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    BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    Hi Mate, Not sure whether it comes in two or more parts, but its the ones which you can see if your looking at the front of the car side on, kinda of goes round the front bumper underneath. How much for the grills only really need the drivers side top door grill.
  2. *jimmyj*

    BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    Also what about the speakers and grills for the front doors?
  3. *jimmyj*

    BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    Hi mate, do you have the plastic under tray for the front?
  4. Oh I do like the 535d. Think it will be my next car when I'm finished with the e39.
  5. *jimmyj*

    Started wheel refurb

    Very nice that. Loving the look of them. Need to sort mine out.
  6. *jimmyj*

    My 535d

    Liking the 535d even more now. But still love my e39 530i
  7. *jimmyj*

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Haha it's been a crazy few months. New born, testing me, long looooooong hours at work. You ok pal?!
  8. *jimmyj*

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Tried to work out how to read the engine manage light that was thrown today when driving. Apart from that not much. Need to start pushing this project... Just no time.
  9. *jimmyj*

    e39 Coding options whats available

    Hey Guys, I've looked but cant find anything. What options are available to coding on the e39's? I guess some of it comes down to the spec of the car. But I would have thought there would be a standard set of options that could be set / changed / coded, but I can't find a list anywhere...... Or does it come down to the software that you are using as to the options available?
  10. *jimmyj*

    My 1st E39 wooohoooo

    So, where do I start. Going back about 5 years ago I decided to get grid of my French hot hatch, RenaultSport Megane 225. Good car but being french it had its problems. Not many, good car, fast-ish, but enjoyed it while i had it. But wanted something different. So decided to try out what German cars where like. So ended up getting a really nice 03 BMW Z4. It was the 3ltr engine so was silky smooth, loved every minute having that car, everything about it was good. But needed to get rid of it as I was expecting (well not me, the Mrs). She bugged me for a long time while I tried to keep hold of it until it was absolutley necessary I needed to start doing the nursery runs I had always like the 5 series but didn't think the time was right to buy one right after the Z4, not sure why. So then came my next car, Saab Aero 93 2.8T v6. Car was bought from an older gentelman over in hudderfields. The Saab was odd. Fast car, big, felt safe, but was missing something. It was an auto whch was my first automatic car, was alright at the begin, then I started to hate the way the gearbox operated. Long story short I had that for about 3 and a half years when i needed to jump back into a straight 6 BM. Z4 was off the cards so I quickly remembered I always liked the e39's. So the hunt started. eBay, autotrader, local garages, etc etc. Then completly forgot that I had previously signed up to this forum. Some of you may have seen my posts on the forum looking for advice on buying a e39. One came up down south, I was looking for 530d's but someone kinda talked me out of it, you know who you are Then, the penny finally dropped for me when I realised that I'll then be able to experience that amazing engine again. Got in touch with hairyarse as i saw his post, we exchanged numbers, talked and be before i knew it was catching a train down south to buy the car. As soon as i saw it i knew i wanted it, but tried to play it cool. An hour or so later it was mime! Really happy with it, power delivery is completly different from the saab. Not as fast but a better car and drive. Got a few plans for it. Mainly just trying to keep it in the good condition its in. Some small issues not show stoppers, but would be good to get them sorted; 1/. Lower edge of bonnet needs redoing. Not rusty just needs touching up. 2/. Buy a code reader to read faults and code options. 2/. Sort parking sensors out. (hairyarse gave me the sensor) just need to buy the pdc module. 3/. Sort the engine management light out, which is to do with the fuel evaporating vavle (hairyarse gave me the sensor) 4/. update the speakers, front one blowing slightly and way to under powered for me. 5/. Refurb the wheels. Going to try and keep a blog / project about the car like hairyarse did. You can see the previous history of it below so thats it really, oh and enjoy car!
  11. *jimmyj*

    How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    2 months!!!!! Do i win?
  12. *jimmyj*

    My Stage 3 535D 414hp.

    Very nice indeed.
  13. *jimmyj*

    My third E39! :)

  14. *jimmyj*

    My 1st E39 wooohoooo

    Been looking about and its seems the locking issue could be to do with the actuator. The top of it that goes in and out seems very loose and that spring seems to have appeared underneath the plastic housing so I suspect its fallen out / come loose from something causing it not to lock. Any ideas???
  15. *jimmyj*

    My 1st E39 wooohoooo

    Hey Dennis thanks for the heads up! Those wheels do look sexy as.......... Currently trying to look throught the forum for ideas on wheel finishesetc. But the polish lip is top of my list. Also trying to check out ebay for a replacement boot catch / lock, As mine isn't locking at the moment
  16. *jimmyj*

    My 1st E39 wooohoooo

    So its been a few weeks, and the car seems great so far, one or two small issues which I want to get sorted. Been eyeing up a mobile wheel refurb company to sort out the kerbed wheels ( cheers @Hairarsy ). Been looking at a company called kiwicolours http://www.kiwicolour.co.uk to see if they can restore the wheels back to a perfect state. Going to give them a call in the morning. Not sure on colour, might just keep it standard or maybe with a nice polished lip, also going to see if they can sort out the bonnet, (lower left) which needs pulling back and respraying. It's a minor issue but I would like it sorted. Gonna try and get her booked n for a service as well in a few weeks. Also noticed that the boot doesn't catch shut anymore. Also reports as bootlid open. Something has come loose inside the boot mechanism, anyone come up against this before? pictures below show the parts, think the spring goes inside that "thing" somehow. Is it easier to just buy a new part of fleaBay? Common issue? Boot stays shut and doesn't fly open but for obviously reason would like it sorted. Any Ideas.....
  17. *jimmyj*

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Tried to work out what coding options i could do on my e39. Failed so decided to take her for a spirted drive instead.
  18. *jimmyj*

    My third E39! :)

    That is nice, really nice!!!! Nicer than my bedroom lol.
  19. Hi guys, looking for a favour from the community. The Mrs 1 series has developed the red steering wheel lock symbol. This was triggered by the battery running low on voltage. I have a procedure in which to clear the fault, but don't have access to the ediabas toolset. More than happy to supply a few beer tokens in exchange. West Yorkshire area ideally. Let me know guys please.
  20. Good evening gents, Week what an evening, Mrs car all ready and cleaned to be advertised and sold as she now had a Honda crv, start the car to back it into the garage and now it comes up with the steering wheel lock symbol. Car starts and drives, you can even hear the steering wheel unlock when you insert the key. Been reading and it seems like a common problem with them, some say a software update can resolve this or the cause is low voltage with the battery. Has anyone on here come up against this without having to buy a new steering colume. Theses guys http://bmwspecialistreading.co.uk/bmw-elv-steering-lock-malfunction-fault/ seem to have come up against this issue before. But want to tech out the family here first.
  21. *jimmyj*

    My 1st E39 wooohoooo

    yeah thats not a bad shout dan!
  22. *jimmyj*

    Career advice, get an e-mail address

    All depends on what you do I guess
  23. *jimmyj*

    My third E39! :)

    Well I did say Andy, I'll give you one week. Funny when money starts to burn a hole in your pocket
  24. *jimmyj*

    BMW 1series steering wheel lock symbol

    Think I've narrowed down the issue, seems to be a common issue on some BMWs with the electric steering wheels. The cas module seems to give off this error if the battery starts to drop below a certain voltage. Only way to clear it is to use the ediabas toolset. And rest the cas counter