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  1. Good Morning Phil. The car is a 2001 E39 (GZ32444) Lower Bracket for Ultrasonic Module - 51448243665 Upper Bracket for Ultrasonic Module - 51448243666 My address is 402 SS Erin Road, Quarry Village via Santa Flora, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. How much is the total cost (inclusive of shipping)? Thanks mate.
  2. Thanks.
  3. What are the cost of each item? Thanks.
  4. Chassis: GZ32444 Based on realoem Lower Alarm Bracket- 51448243665 Upper Alarm Bracket- 51448249978 Front Windshield Cover- 51318159784 Upper Rear Windshield Cover- 51318159785 Lower Rear Windshield Cover- 51318159786 Windshield Washer Pump- 67128362154 Cover for Windshield Cleaning Container- Strainer- 61667006063 Power Steering Radiator Return Line- 32411094306 Shipping is to Siparia, Trinidad and Tobago.
  5. RIP lad. My condolences to his immediate family.
  6. Is that Pug corroded so badly?
  7. Thanks.
  8. What do you all recommend to use for the 520i?
  9. Any feedback on this?
  10. Any feedback on this.
  11. Liam. Is there a PDF version to this?
  12. Thanks Liam79.
  13. The Bentley does not mention the 520i on the cover but the 525i. Would you recommend I still purchase the Bentley?
  14. Good Morning.. What is the best service manual that covers this model E39? Bentley or Haynes? Thanks for your assistance in advance.
  15. Okay.. thanks