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  1. I like it! Nice touch!
  2. ^^ LoL ^^ Didn't even spot the r/v mirror, but your absolutely right, does look kinda crap! I've got a funny feeling its going to be relisted sometime in the not too distant future.... Seems like a lot of money for a poverty spec 525i auto, yes its supposedly got low mileage but it's nothing special, not for that sort of money anyway.... Unless I'm missing something?!.....
  3. Yep with you on that one mate lol, If shizen hits the fan, I'm trading in the V8 for a TDS..... My old E34 M51 would run on literally any oil we put in the tank..... Smelt like a chip shop going down the road but you get the point! Bullet proof engines IMHO!
  4. Absolutely disgusted by this. Specifically targeting kids concerts are they now? Wow, how much lower can you get? Terrible, simply terrible. My heart and thoughts are with those affected....
  5. Scheiße das Bett......
  6. Ended up at £4.3k... WOW!......
  7. You're welcome mate
  8. Who knows for sure but one would assume so with that sort of mileage...... Not exactly many "motorway miles" to be racked up commuting in Guernsey
  9. Welcome aboard Connor! That must have been one hell of a well paid part time job because when I was at college the best I could afford was a Ford Sierra 2.0 And that was still considered pretty good going back then...... Congrats on the new purchase....
  10. Can of black spray paint costs less than a tenner
  11. Bit of black spray paint and job's a good'un Geoff!!
  12. Nice one!! I wish all break downs were just as easy as that! Top the fuel up a bit and off she goes again! Bit of a result if you ask me!
  13. If you want it to start in -35 degrees make sure you get a decent set of glow plugs for it before winter comes!
  14. Belle voiture et bienvenue! Ne vous inquiétez pas, je suis un peu bilingue comme vous. Si vous avez des problèmes, n'hésitez pas à le demander. Ils sont un bon groupe de gars sur ce forum, alors demandez ce que vous voulez! Welcome aboard! I owned a TDS myself and they are pretty tough old engines really. Not amazingly fast but, in my experience, strong old lumps! I think the hot start problem is quite common, as is hard starting with less than a 1/4 tank of fuel left in the tank (lift pump). Have a search around in here and I'm sure you'll find your answer somewhere! Only other real problem with them seems to be leaking fuel pump/ distributer but usually last a very long time until they need re-doing. 210K kms (129k miles) is absolutely nothing for one of these engines! My one had ~268k miles (430k+kms) and it was still going strong when I sold it!
  15. Having spent a great deal of time traveling through France I can give ya a few pointers on what I found: The whole breathalyser thing in France has calmed down since it launch a few years ago and I would just keep one in the car somewhere just in case... (I don't know many French whom actually bother anymore) However -yes warning triangle, hi-viz vests, fire extinguisher, spare bulbs, first aid kit, deflectors and GB sticker are still as far as I'm aware, compulsory. The spare fuel tank think I would personally advise against the idea as the last time I boarded the ferry a few months ago (Newhaven- Dieppe iirc) the customs were seizing and actually CONFISCATING all jerry cans they found on board which was evident form the huge great tower of hundreds of jerry cans they had found..... As regards to money, you don't have to necessarily carry a wad of Euros in your pocket as they personally escort you to the nearest bank to withdraw your hard earned- ask me how I know........... Main thing is that the speed cameras in France are..........F'king everywhere....... And they're not that easy to spot either...... Small gray boxes roughly 4.5 ft x 2 ft and NO markings on the road like back home. Look out for the panels indicating their presence as they're usually only a couple of km's away..... Can't comment too much on the rest of Europe but that's my advice for driving through France, hope it helps.....