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  1. Car went in for its first MOT (due next month) and to have the BMW end of warranty check over and brake fluid change. When I picked it up it had a new air con condenser (quality enhancement replacement), and is booked in to have the chrome trims replaced on the door caps (not perfectly aligned and the dealer reckons they were probably slightly bent when originally fitted as no sign of external damage...and, the rear retracting boot cover will be replaced as it has a slight squeak sometimes when rear suspension is compressed when dropping off a speed cushion - £500 apparently! All very thorough I have to say. One thing I was concerned about MOT wise was that I had coded the headlamp washers off and thought maybe it was an MOT requirement that they worked - but nothing mentioned. Oh - different dealer than last time though!
  2. Help with Carly App fault report

    I didn't know that - thanks for the info. I notice that when closing you have keep the fob button pressed as it stops as soon as button released - i.e. not auto close. Had a play with the Carly app and the option for coding the tailgate with the drivers footwell switch does not (yet) exist - so couldn't do it. But will programme my TPS to show temperature as well as pressure. How did I survive without it!..
  3. Help with Carly App fault report

    I have recently purchased the Carly app and official dongle. I had a lot of credit in the App store (iTunes gifts) so really only cost me the OBD wifi connector which I obtained from Carly Germany as the cheapest available - £58. Have already used it on our Mini and coded the auto stop/start to remember last setting - will do the same to the F11 too. Have not really had the time to play with the app so would be interested in what anyone who has it has achieved with it other than diagnostic code reading and resetting. I anticipate using it for easy resetting of service indicators for the MINI which is now a home service machine (I know you can do it without) and I will programme the tailgate on the F11 to close with the remote and the internal open switch. Any other gems?
  4. 2017-2 finally available

    Thanks for that
  5. 2017-2 finally available

    Mac OS? This is good news. I purchased the satnav update from BMW earlier in the year but had to get a refund as I could not download to Mac - can you confirm it s now compatible? Also, what size stick do I need for the transfer to the car. Cheers
  6. Sat Nav Map Update

    I tried this and unfortunately you can only download to a windows PC (I only have Mac). This only became apparent once I had paid for the service - so am requesting a refund...
  7. Back to summers?

    I know where we live has an impact but for those of you on winter tyres at the moment are you contemplating putting your summer wheels/tyres back on given the perhaps deceptively mild weather expected over the next week or so? Normally I am well into March before reverting back but road temps are set to be pretty high in my neck of the woods (east anglia).
  8. Ditto - run the winters the same as my summers - rides well and with even tyre wear across the tyre and rears typically wearing slightly quicker than fronts.
  9. So, car went in for it's service.... Car dropped off, loan car all sorted, day at work (too busy to take any phone calls), take call on way back to dealer early evening. The stud which holds the EGR valve cooler to the manifold has sheared. Solution - a new exhaust manifold...but needs to be delivered from Germany. Service manager is brilliant, looks after me and sorts out a bmw breakdown hire vehicle for me, very quickly, ringing his contacts to speed up all the usual bureaucracy. However... When at my own vehicle, dealer shows me one of my sensors pushed into the bumper (cover). Damage I know 100% was not there when I dropped off car (no inspection by dealer on delivery). Dealer will sort (again service manager was great), but a routine service turned into a problem. Anyway, the quality enhancement on the EGR valve is a problem with the cooling system for it, with leaking a possibility. Surgery though to now fit the new manifold!
  10. Useful to know. My car is not in for a couple of weeks.
  11. Yesterday I booked in my 520d F11 (Nov14) for it's second dealer service (2yrs/28k). I was advised that when it is in they will carry out a quality enhancement. On request I was advised it was the EGR valve. I see from the forum that there was an issue with these some years ago but not heard of anything since. Has anyone else had this notification and/or got to the bottom of the problem?
  12. EGR clean - How?

    Did this on my MX5 a couple of years ago. You do need to take unit off so that you can direct the cleaner at the wire. You need to be very careful not to touch the wire with anything.
  13. Early Oil Change or not?

    I have the 50k service package but also negotiated an oil change at c.2k as part of sorting a problem I had at delivery of the new car. You would not believe the effort I had in booking the car into the service for the 2k oil change....My service dealer was different from the supplying dealer. "it doesn't need doing" "we will have to change the cabin filter also..." (why, this is completely different.. but dealer can only cope with a standard oil change package...and don't reset the service indicator), etc, etc. Got it done ("I want it done and it is paid for - so do it...") but made to feel as if I did not know what I was doing/old-school... Although it never happens, I always think I will keep a private car forever... Just bought a used BMW Mini as a project and first job was replacing all the oils (inc gearbox), despite what the service indicator said... Fresh oil is a cheap insurance policy - so if you worry about this then just do it
  14. Checked with my dealer at the weekend, my Oct 14 (Sept build) car is not affected by the recall. Apparently a seal issue on the affected condensers.
  15. Rear shock replacement

    Because once load is put on the suspension then the bushes will become twisted which will affect suspension compliance...