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  1. azazel

    E60 520d High Battery Drain

    I have similar problem. Id be very interested in finding the solution that doesn't involve carrying a spare battery and jump leads with me.
  2. azazel

    Flat battery time of year?

    my bmw 5 series is on its third battery. its just over 10 years old old. my Peugeot 406 went 12 years before a new battery was required. intelligent battery sensor, no thanks ..
  3. azazel

    X5 wheels

    I only tried winter tyres once before and that was on my Peugeot 406. I know they were more grippy and would have been great in the snow and ice but I didnt like the feel of them when there was no ice. I never drive my car excessively hard so I dont loose traction or grip when cornering or braking. I Had a second set of wheels for my 406 with the winter tyres on but they stayed in the shed unused since the first go with them. I carry quite allot of weight in the E61 which helps keep the back of the car on the road. I heard that rear wheel drive cars are not very good in the snow and ice so perhaps the winter tyres would be more benefical. I do have 2 spare rims with worn out tyres on at the moment... What do you think of putting winter tyres on just the rears? I live and work around Devon so suffer with mud more than ice but they say we are in for a cold winter..
  4. I used the scanner to reset all the service items and after that I could then access the service menu via the odometer button. It seems like you can reset it if you dont need to but not if you need to. Next job is to change the brake fluid but I doubt it will make any noticeable difference.
  5. azazel

    X5 wheels

    They are more suited to colder climates where there is snow and ice for longer. We only get it occasionally so in my opinion its not worth having winter tyres.
  6. azazel

    Flat battery time of year?

    Ok, I registered the battery with the snap on scanner. I dont understand how it would affect charging the battery though. The battery is the same type and 90 amp but its about a year old. No flat battery since although the weather has not been as cold, so hopefully thats fixed. Its the third battery the car has had from new.
  7. I tried with the handbrake off and I still could not gain access to the service menu. I suspect it was due to the brake fluid...
  8. Its on my to do list but I did just reset it. I reset everything!! Hahahah.. Battery flat issues now... grrr See my new post.
  9. I have flat battery problems. I overnight charged it the other day but this morning it is flat again... The Battery is only a year old Bosch one so I'm confident its not that. Could be the alternator but Im thinking its the pesky IBS or a parasitic drain by a module. Anyone with any experience on this? I have on loan a snap on scanner so I'm wondering if I can access the battery settings to register the new battery.
  10. azazel

    E60 Interior LEDs change

    Do the LED bulbs help with reducing the battery drain? I often leave my doors and boot open and then get low battery warning... had to bump start the other day! I was wondering if the LEDs had a resistor in so they present the same load as the standard bulb to the car so as to not look like a blown bulb..
  11. azazel

    Michelin v Goodyear v Continental?

    Speaking to the guy at the tyre dealer, he said that BMWs do wear the edges and that's why BMW recommend Bridgestone as they have more tread on the edges. I reduced my pressures to 40psi for the winter. Goodyear efficient grips look kind of worn out on the edges when they are new so I dont think I will be buying them again. Might go for Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin next time. Anyone tried these?
  12. azazel

    Creaking front brake caliper

    I replaced my front brakes and the creaking noise seems to have gone for now. I put a bit of brake grease around the piston under the boot before I pressed them into the caliper at the suggestion of a BMW independent. I dont know if this made any difference.
  13. azazel

    E61 520d Air Suspension Issues

    Does the compressor keeps coming on to top up all the time? This would indicate a leak. How was the air supply pipe with the filter?
  14. I DONE IT!! I used my mates snap-on scanner and found a menu to reset service items so I reset them all now. I can access the service menu with the odometer button now quite easily but something was blocking access to it previously. Hopefully bong free driving again other than a frost warning bong in the morning.. Thanks for all your help guys.
  15. Yes the brakes did need changing, they were down to about 2mm on one pad. I did the pads and disks on the front. The rears are ok on the idrive. I tried fitting a new sensor on the rear but that didnt work. Also tried disconnecting the sensors, starting, stopping, remove the keys, connecting again and they trying the reset again.. Obviously I tried it plenty of times and looked at the various videos on youtube. The engine management light keeps coming on, particularly when its about to try and go into the service menu and the red brake fluid icon comes up but I cant get further than that. My mate has a snap on scanner that he is going to lend me in a minuet. I might try disconnecting the battery next, what do you think?