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  1. marcuslee2032

    F10 boot spring right side

    Hi Guys, Hope you're well. Would you be able to give me a price for 51247204367 incl shipping (should have my address on file I hope)? Thanks in advance, Marcus
  2. marcuslee2032

    F10 oddments tray and Combox USB cable

    Hi Guys, Could you give me a price for an F10 centre console oddments tray: 51169206734. Also are you able to give me the price for the USB cable from the Combox, black connector (it goes the USB AUX port in the centre console arm rest) - I can't seem to get a fix on the part number for this cable. I think all of these might suffice: 61119129361 (3370mm = ~ 11 feet) 61119202749 (2210mm = ~ 7.2 feet) 61119129360 (2330mm = ~ 7.6 feet) And on the X5, it's 61119137935. And 61119234919 seems to be a pointer to a larger set of cables for the F10, which might incorporate it. Also I think you've had one customer ask for the same cable I'm chasing, once before: (If can't figure exactly, then maybe a price for all the 5x cables above and I'll continue the checks to see which one of them to order)? Thanks in advance, Marcus
  3. marcuslee2032

    F10 6NR parts

    Hi Guys, Thanks for earlier quote 61357365902 (auto boot module) of £232.24 inc VAT and delivery to mainland UK. Could you also give me a price for these related parts (boot spindle drive left and right): 51247207009 51247207010 Thanks in advance, Marcus
  4. marcuslee2032

    F10 6NR parts

    Just sent in an email to partscheltenham@cotswoldgroup.com - thank you!
  5. marcuslee2032

    F10 6NR parts

    Thank you! Paid via Paypal just now.
  6. marcuslee2032

    F10 6NR parts

    Thanks for prompt reply. With that info, it transpires a mate of mine has that as a spare (so thanks for info, sorry about lost sale)! Also though, separately, may I have a price for (with delivery to TW7 6LR): 1x 61 34 6 973 037 — cigarette lighter socket 1x 61 12 6 902 614 — wire - red and yellow1x 61 12 6 908 726 — wire - brown 2x 61 13 1 362 868 — spades Thanks in advance, Marcus
  7. marcuslee2032

    F10 6NR parts

    Hi Guys, Sorry I listed the wrong Y cable part number above (need one with Video support also). Could you provide a price for: 61122179623 Thanks in advance, Marcus
  8. marcuslee2032

    F10 6NR parts

    Thank you (will let you know about the module. Someone has suggested a software upgrade as a first fix).
  9. marcuslee2032

    F10 6NR parts

    Thanks £22.30 paid in via Paypal. Also could I have a price for 61357365902 (auto boot module)? Cheers, Marcus
  10. marcuslee2032

    F10 6NR parts

    Thanks for swift reply - could I drop it back to just the cable kit plus shipping? Thanks in advance, Marcus
  11. marcuslee2032

    F10 6NR parts

    Hi Guys, Would you be able to give me a price on: 61122295390 cable kit 84109229242 Mini USB AV In 61122338491 Y cable for the above Shipping to TW7 6LR? Thanks in advance, Marcus
  12. marcuslee2032

    F10 bootlid parts

    Sorry just to add, could you let me know how long it would take to procure as well? Thanks in advance, Marcus
  13. marcuslee2032

    F10 bootlid parts

    Hi Guys, Hope you're well. would you be able to provide 2x separate quotes? First one is for 51247269543 and shipping to me at TW7. The second one is for 61319275121 and shipping again to me at TW7. Thanks in advance, Marcus
  14. marcuslee2032

    E60 rear trunk lid support/spring/piston

    Thanks guys - don't suppose you could give a price for shipping to Australia? If so, 4152, Queensland is destination. And if you do ship abroad, not sure if there's a price difference between non signed for, and signed for (I notice Royal Mail it's same price for both, with normal 5-7 day delivery). Kind regards, Marcus
  15. Hi Guys, Query from my father, so would need to ask him for a VIN if needed. But I believe part number in question is 51247141490? It's the trunk/boot part, with built in spring, but also specifically the piston which stops the boot lid flying open at a massive speed. Thanks in advance, Marcus