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  1. Hi I have both of the cables with software (blue and white) but my inpa doesn't seem to recognise engine module in my 08MY 530d. Do I need an update then? Tried looking for newest daten files but all of them are on file share sites and that's gonna take me a year to download without subscriptions to paid service. Do I have any other options? Just to say that dis works ok (if not for plaque of connection interuptions) and inpa connects fine. Just recognise modules. Cheers for any tips
  2. Hi can I have a quote for the above please for HV08 PKN Tailgate glass switch (on wiper) Diversity antenna module Cheers
  3. Sorted through PayPal cheers
  4. Hi can I have rear disc and pads/wear sensor for HV08 PKN please
  5. Sorted via paypal thank you
  6. Hv08 pkn sorry
  7. Hi can you please quote me on both thermostats for 530d hv08 pnk please
  8. Hi reg no is VO52 OKR thanks
  9. hi cab I have a price for one as in title please? was told they are interchangeable left to right and both dimmed. cheers
  10. sounds like broken flexi on exhaust as well as boost leak. turbo spools up correctly I'd be surprised if it's duffed. what I normally do if I can't locate leak is spray water with soap/washing up liquid all over pipes and inlet and look for bubbles
  11. that topic comes up even more often now. maybe we finnaly find somebody who is willing to give it a try for the rest to know There is a guy called TheEnd on other forum that performed swap from m57 to m57N In e46 with all ecu coding working apparently edit he's on this board as well
  12. anyone has any insight about this then? Is it any good or classed as Chinese? http://www.eonon.com/Car-GPS/Specific-Car-GPS/BMW/D5124F.html
  13. thanks for the reply! used dis height adaptation in the end measuring from wheel centre to arch and typing result in. all good now. all good now although I have to say dis isn't the most user friendly tool
  14. managed to lower it in dis manually. fault lit on dash but nothing stored. will do for now. haven't got more time to play. at least it's drivable
  15. Didn't touch suspension now. all was working before. car was on jack due to my (failed) fight with webasto