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  1. Boilie basher's E34 540i touring project

    Thanks mate. Certainly is a nice feeling Definitely well worth the effort. Your doing a fantastic job on your 540i project and you'll see it will all be worth it in the end buddy
  2. Agree to a certain extent. The pumps do fail but last what the best part of 100k miles until they do? And they are only mega bucks to rebuild if you have to pay someone to do the work for you right? Much like any other car really. But yes agree that most have been scrimped in comparison to their petrol counterparts
  3. IMHO an e34 TDS touring is a fantastic car and has plenty of low end torque for towing etc. The problem is trying to find a decent one now days. They are all hanging out their arse holes and falling apart at the seams.... I recently purchased an e36 TDS tourer as a cheap run about and have been impressed so far. My advice would if you find one get it but decent ones as so far and few between you'll be waiting for ever for it to turn up or will be paying strong money for a clean example
  4. Yeah that car has only been for sale for what is it now; 5 years give or take?! No one has touched it in all that time and there's probably good reason for it too
  5. Cheap run about

    Hmm ok, I'm definitely not up for that scenario so I'll proabably just leave it standard then. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. It's funny that you mention that because only this morning I read somewhere about a P38 owner putting a con rod through his M51 rangie and I though, wow that's odd......
  6. What transmissions fit

    I'm surprised that most are not interchangeable tbh. Other than the obvious difference in the bell housing, I (wrongly?) presumed that generally the internals would be similar?! But like I said I'm not sure at all tbh
  7. Cheap run about

    I'll get some pics up when its had a decent wash! As for price, lets just say it fitted the cheapo run around budget nicely!
  8. What transmissions fit

    Dongiov will be the one to speak to on that one mate! He's running the same box in his 530i I believe. Very common auto box across the BMW range the 5hp18
  9. Cheap run about

    Sooooo, I found my cheapo run about! I picked up a E36 325 TDS Manual tourer very cheap near to me! It's been in the same family since brand new, full service history with 148k miles on the clock! Quite a good spec with bmw 6 cd changer, air con, cruise control, high OBC etc. Its good a bit of rot around the tail gate, but underneath is near spotless! It's got a couple of problems that I'm slowly but surely working my way through, but so far so good! Once it's all up an running how it should be, there's a good chance I'll be speaking to Enda for a chip!
  10. E34 520i Touring Daily Project

    Seems like an a bit of an odd one that. I would imagine that the RAC chap is correct and it does appear as if there may be two different issues going on. I would be far more concerned about the car overheating than cutting out...... You may have even done your head gasket if you are unlucky, but by the sounds of it, you probably got away with it.....
  11. BROCADE RED E34 540I / 124k MILES / BARN FIND

    Looking better by the day great work guys
  12. Changing fuel pump on e34 525tds touring

    Your a star. Thanks for that matey
  13. Changing fuel pump on e34 525tds touring

    Have you got the part number for the o-ring and pump please? Can't seem to find it on realoem. Many thanks in advance
  14. Replacement Engine

    If your changing the engine you might as well drop a 2.5L in there instead. That's what I would do anyway. Your mpg will probably improve with the m50b25 in you car too!
  15. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    I don't mind WD, but you gotta take everything with a pinch of salt IMHO everything is doing SOLELY for entertainment purposes and Mike's "cheeky chappy" happy go lucky character that he pulls out of the bag when it comes to sell the car is nothing more than an act. However I do believe he was telling the truth in the above video to a certain extent, as in Ed didn't want to get his hands dirty any more..... Why carry on being a grease monkey why you can just pay someone to do it instead and still earn a truck load of $$$$$$