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  1. F10 bootlid parts

    Sorry just to add, could you let me know how long it would take to procure as well? Thanks in advance, Marcus
  2. F10 bootlid parts

    Hi Guys, Hope you're well. would you be able to provide 2x separate quotes? First one is for 51247269543 and shipping to me at TW7. The second one is for 61319275121 and shipping again to me at TW7. Thanks in advance, Marcus
  3. E60 rear trunk lid support/spring/piston

    Thanks guys - don't suppose you could give a price for shipping to Australia? If so, 4152, Queensland is destination. And if you do ship abroad, not sure if there's a price difference between non signed for, and signed for (I notice Royal Mail it's same price for both, with normal 5-7 day delivery). Kind regards, Marcus
  4. Hi Guys, Query from my father, so would need to ask him for a VIN if needed. But I believe part number in question is 51247141490? It's the trunk/boot part, with built in spring, but also specifically the piston which stops the boot lid flying open at a massive speed. Thanks in advance, Marcus
  5. F10 miscellaneous parts

    Sorry I think you tried to call, but missed your call (have tried to return your call though). Also can I be a pain and add one more item to the above? 1x 61130007437 Also I suspect some of the above might be 2 week delivery from Germany - any chance any of the above (especially this last item), can be popped in the mail?
  6. F10 miscellaneous parts

    Thanks. Just tried phoning now, but must be busy (was busy then no answer). Could you add in these parts too: 51497453355 51497453356 51717154239 (I think there are two clips to this product number, otherwise Qty 2 please) Also sorry not sure if it makes it up to £50, but if not, how much for shipping to TW7 6LR? Thanks in advance, Marcus
  7. F10 miscellaneous parts

    Thanks for prompt reply VIN is C287481, and that first part number I actually read off the part itself (couldn't find the related area for the trim in realoem). FYI the part in question is if you do a google of 51439162724 bmw, the images it comes back with if it helps?
  8. F10 miscellaneous parts

    Hi Guys, First I've contacted you on here (used to do it back on bmwland.co.uk days), hope you're well. Would you be able to give me the prices for the following: 1x 51439162724 (black/schwartz) rear right/drivers side entrance cover strip 1x 51717205169 trunk lid support left 4x 07149191219 blind rivet 1x 51717205170 trunk lid support right 1x shipping to TW7 6LR. Thanks in advance, Marcus
  9. Michelin Primacy HP ZP tyres

    Thank you!
  10. Michelin Primacy HP ZP tyres

    Thanks for the update, I'm planning the same and that's a great price (!). Where did you source from, if you don't mind me asking?
  11. Keyless door entry

    Curious to know as haven't had experience of Renault's - what is the extra feature that they've implemented with their version?
  12. Keyless door entry

    Ironically just saw this come up: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4456992/Shocking-moment-car-hackers-steal-60-000-BMW.html Whilst BMW say it's hard to say how this happened, looks like it's a dead certainty that they used Comfort Access to do it. Says later in the article they think the thieves used two devices, one close to the car, one close to the window of the house. So it looks like the device close to the window is attempting to generate sufficient pickup to the key fob, and the one next to the car is just relaying it so it's close enough to the receiving antennae. Anyone know what one can store the key fob in, to prevent this happening?! Metal tin or do you have to get like those wallets that prevent contactless card details from getting read?!
  13. Keyless door entry

    Not sure but BimmerTech have literally just released their [reverse engineered] version of it. Also there's an install video they've got up on their F30 site if you want to see what's involved: https://www.bimmer-tech.net/shop/bmw-5-series-f10-f11-f07/convenience-retrofits/comfort-access-kit
  14. F11 wish I had options but potential retro fit

    Does this do the trick? http://f10.5post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=976285
  15. F11 wish I had options but potential retro fit

    In case anyone is still attached to this thread, and has still been yearning for auto close trunk/boot like I've been, FYI looks like BimmerTech are on the cusp of releasing a less prohibitive cost version of auto close trunk/boot: http://f10.5post.com/forums/showthread.php?p=21258072#post21258072