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  1. ^^^^ Wow what a fantastic reply ^^^^
  2. No worries I can be a bit slow sometimes, but hey ho, better late than never I say!
  3. Yep agree with the above. The I4 was a good engine, if a little head gaskety but, I remembering it being a hugely torquey engine at the time and was one of the most "modern" fitted other than the Cosworth variants of the time.... What let them engines down I always thought was the shitty electric fans. That engine didn't take too kindly to get hot at all and would blow easily once over heated. IMHO if there was a viscous coupling attached instead, I reckon there would be a lot more of those kicking around today..... Despite its faults, it wasn't too bad of a lump but as has already been said, was too little to late really... The later first generation Zetec's were a far superior engine IMHO.....
  4. Wow blimey! You still have the same car? That's impressive. Pretty much all my cars I owed that long ago are scrap by now I would imagine lol. That or I got bored of them and chopped them in for something with a bit more ummphh.... Was the 318i an E30 by any chance?! If your Mother's E34 520i still to this day only has a genuine 50k odd on the clock, then it's no surprise it's still going strong. Bet it's still in great order with that sort of mileage on it. Quite a rarity these day having a low mileage E34. My 540i is on nearly double that (96k) and I would still consider that "reasonably" low mileage for the car....
  5. Holy thread revival Batman!!! I'm thinking after nearly 6 (yes six!) years that he probably did fix it, that or the car went for scrap a long time ago or chances are he no longer owns the car...... either way 66 months later on, I don't think he'll be able to provide you with much, err hum, current info..... Nice one, and fantastic first post right there Welcome aboard Jim!
  6. Haha! My mate still has a Skoda Estelle 120...... Very "agricultural" one could say in comparison to the E39 Tds! Had a Tds myself but in e34 guise, strong old lump that engine. Sold it at 267K on the clock, no rust and still going strong. Funnily enough it was my mate with the Skoda that said every time he saw and heard my in the Tds, he said to me it reminded him of a coach engine being put in a car!! Haha! Enjoy your ownership, I'm sure the Tds will serve you well!
  7. Sounds about right mate! lol
  8. +1 As already stated in above replies.... Sound advice..
  9. Well just thought I would update this thread as I got a response from the Motor factors where I bought the duff Febi mounts...... They mounts were sent back to Febi Germany for analysis and............. I got a full refund......... No questions asked....... I kept asking what exactly Febi had to say when they looked at the defective parts and they guy at the counter had nothing to say other than he was instructed to give me a full refund (in cash no less!!) and that was that, nothing more was said about it. I just would like to have known what Febi had to say about their threads that where made out of fromage and supposedly capable of restraining a 286 HP V8.......... Absolutely no follow up, no response, nothing. I'm sure as hell going to think twice about ordering Febi parts in the future........ The mounts where clearly made from some cheap inferior metal and other than physical size, bore not much resemblance to the genuine bmw ones........ Let that be a warning to some of you out there.......
  10. Sounds like you got there in the end Adam! Nice one!
  11. I find on mine, the only way to get the cruise working is to push the stalk in to activate it (resume), then toggle it forwards a few clicks to increase the speed rating (accel). If I just simply push the stalk in, not a lot happens unless I toggle it forwards. It might be worth trying this method Adam to see if it works. Good luck, and let us know if you manage to get to the bottom of this. All the best, boilie.
  12. Great thread and will be watching with interest. Maybe worth moving this into the project area mods?!
  13. Wow, what a fantastic E28 you have. Lovely example and I wish all the best in your ownership
  14. Very interesting post and dealing with 20+ year old rusted out cars is never quite as easy as it seems......Good luck and let us know how you get on