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  1. Pics now working! But wow, that's definitely one for the brave enthusiasts out there........ Needs a lot of love but could a worthwhile project for someone GDWTS
  2. Pics aren't working for me either and I'm on a p.c
  3. Or have they been engineered to fail @ 100k....
  4. Oh and also agree with the other previous posts on this thread. The scrapage scheme is a load of old cobblers!
  5. Agreed. I was into my Sierra's a while back and parts were starting to get a bit thin on the ground even back then. Lucky there were a couple of decent breakers near to me at time so if Ford couldn't get it (or stupidly overpriced) t'was off to the scrappie Still it wasn't usually the engines that failed ( Ford used to make some pretty decent engines imho), t'was everything around it that gave in first!! Tin worms spring to mind with the older rwd Fords!!
  6. Haha! I did start to wonder lol. McCulluogh have always made budget stuff, some good, some not good. But generally Stihl have always made pretty decent equipment imho!
  7. That sound about right!!!! Really?! Your Stihl must have been nakered and not maintained properly because I've rarely had any issues starting the various Stihl's I've used over the years.... Don't think I'm alone as I know a couple of professional tree surgeons and the only stuff they will touch is Stihl or Husky...
  8. Got the same one myself and I've got to say I've been quite impressed with it. Had it for roughly 18 months now, batteries still seem to hold their charge fine and for the price I'm pretty happy with it. Good bit of kit imho
  9. Would go with a Stihl myself too. Great reliable little machines!
  10. Yeah I know what you mean, I got an E30 in lhd and it does take some getting used to as I only drive it occasionally. Luckily the size of the E30 makes it easy to deal with but I don't think it ever feels quite as "comfortable" to drive as rhd but its probably just more what we are all used to! Good luck with the project, lots of clued up people on here as regards to E34's so welcome aboard!
  11. Gutted, another legend gone RIP Brucie
  12. Indeed, sounds like the previous owner had botched the fuel line with what ever was laying about in the garage rather than go to the hassle of getting the correct one for the job! Glad its all sorted now
  13. By the sounds of it Alex, the ECU might well be already modified...... I personally would say that 7100 rpm is far from "standard" auto shift range for a 94' 525i...... Could be wrong, but I would have said that's a little on the high side and I don't think that chipping your ECU will gain much if its already shifting beyond 7k rpm....
  14. Does seem a bit of an odd one...... Considering the car is supposed to be in Berkshire, there is no way the second pic was taken anywhere in the uk........ First one looks as if it was taken in the same place too.......Looks a bit suspect.....
  15. Scrapage schemes imho is total B.S and prematurely end the lives of some fantastic cars in the hands of ignorant and quite honestly naïve owners. What they don't tell you is that your far better (environmentally and often financially) keeping a 20 year old car on the road than purchasing a brand new car. Sorry but they are never EVER going to fool me into this "scrapage scheme" nonsense. I'd couldn't give a flying if my cars don't achieve 72.43 mpg like some of the modern engines out there, I like them just they way are (strong, easy to fix and maintain as well as reliable) and I'd rather walk or buy a bicycle and get dressed up with the rest of them in the lycra brigade than give up my old cars and invest in some brand new electric soulless shitbox