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  1. 530d erratic revs around 1500k

    I'm not so sure it is tbh. If you took it took a gearbox specialist and he was certain it wasn't the g/b at fault, surely the problem lies elsewhere?! From what you've described I would say it sounds more like an electrical or vacuum fault to me. If there's a leak on the intake system or a duff sensor, that would certainly be enough to cause the poor running issue you've described above
  2. 1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    ^^ haha! Well spotted ^^
  3. Snow Queen

    Hahaha! Agreed! See what your saying about the manual g/box and being able to control the car better in adverse conditions. I just think that there are far too many people out there running unsuitable tyres for winter use and then wonder why as soon as there is 3" of snow the why the whole country comes to a standstill lol. I don't think the Germans would of carried on building rwd cars if they weren't suitable for year round use. In some parts they have far harsher winters than us and seem to cope just fine. I still firmly believe tyres have a big part to play and I wonder if it will ever be compulsory to have a set of winter tyres like in some countries in Europe. Probably not though, who needs a set of winter wheels where there's still a good 1.8mm of tread left on their set of budget summer tyres!
  4. Breaking E34 525 M20B25, manual, Cirus Blue

    Surprised this didn't sell as a whole car really....
  5. E34 M5 vs E39 M5

    Well said that man
  6. Snow Queen

    Not really, just having decent tyres makes all the difference! I'd take a set of proper winter tyres with decent tread on an auto rwd over any p.o.s fwd with duff down to the limit summer slicks
  7. E34 M5 vs E39 M5

    My E34 540iT/A has a servotronic steering box from factory
  8. E34 M5 vs E39 M5

    Agreed that's what I thought too....
  9. 1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Yep I know the feeling lol. Boudica reminds me very much of my 540i Touring in the sense that it was a bit ropey when I first got it but after much persistence and determination I finally got it to a decent standard that I was happy with. We both saw a diamond in the rough with our 540i's but we both knew it would be worth it in the end. Enjoy
  10. very heavy vibration through car at 40mph

    ^^ +1 sound advice ^^
  11. ^^ Agreed 540i are the ones to go for!! Before I bought mine (admittedly in E34 guise) I test drove and done a lot of research on 530i's and for me the V8 was just in a different league.... Still o.p the main advice I can offer is if you got your heart set on an E39 530i then go for it! Good cars and I would probably buy on condition of car rather than mileage
  12. V8 Tapping Noise

    Tend to agree with above statements. Drop sump and see what's inside. Not a difficult job at all and shouldn't take too long to complete. Just make sure you order up new gasket in advance etc
  13. 2003 E39 M5 Newbie

    Welcome! I very nearly read that last sentence very badly lol
  14. M5 valet today. Results

    Sorry electrickery is not my strong point however I can advise that with the interior/ reading lights it may be something as simple as a blown bulb or fuse?! I would definitely check fuses first and go from there! Good luck!
  15. V8 Tapping Noise

    Right ok my M60b40 does this very, very occasionally and in my particular situation it's always on start up on cold engine and on mine it's nothing more than a lazy tappet on the o/s bank. To get rid of it quicker I hold the rpms at around 1500 until engine gets up to temp and it soon goes within a few mins. I'm not saying this is the same situation for yours, but mine is 100% down to a lazy hydraulic tappet. Also seems to do it if I've manoeuvred the car a few yards and shut the engine down with out letting it get up to temp. So to get by this whenever I start the engine I always let it get to temp, drive it a few miles then shut it down which seems to do the trick and lessen the effect of that lazy tappet. Good luck, hope it helps and like I said this may not be the case with your car, it may well be as previously mentioned, the tensioner starting to get tired.