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  1. Did you get this sorted? Sounds like a failed module
  2. Weird, but not totally surprising! Ok. I'm not entirely sure what you mean with the work you've done but have you retraced your steps? Just to make sure all is well -connected and correct? There are so many possibilities which is a pity with no codes My car was worst (smoke and poor running) when the boost air pipe split but it also leaked the exhaust gases (like soot) into the bonnet area which you would definitely see! May also be a fuelling issue I guess. In any case I'd start by checking all the hoses.
  3. Can you get the codes read? Would be a good place to start
  4. There's an option on the idrive to turn the display off. I haven't used it but I guess that it wouldn't be permanent anyway, and should come on with a restart.
  5. That's who I used for mine
  6. They are the wrong ones - later models have a LAMP for each 'eye' if you like, whereas yours (like mine) has the single marker as in the third pic above. So in our case, one for each side.
  7. Oh, and having changed the fuel filter the other day I fired up INPA to clear the error. Thought I'd have a play with DIS as well, but could I get it to connect? Could I ***te!!!!
  8. Having washed it yesterday I had a look round it today with some t-cut and tar remover to clean up some marks. Found scratches too that I hadn't seen yesterday - Ended up giving it a polish so looking nice ATM. Gave the headlights a bit of a going over too in an attempt to clean them up. Certainly better, but although they look great when finished with the compound I was using, very quickly went back to 'marked'. May well be inside the lenses I suppose or perhaps I need to machine them instead.
  9. All done guys, thanks. Couldn't get the undertray off though (noob!) and couldn't see why not with the limited access. Anyway, was able to crack on with the filter and it was (as stated) fairly straightforward. Hopefully will improve the daily running, and I must remember to clear the codes! Next up, order the correct angel eye bulbs (any tips?) and organise the autobox service.
  10. Thanks everyone. I didn't think the fuse was a good idea for some reason, but thought it would be better to ask!
  11. Hoping to do this tomorrow - slight rough running at times and the fuel filter error has popped up occasionally so thought it was worth a go. I've only ever changed one fuel filter and that was on a petrol car, but I remember removing the fuel pump fuse and letting the car run until it stopped, to reduce fuel pressure in the line. Is that still the recommended starting point? Thanks
  12. Just to add, I got mine repaired and updated via a guy on eBay. Ive also replaced the BT module twice on my car, but when it failed I don't remember having any real issues with the idrive.
  13. Doesn't sound right? I thought they were in the £400 area? I guess it depends what's wrong with it .........
  14. I got mine done last year and was definitely worth it.