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  1. F11 Insurance

    In the last decade I have flitted between Aviva and LV. They both operate multi-vehicle discount policies. I am currently insuring my F11, Mx5 and Mini clubman for total £500 PA, comp, with named drivers. Every couple of years one insurer beats the other and I switch. Both are Defaqto hi-rated insurers. The multi discount does make a difference.
  2. Non BMW TPMS

    I have non BMW sensors for my winter wheels and they work perfectly. Had them fitted a few years now. They are called I-sensors and are from a company Novotec in Germany. I paid less than £200 for 4 via eBay. I also know you can get them tyre fitters eg STS as when I had them fitted they commented as such. Hope that helps.
  3. I had mine replaced under warranty, not because it stopped working but it squeaked with suspension compression. That's what I thought the noise was until the dealer service manager checked and said this was a known issue to him. A new one is c£500! - which they replaced.
  4. B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    My c70mile round trip commute (mix of mainly country roads and dual carriageway) gives me 50mpg average if I drive 'conservatively'. Last fill-up I did 740 miles to the tank until zero range.
  5. 2018-1 Map update question

    I can't tell you about J12A M1 but the M1/M6 junction is on the latest map I have (2018/1). I think it was also on 2017/2.
  6. 2018 Maps

    I too have recently downloaded the 2018-1 update and it is sitting around on a stick...have not got around to loading it as all the local roads still seem in the right place for the moment!
  7. F10 520d Exhaust fumes in cabin

    My EGR cooler was replaced under a 'quality enhancement' fix during a service this time last year (car was still under warranty). It seems that it was not a safety recall otherwise you could still get it done for free outside of warranty.
  8. In the day I had an alignment carried out on an MR2 by a Toyota dealer. I complained of poor handling afterwards and suffered adverse tyre wear. I took it back to the dealer who admitted that at the recent calibration of their machine by the manufacturer, they had discovered it was out a lot. So admitting they were at fault I had two new tyres out of them and the cost of the alignment refunded (in form of a service/parts voucher), as well as a correct alignment once the machine was fixed. I would definitely go back if they have not carried out the alignment properly and claim any damages such as tyre wear.
  9. Is that covered via the 5yr service package (if you have it) ?
  10. I recall BlackCD was for the basic connected drive package - which you need for the the other services, which used Black17 as the code. For the map update, you do not need the connected drive package (if you do not have it) - although you may be told, incorrectly, that you do. If you tried to do it but it failed then contact bmw customer services and see if they will honour the deal. I had a problem with mine and was told a lot of people had an issue and they were dealing with customers to resolve. I have my maps dowloaded onto a USB stick but will wait until I can load it onto the car in one long enough trip - just to eliminate any data corruption risks. I think this should be within an hour (Europe map)? I did initially load onto a 256GB portable drive but this was not recognised by the car and speaking to BMW customer service it must be no more than a 64GB device (apparently). As all my large capacity usb sticks are password protected (can't unlock in car), I had to buy a new one...
  11. I agree... Our car leather is actually coated leather, the surface not actually being leather, although the underlying surface is (the nappa). In my experience the best and cheapest way of cleaning the 'leather' surface is with baby wipes (I use unfragranced). The best way of cleaning a steering wheel, and as they are actually usually leather, is again with baby wipes - try it.
  12. Thanks for the heads up - have just bought a 2 year Map update for £55 with Black17 discount (20%)
  13. Nice - I have a similar one on mine. PM sent
  14. Car went in for its first MOT (due next month) and to have the BMW end of warranty check over and brake fluid change. When I picked it up it had a new air con condenser (quality enhancement replacement), and is booked in to have the chrome trims replaced on the door caps (not perfectly aligned and the dealer reckons they were probably slightly bent when originally fitted as no sign of external damage...and, the rear retracting boot cover will be replaced as it has a slight squeak sometimes when rear suspension is compressed when dropping off a speed cushion - £500 apparently! All very thorough I have to say. One thing I was concerned about MOT wise was that I had coded the headlamp washers off and thought maybe it was an MOT requirement that they worked - but nothing mentioned. Oh - different dealer than last time though!
  15. Help with Carly App fault report

    I didn't know that - thanks for the info. I notice that when closing you have keep the fob button pressed as it stops as soon as button released - i.e. not auto close. Had a play with the Carly app and the option for coding the tailgate with the drivers footwell switch does not (yet) exist - so couldn't do it. But will programme my TPS to show temperature as well as pressure. How did I survive without it!..