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  1. I was hoping you'd say that! Just trying to decide if I should just go ahead if I can find a suitable garage to work on the auto box, despite the expense, or dig a little deeper first.
  2. Noticed recently that the gear change from 1st to 2nd has become very rough / jerky on occasions, and that the car seems to be 'missing' a little bit as well. Got INPA on this morning and the only fault code thrown up is 41F2 - which relates to the radiator fan I think? - nothing else to help diagnose either other issue. The 'missing' problem could be anything I guess, though I had half expected to see something MAF related, but I was wondering if there is any way of testing / diagnosing the autobox further via the software. I was toying with the idea of an oil change anyway (just reaching 110k miles) though concerned now that there may be a more serious issue lurking beneath ...........
  3. I've replaced mine twice with used parts. Not ideal but more cost effective for me. I had my idrive repaired and updated by a guy on eBay and he also does the BT modules. He'll be getting mine if it goes again.
  4. The only time I have had the Christmas tree effect was down to the crank pulley failing, and not constantly running the belt. Doesn't explain the noises though!
  5. Possibly not relevant but is your Bluetooth ok?
  6. I hope you're right! Don't see why at this point but worth a try with a replacement clip ........
  7. After some hectic months, but with relatively trouble free motoring, the car decided to let me know it was still there! Driving merrily along dual carriageway today, neither quickly nor erratically, when I heard a pop. No errors flashed up but car obviously down on power. Pulled over and saw straight away that the charge air pipe had apparently come loose. Got it replaced and off I went. Two seconds later and it was off again. Replaced again and revved the car whilst an innocent bystander kept an eye on the pipe. At about 3 1/2 or 4k he told me to stop as the pipe seemed to be coming off again. At that I just eased home at around 2k or so. So my question is - what would force the pipe off? It's silicone, 6 months old, and I am not aware of any previous issues. It has 'spat' fluid and gunk over the surrounding area, so I cannot say whether the residue around the other end of the charge air and intercooler pipes is fresh or not. Have had a look online and don't mind researching this way if someone could please point me in the right direction. There must be a more technical term than that of my post title!! Thanks very much
  8. Yep, me too
  9. Got it repaired and the software updated (for a little extra iirc). That was in June and no issues so far. The guy was true to his word too - I was going away and wanted the unit back by a certain date and he sorted it out no bother. Good communication too
  10. Yes mate. Can't copy the link but if you use this item number you'll find him - 162275702049
  11. Cable shack - forum sponsor. Jimmy will sort out the software for you
  12. I got mine done by a guy on eBay. £250 iirc. Years warranty. So far so good
  13. No bother pal, hope he can help
  14. This is the item number pal, but I should add that mine was for an E60. 162262922706
  15. I'll get the details, two minutes ............