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  1. *jimmyj*

    E39 Winter tyres and wheels

    Long shot. But still available?
  2. *jimmyj*

    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    Such a teaser lol
  3. *jimmyj*

    Tools for doing work

    Perfect Duncan, thank you!
  4. *jimmyj*

    Euro car parts yes or no?

    Mintex or MTec brake pads any good?
  5. *jimmyj*

    Euro car parts yes or no?

    Some mixed opinions but all valid points based on users experiences. I'll take all points listed above onboard and see what offers me best bang for buck, for quality parts. Cheers gents
  6. *jimmyj*

    Euro car parts yes or no?

    Interesting I'll keep that in mind then. Cheers.
  7. *jimmyj*

    Euro car parts yes or no?

    So I'm trying to get all my ducks in a straight line, to start the journey on working on my car, getting to know her rather than bringing it to the garage for the DIY jobs. Going to start with brakes (front and rare) possibly discs as well, that being said where is the best place you guys tend to get yours from? Euro car parts or via a trusted eBay seller or from a forum member? Any particular brands or pad / disc combination?
  8. *jimmyj*

    Tools for doing work

    You think that will have all the parts necessary to do a basic service on the e39. Brakes discs, pads, oil service etc. Plus more?
  9. *jimmyj*

    Tools for doing work

    Duncan wise words think that the best thing I could do. cheers
  10. *jimmyj*

    Tools for doing work

    Thanks everyone for the links really appreciate it. Off to Amazon I go.
  11. *jimmyj*


    What benefit would that provide? is it about like a limited slip differential?
  12. *jimmyj*


    What is this gearbox ECU mod you talk of?
  13. In today's modern world, with technology progressing the way it is, and with all the new different types of headunits on the market. Is the intravee still a device which is needed? I mean especially with the Android headunits, is the intravee something that people are considering less of now, or am I comparing apples and pears???
  14. *jimmyj*

    Upgrade unit time?

    Hey Dan, thanks for the reply, helpful as ever. Looks are important but also simplicity. Yeah lots of info here, which is great just difficult to know where to start of, start with speakers or headunit or other? I like the double din units and also the sound of the Android units and the features they offer but with so many of these cheap units failing in shorter time frame i guess the jury is still out. With regards to sound, thick full rich sound. No too clued up on sound jargon but know what I like when I see / hear it, if that makes sense.
  15. *jimmyj*

    Tools for doing work

    So I'm going to start performing my own DIY servicing on my car, as I think it's about time and a very good way to get to know your car. Plus I'll save some money during the process. With that being said I want to make sure I have the necessary tools to do the jobs. Would it be the case of just popping to Halfords and living up their "car tool set" (if they have one)? Thinking of starting with brake and pad change, then oil change. Think I'm ready....