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  1. E60 remote coding required - gearbox sw update/VO change

    Nice work. Getting the box serviced in a fortnight and was just wondering about a sw update too .......
  2. E60 remote coding required - gearbox sw update/VO change

    So you got there in the end pal?
  3. I didn’t know the software could be updated at home. Interesting...
  4. Spiral rod in boot

  5. If you can't select the Bluetooth in that menu then you're module is definitely kaput. When mine failed I don't recall any real idrive issues
  6. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Just cleaning really - washed, clayed, machine 'cut' (not very heavy), polish, sealant and wax. Hope that will help it through the winter. Still a list of jobs to do, but one thing at a time! Does show up the replacement sensors that I still haven't painted, and the damage to lower bumper which is still not fixed either
  7. Tow bar electrics

    I used the dedicated Westfalia kit on my E60 - very straightforward.
  8. Whilst the inlet manifold is off....

    Considering doing the vac lines myself. 3mm? And will it take 10m? Mines a 525 right enough.
  9. Faulty power steering / belt slipping?

    On mine it was the crank pulley as already stated. The inner rubber 'doughnut' had started to perish which meant the the outer portion which drives the belt wasn't always travelling at the same speed as the crankshaft, if that makes sense. Whilst trying to diagnose it (having been trailered home) I only found it as the outer part fell off
  10. Beeping when driving (random)

    In the clock menu - it's called hour memo or note iirc!?
  11. i drive monitor screen

    The first link is the guy I used to do mine. I have absolutely no complaints about the service. Great communication and quick turnaround. I also got him to update the software on the unit, meaning I got the silver screen too - 16 months later and still going strong. If I'd had the money at the time (still don't ) I'd have considered NBT or even CIC, though this was by far the simplest and most straightforward option ......
  12. Bluetooth Option in settings menu

    Have to agree You could try disconnecting and reconnecting but that's a long shot, particularly as it was working even after the battery change ........ I've replaced mine twice
  13. Beeping when driving (random)

    That's what I was thinking ......
  14. In my E60 I can hear the motor running after the mirrors have closed fully. I had coded them to close on the fob but don't recall any parameters - I had also thought there was a physical 'stop' .......
  15. repair create fast boot logo inpa

    Nice one. Silly of me to presume the reboot had been done