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  1. I assume the colour is carbon black. Looks the same as mine. Dark blue up close, black from a distance. Can't help with the heated mirrors. Not sure on the specifics on what has/doesn't have.
  2. 4500. Ish.
  3. Well the time has come. I pick it up on Wednesday evening. Over to the dark side of the 3 pointed badge. Has almost every extra available on it and is a pleasure to drive. 535d available if anybody is interested
  4. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272584147461?_mwBanner=1
  5. Opted for this instead
  6. BM is for sale if anybody is interested
  7. Its not a saloon ... its a Coupe.
  8. Its obviously nowhere near as fast, or as refined ... but its punchy for only 200hp and with the 9 speed box is very quiet at motorway speeds. Some reviews say its noisy low down, but I dont hear it. Got enough 'get up and go' for a little fun, and handles extremely well (I wasnt expecting it to handle well after reading reviews). Either these journos can't drive or only had one an hour or so. I've had this two days so far and I dont want to give it back. Only annoyance so far: its fully premium plus amg line specc'd, but hasnt got seat belt assist passer thingymabobs. Hopefully can do a deal when I take it back.
  9. C250d it is then. Its been nice owning you 535d.
  10. Had one on test now for a few hours ... think the 3 pointy stars are calling.
  11. Yeah, it is an AMG kitted one I'm looking at
  12. So the dark side may be calling. Looking for a new motor and seriously checking out the 3 pointed star offerings. Anybody anything good or bad to say about the latest C-class Coupe? Other than there is no room in the back, of which I don't care.
  13. I just tried once, and it enabled DTC and limits DSC. I like DTC mode ... Even with very low tread tyres it seems to enhance grip in the bends and on full chat, without slowing me down or cutting power