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  1. It all depends on how fussy you are, and possibly on how enthusiastically you drive the car. VDC can add some comfort on straight roads. AD adds a bit more comfort, and also adds great cornering and handling. AD is the only reason I chose a 5 series, and it is excellent.
  2. JDR No idea, but my issue was the same (new tyres), and buckles they could balance out, turned out to be buckles that caused vibes. Damn BMW chocolate wheels. Expensive chocolate, at that.
  3. JDR, Just solved a similar issue (vibration through the body, 60mph+, varied a bit with load and tyre temp). First place spotted that one front was buckled. Replaced it. Vibe still there. Second place spotted that a rear might be slightly buckled, but only slightly and he wouldn't change it. Re-balanced (as "last place was well out"). Vibe still there. Third place put on a new rear that I had ordered, but declared that the other front was also slightly buckled (on the RFB machine). Did RFB on all other wheels. Test drive - completely fixed. Buckled wheels. Very difficult to spot when a very small buckle, but will cause vibes. Grrrrr.
  4. F11 Rear Tyres Worn in 14,000 miles !

    Regular full geo check can prevent this kind of uneven tyre wear. My rears did 40k.... (on a 535d) and I replace at 3.5mm min. http://www.3mmtyres.co.uk/index.aspx
  5. 2017-2 finally available

    Catthorpe has the main roads right, but the minor roads wrong:
  6. Updated to 2017-2 today (NEXT Europe). As expected, hopelessly behind. A556 not on (M6-M56 link), likewise the M1 (J11a) to A5 link road. None of the small changes around here from the last couple of years are on either. Just in case anyone was getting their hopes up!
  7. Non-run flat recommendations?

    Just replaced my OE Contis with Dunlop Sportmaxx RT2's. http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Dunlop/SportMaxx-RT-2.htm These are a relatively new tyre with decent reviews - but I had to fit them as it was the only premium non-runflat where I could get the tyre in 275/40/18 and 245/45/18 (dumb staggered wheels.. grrr). They are very quiet, the tramlining has gone, the ride is much less jarry (more rubbery), the grip is much better in the wet (same in the dry) and the only negative is that they feel slightly less direct. All in all delighted - a transformed car. Wish I had ditched the runflats sooner.
  8. Problems with bumps is normally worn dampers. Start by visually checking for leaks, or previous leaks.
  9. Almost certainly a tyre that's not round. You need to get a road force balance (RFB) done. They will rotate the tyre on the wheel to minimise tyre irregularity (by using wheel irregularity), and they will produce a report to show if one or more tyres is out of spec. I have used BMTR before (proper pro tyre people) but have a look here for someone near: http://www.balancemycar.co.uk/
  10. Ambient Lighting

    Ricky, As discussed, BMW got the programming a bit wrong. With 10 minutes of coding you can make it really very visible.
  11. 535i Real MPG

    No. Just my fingers!
  12. 535i Real MPG

    The car over-reads by a certain amount. You can measure this error and enter it into the hidden menu in the instrument panel. Here you can see I have plotted the car display and the real mpg, and you can see when I made the correction to the car: Doesn't matter. Total fuel / total mileage = mpg (over a long period). You can fill it up half way every time if you wanted to....
  13. 535i Real MPG

    The trip computer does not live in the real world though! Mine is (was, until I applied the correction) way out.
  14. Ambient Lighting

    The LCI cars are not good. The lights are too dim. Try: Turn up the brightness in the idrive to max. Then turn up the brightness of your instrument display to max using the thumb wheel. The lights should now be visible. The problem is you need your dash turned up to eyeball melting levels (I have the MFID and it's wildly bright) to see the ambient lights. The only solution is coding - I set my ambient light minimum level to around 80%, so in essence they are on and visible at a fixed brightness all the time.
  15. Ride height question

    My ride height is also 11 to 18mm higher than that spec sheet (SE suspension, due to AD on an M Sport car).