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  1. Of course you do. In your E61.....
  2. As far as I remember, you will be extremely hard pushed to find fully electric seats in an E60. Most were semi-electric with full electric adjustment apart from the forward/rear motion which is manual.
  3. So your comparing a modded 530d with a standard 535d? The standard 535d still had moar powa. Compared to a 'like for like' ie modded vs modded and night and day diff. 530d struggles to push 290bhp. 535 can get 340+ with ease. Oh, and that small turbo means NO LAG (or very little)
  4. No it can't.
  5. 100% CCC failing.
  6. As blobby says, oil gets into the electronics of the unit and that can cause all sorts of weird and wonderful problems. As for the solution, sorry, I left mine as it was as I had no DPF to worry about and actually forgot about it until you just mentioned it. Wonder if the new owner sorted it?
  7. Throttle valve. Mine was a cunt for this. lol
  8. You live around the corner from the man who posted the guide to repair
  9. Aoyue (not the fake ones) are probably best cost/value trade off. Got my monies worth out of the first rework station.
  10. Top tip. Dont forget to put your heatshrink over one side first. Not talking from experience. Lol
  11. I would also link the bluetooth module to the battery. Mine was faulty and wouldnt turn off, resulting in it being on in its fucked state all the time the car was off. Not sure if DIS can detect that or not? Cant look anymore as dont have my 5er anymore.
  12. Point 2: You have settings in the iDrive under Climate .. I bet you have it set to RED and not BLUE
  13. B16's are fab if your roads are like a racetrack and you hoon everywhere. Otherwise, don't bother. Trust me.
  14. Just curious if anybody on here has ever looked into tracking their vehicle and what sort of money they would be looking to pay? I have a possibility of providing a service (Self Install), but want to see what its worth to people to do if that makes sense? Think of this as market research .. for which you will receive a big thanks
  15. Euro6 diesel cars are already cleaner than petrol equivalents on all levels except Nox, but the Nox is lower than a low thing being low.