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  1. Idrive issues

    Define a little more 'not working'. Can you hear the drive spin up on start up? Any lights from around the disc slots? Screen flickering at all? Anything at all on the screen? Any warning lights?
  2. Injection Cleaner

    Another +1 for Forte.
  3. Thinking of buying 535d m sport

    2004 '54'.
  4. Thinking of buying 535d m sport

    I got 4k for mine 7 months ago and mine was very clean (with some expensive suspension), albeit it had 170k on it.
  5. Plenty of people into 535d in the area pal, so don't think you will have a problem shifting it. The poles around here especially love them .. And most of them are mechanically minded or know somebody who is ... So a gearbox won't put them off if the price is right and the otherwise spec of the car is good.
  6. To LCI or not?

    Of course you do. In your E61.....
  7. To LCI or not?

    As far as I remember, you will be extremely hard pushed to find fully electric seats in an E60. Most were semi-electric with full electric adjustment apart from the forward/rear motion which is manual.
  8. To LCI or not?

    So your comparing a modded 530d with a standard 535d? The standard 535d still had moar powa. Compared to a 'like for like' ie modded vs modded and night and day diff. 530d struggles to push 290bhp. 535 can get 340+ with ease. Oh, and that small turbo means NO LAG (or very little)
  9. To LCI or not?

    No it can't.
  10. i drive monitor screen

    100% CCC failing.
  11. Slight Shuddering

    As blobby says, oil gets into the electronics of the unit and that can cause all sorts of weird and wonderful problems. As for the solution, sorry, I left mine as it was as I had no DPF to worry about and actually forgot about it until you just mentioned it. Wonder if the new owner sorted it?
  12. Slight Shuddering

    Throttle valve. Mine was a cunt for this. lol
  13. CCC I drive repairs

    You live around the corner from the man who posted the guide to repair
  14. Soldering/crimping

    Aoyue (not the fake ones) are probably best cost/value trade off. Got my monies worth out of the first rework station.