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  1. DepthHoar

    E39 M5 wanted

    Would be interested in your assessment of the Renaissance car.... Care to share?
  2. DepthHoar

    Fitting Lower Dashboard

    You only need 07119904714 (x5). (07119907954 has been superseded by the one referred to above.) It's a filister head self tapping screw 4.8mm gauge and 19mm long. You can get a pack of these on eBay for less than buying just two at a BMW dealer.
  3. DepthHoar


    You've got climate control not 'regular' air conditioning. https://www.raccars.co.uk/news/what-is-the-difference-between-air-con-and-climate-control
  4. DepthHoar

    E39 M5 Rear Brake Discs

    I went round the houses chasing better prices for rear brake rotors for my M5 and ended up buying a pair from Cotswold BMW for £200 delivered. They're the correct floating rotors for the Euro market, too. Saw some really inexpensive rotors from half decent manufacturers but they were (solid, one piece) rotors for USA market vehicles.
  5. DepthHoar

    New A/C aux fan not running.. condenser?

    Simple stuff first. Your old aux fan may have blown its chunky fuse. Check the 40 (or 50 amp) fuse for the auxiliary fan. From memory it's tucked away under the glovebox.
  6. DepthHoar

    Vac hose for 530d. How many metres?

    Replaced mine 3 yrs ago. Spoke to the parts guys at Cotswold who in turn consulted one of the techs. The following was on my invoice: (Part numbers with the number of metres supplied) 11727545323 - 4 metres 11747797050 - 1 metre 11731261489 - T piece for the engine mounts' vacuum supply (the old one crumbled during disassembly) 11151276486 - 1 metre 11657796879 - 2 metres 11747797129 - 1 metre Seemed sufficient & don't recall being short of any at the time....but it was 3 yrs ago. Hope this helps.
  7. DepthHoar

    Shadow Chrome. Who are the best?

    Lepsons. I have two sets of Style 65s. The ones on the car are OE and as they left the factory. The spare set was refurbed in Shadow Chrome by Lepsons. Side by side they're indistinguishable. Lepsons are not the cheapest but there's probably a good reason for that... Cost nowadays about £100+change per corner. (Collection & delivery extra.)
  8. DepthHoar

    E39 M5 thermostat housing

    Gentlemen, A price please for a thermostat housing for my E35 M5. (VIN - BJ11997) Part number is: 11531406762 Can you confirm that the T-stat housing comes complete pre-fitted with a gasket ring? (Gasket ring is: 11531312287, I think) Look forward to your reply. Tom
  9. DepthHoar

    2000 E39 M5 - auction sale £24k...

    The chrome knobs are a strange oversight given that they've gone to the trouble of changing the gear shifter. OE rubber knobs are pretty cheap, too, assuming it's an OE nav screen display.
  10. DepthHoar

    Rock solid front seats

    10/10 this /\ I have long term back injuries + wear & tear issues so work hard on core strength and posture. (Post-MRI scan consultation - my orthopaedic surgeon was pencilling me in for back surgery had I not walked normally into his office! He described the condition of my back as 'like the rocky road to Dublin' - actual quote! He's an Irishman.) Everyone's different, of course, but I find the seats in my E39 530d SE comfortable even after several hundred miles behind the wheel.
  11. DepthHoar

    2000 E39 M5 - auction sale £24k...

    Hexagon have made their mind up: £40k asking price. https://hexagonclassics.com/cars/bmw-m5-e39-saloon-2001-2/ Way too many cups of espresso involved in coming up with that valuation...
  12. DepthHoar

    2000 E39 M5 - auction sale £24k...

    If it is that Anglia auction car then.... M50 ANH + Hexagon = a number over £50k? Or is that too outrageous?
  13. DepthHoar

    2000 E39 M5 - auction sale £24k...

    Reg. no. M50 ANH - Don't know the car but as the OP has indicated, that's a lot of fundamental and expensive engine work for a low mileage car. The previous owner must have had deep pockets if it was done in the name of preventative maintenance. The alloys have been refurbed in bright silver metallic instead of shadow chrome. Strange decision given the projected value of the car. Has this turned up in Hexagon's showroom with the refurbed wheels refurbed (again) in the correct Shadow Chrome? https://hexagonclassics.com/cars/bmw-m5-e39-saloon-2001-2/
  14. Changed the water pump (precautionary) & main thermostat on my 530d late last year (the stat was slightly cracked & leaking) and replaced it with BMW original parts. According to Realoem the stat is the same as the OP's, and for reference here's a couple of photos with some ID marks. It looks like the manufacturer is UTI, or, UT, or something...but maybe I'm misinterpreting it... (UTI also stands for 'urinary tract infection'. Probably more painful that a leaking stat!)
  15. DepthHoar

    E39 M5 in Need of Clutch/Flywheel. What To Buy?

    DMF replacement not always necessary. Get it inspected when the gearbox is out. But....and it's a big 'but'... Problem is if you take the 'inspection' route above you're relying on the garage to source a DMF at short notice if your current DMF is deemed to be duff or past its best. The garage will want to complete the job as quickly as possible in order to free up workshop space. They won't appreciate waiting for you to do an internet search and wait three days (or more) for the DMF to arrive. If the garage supply the DMF themselves they'll get it tomorrow and their price will almost certainly be more than twice your best internet price. Better to plan on spending £300 on the DMF in advance of the work (even if your existing DMF is found to be OK) , rather than risk coughing up £800 at short notice. Also, the DMF may well be fine when inspected....but for how long? Do you want to go back in there again in 10/20/30k miles with all the labour costs involved? Ignore all of the above advice if you're doing the work yourself. Your time and workshop space (or your driveway?) is your own of course. Just my two cents...