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  1. Little addition to the family - E36 316i Compact

    WOW Bargain! Only 44k miles and you paid 300 quid?! Seriously that's a steal. Just out of curiosity where did you find that one if you don't mind me asking?!
  2. Project E34 - some Success, some failure!

    Surely one for the project section?!
  3. BMW E3 - if I had to have one car forever....

    ^ Wow they both look stunning!
  4. BMW E3 - if I had to have one car forever....

    Gotta be E21 or E24 for me if money/age/ condition was not a factor. For me they were the best looking bmw's to ever roll of the production line......
  5. Cheap run about

    Hi Dan, many thanks for the offer mate. I'm ideally looking for a manual tourer but I will give it some thought if I get stuck
  6. Cheap run about

    Thanks for all the replies guys really appreciate it
  7. Problem with Outlook (Hotmail)

    Just searched my inbox on my live mail account and at the top of the page is "top results" (non date specific) but then directly below this is "all results" and that however IS in chronological order.......
  8. Cheap run about

    Nice one thanks mate
  9. Cheap run about

    Do you mean strut mount or sub frame mounting points Carl? Thanks for the heads up mate, I appreciate it
  10. Cheap run about

    Thanks for the link. If it was a manual I might consider it but, 520i auto (might even be an m20 engine'd one too) is far too slow and thirsty for my liking unfortunately....
  11. Cheap run about

    Yep that's pretty much what I was thinking Any specific rust areas I should be looking out for?!
  12. Cheap run about

    Thanks for the offer Dan but not my cuppa mate, it's a wrong wheel drive!
  13. BROCADE RED E34 540I / 124k MILES / BARN FIND

    Wow that's an impressive collection of cobwebs right there! Enough to make the Addams family proud I rekon! Well, you guys are definitely making progress as it's moving under it's own stream! Re gearbox, almost sounds like the cable is not adjusted properly?! Too tight maybe?! I Where you able to manually select all the gears from the selector shaft before you fitted the new cable?!
  14. Boilie basher's E34 540i touring project

    Thanks mate
  15. Boilie basher's E34 540i touring project

    It's sat in a barn in the South of France right now, and well frankly it can stay there for the time being I've just come back home in the last few days (via plane) for work and didn't really want to take it back with me to face the salty winter roads again in the UK. The climate is so dry over there compared to here, it was a bit of a no brainer for me really. That and the fact that if I'm being honest I'm holding on as long as possible to that sub 100k milestone! (its currently @ 96-97k ) I suppose it's got to happen sooner or later though.....