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  1. boiliebasher

    German Engineering

    Yeah had the use of a newer Mondeo recently and must say that it does drive quite nicely. Not my cup of tea being a large FWD car but can see the appeal. I still find it incredible the size and difference in the MK1 mondeo compared to the latest models. The newer ones to me feel HUGE!!! When I looked it up they were roughly the same size as my E34 touring but just "felt" massive in comparison. Probably due to that star ship enterprise size dash board
  2. boiliebasher

    Should i convert to manual

    I hear exactly what your saying. I've considered a manual conversion on my E34 540iA/T but the ££££ needed to convert it would be better spent elsewhere on the car I think...... I feel as if it has that luxo barge feel and appeal to it and as such in no hurry to convert it to a 6 speed. I never thought I could put up with an auto but the 540i feels so relaxed and refined with the 5hp30 box that it doesn't really surprise me that 90% of them came out of the factory with Automatic transmission...
  3. boiliebasher

    Should i convert to manual

  4. boiliebasher

    M50 Vanos locking tool

    You can get them from ebay fairly cheap: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Valve-Cam-Camshaft-Alignment-Engine-Timing-Locking-Tool-Kit-For-BMW-M54-M52-M50/172601358443?epid=6017213898&hash=item282fd7b86b:g:4ywAAOSwDuJW17R9:rk:17:pf:0 For 30 odd quid not really worth messing about and trying to source a second hand one IMHO
  5. boiliebasher

    The " Golden Nugget " BMW E34 540i/6T BH15021

    Congrats Carl I'm SO glad Team Butler ended up with this car... I spoke to Richard a few weeks ago regarding this car and I'm wholeheartedly pleased you decided to take it on..... All the best mate and good luck with the project!!
  6. boiliebasher

    Electric cars to be mandated 8 years earlier

    Unless obviously is something extraordinary like a RR Merlin V12 or something else spectacularly similar
  7. boiliebasher

    Electric cars to be mandated 8 years earlier

    Agreed +1 My M51 tds runs quite happily on rapeseed/ sunflower oil......... No need for fossil fuels or elctrickery to run cars thank you very much.... Although no technology or other form of propulsion for me personally will quite ever quite beat the sound of a 540i being fired up
  8. boiliebasher

    BMW E32 750IL with 3k miles for auction

    I personally would have said that the 3k miles is probably genuine but just had a very hard life being abused by college students/ apprentices etc. I have no idea why the price has been bumped up 4k from the start of the tread a year ago, what's even more laughable is this time round the seller can't even be bothered to clean it!!!!! Yet another dickhead car dealer taking the piss and imho its not worth half the asking price. Don't forget students would have taken EVERYTHING little nut and bolt off and who knows how well it went back together again.......
  9. boiliebasher

    BMW E32 750IL with 3k miles for auction

  10. boiliebasher

    Oxford Green e34 530i v8 auto

    +1 Personally I agree with the above. 2.5k no more imho.
  11. boiliebasher

    E34 Touring wanted

    Yeah I did notice that the number plate seemed rather appropriate for the car!
  12. boiliebasher

    E34 Touring wanted

    Yes I would say 145k miles is correct.
  13. boiliebasher

    Sunrise at Gatwick

    Plane spotting surely
  14. boiliebasher

    No more Manual BMW - Well 3 Series that is!

    My X-gf had one of those Nissan puke things and what a pile of crap that was!! I think it was only a couple of years old with about 20k miles on the clock and it was horrendous to drive!! Gear shift/ selection was just cringe. Hated driving it that much I made it clear to her I'd rather walk to do the weekly shop than use that abomination of car. Then again I only really got in the bloody thing when I wanted a lift back from the pub!