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  1. My 2012 530d is booked in for 15th Feb. Courtesy car offered. They said that if, after checking, the EGR cooler does need replacing, they won't give you your car back until the work has been done, even if they don't have the part available for a few weeks. Fine with me. I'd rather drive a courtesy car than risk having issues with mine.
  2. It's the latches in the doors. It's an often overlooked service item. When you get your car serviced at a main dealer you will find all of your latches (doors, bonnet, boot etc.) have been cleaned and greased. I'm all for DIY servicing, but stuff like this generally won't happen to a main-dealer serviced car. Worth the extra money? No. But at 6am in the freezing cold with a door that won't close.... I've been there!
  3. Steve-Savalas

    F10 2015 Auto hold function

    I use it quite often, although something I've found (which I'd be interested to find out if anyone else has this), is when I have auto-hold turned on, and I slow very gently to a stop with the brakes applied only very, very gently, the auto-hold takes effect and light on the dash lights up, then when I take my foot off the brake, the car edges forward slightly and then the brakes apply again but more firmly...
  4. Steve-Savalas

    525d 3.0 engine noise

    Hmm, first thing I would suggest is a smoke test to see if it is air / vacuum related. Pretty simple to do, or any garage would do it for you - only takes 5/10 mins. Think that's your first port of call....
  5. Steve-Savalas

    525d 3.0 engine noise

    That was my initial impression. Sounds like air expelling or being sucked in rather than a mechanical thing. I assume if you hold the revs at, say, 3,000rpm the noise isn't there? Then it appears when you lift off..?
  6. Steve-Savalas

    Unstable when driving over the slightest bump

    I would agree with Dark Horse.... Did this issue exist before your "new Khumos" were fitted? Think about the only part of your car that touches the road... It would only take one dodgy tyre to affect the whole handling of the car. Do you have access to another set of wheels/tyres?
  7. Steve-Savalas

    xenon headlights not very bright

    Are you sure they're xenon? It's just that all of the LCI e60's had projector headlamps as standard (that look like xenon's from the outside), but could be fitted with standard bulbs like mine was. Just worth asking...
  8. Steve-Savalas

    Plastic welding

    I feel your pain. I did something similar - parked up and went over the kerb slightly with no rubbing, got back in the car with 2 extra passengers and reversed out and heard a slight scrape and a big crack. Fortunately the crack was just the bumper snapping back into place. If i were you, i'd take a look on ebay as many of these parts are made available by breakers. It may be your best bet..
  9. Steve-Savalas

    Btw e60 2005 reversing light issue

    I'm sure the e60 suffers from the same boot wiring harness issues that the e39 had. You need to check the wiring that's enclosed in a rubber tube that bends and straightens when you open and close the boot. My e39 had about 5 wires that had split and were shorting out. If you Google e60 boot wiring harness issue you should get an idea...
  10. Steve-Savalas

    Servicing Question

    Here's a link to a youtube vid. Note that this guy disconnects the battery because he disconnects the front airbag. There's absolutely no need to disconnect the airbag as there's plenty of room to manouvre. The video shows how simple it is to remove the filter cover, slide the filters out and slide the new ones in. Once i'd watched this video and read a few of the comments I was happy enough to do mine and it was dead simple.
  11. Steve-Savalas

    Servicing Question

    Here's my new air filter alongside the one i took out!
  12. Steve-Savalas

    Servicing Question

    No, as Matthew says, no need to disconnect the battery. Air filter is very simple (mine was filthy by the way!), the cabin filters are a little more fiddly but still simple. They are together, right under the passenger glovebox. There's a vdeo of someone doing them on youtube. The guy acually removes more trim than is actually required. Took me about 25 mins and was very simple.
  13. Steve-Savalas

    Servicing Question

    I have the exact same car with exactly 40k on the clock, except mine's 2012.... I went to my dealership a few months back because I wanted an oil service (just oil and filter) as it is quoted as £169 on their website. They took my key and put it in their little thingy and then quoted me £480! They insisted I need the "all important" cabin filters, and also an air filter. They charge a fortune to fit these. I stuck to my guns and demanded I just wanted oil and filter, which I got. I did the other items myself. I think the genuine air filter was £70 and the cabin filters were about £80 but I got 30% off at eurocarparts. The dealer always bangs on about the important filters, which turn out to be just the cabin filters for pollen etc. because they make so much money from the labour. If you don't mind an hour fiddling around yourself, just buy them separately and do them yourself...
  14. Here you go: Make yourself a brew, get comfy, then start at page 1
  15. Steve-Savalas

    Stuck hub centric wheel spacer

    Heat it up if you can. Blow-torch or something similar and it will be off in 10 seconds. Pop down to your local garage as a last resort and they will heat it and remove it in a few mins. Might cost you £5 or £10 like