard! Thanks for the feedback, albeit a bit delayed!
  5. Nice one mate! That must be well satisfying finally being able to drive it! Great stuff!
  6. Nice! Looking forwards to the weekly updates!
  7. Nearly 7 years old to the day that thread!! Surely that's got to be some sort of 5 series forum record?!
  8. Here you go: Hope it helps and have a great trip!
  9. Nice one! Looks all new and shiney under there! Keep up the good work!
  10. No problem. I'm pretty sure you don't have vanos to worry about on the TDS! So looks like your friend just has to learn to live with that noisy tappet!
  11. Yeah 3k for 70mph is a bit too much for me really. My 540i/a is barely doing 2k @ 70mph which makes a fantastic cruiser. I suppose your 525 diff would probably add to that too. I'd be interested if anyone has a m60b30 bog standard 5 speed manual setup is getting RPM wise @70-80mph. Would imagine somewhere around ~2750ish at a guess?. Still, I bet your that set up your running flippin flies tho!
  12. The E34 can wait the main thing is that you're ok. Plus, they seem to be slowly creeping up in value so it could be worth a fortune by the time it's all done and dusted All the best mate
  13. Seems like a similar set up I had on my m20b25 manual. It is possible to this lot in situ, but a bit fiddly. The worst bit is the "bitch clip" which is a p.i.t.a. to remove/ access (hence name lol) But, I did it all in situ, obviously with prop and zaust removed. You can gently lower the g/b mounts to give you better access which helps. As has been mentioned though, it wasn't a fun job in situ but it is possible......
  14. Keep us posted mate, I'll be interested in the outcome of this. The 5 speed box's are a lot easier to come by, but I've always been worried about the m60b40 revving its tits off when cruising on the motorway in 5th..... Either way good luck, and let us know the outcome