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  1. Wabby

    E60 m5 brakes fit the 530d?

    Check your alloy sizes though as there is a minimum size to clear.
  2. Yes, they will melt if your car tries to draw 850A which will happen if the battery is completely flat and the outside temp is low (Glow Plugs, etc)
  3. The true test will be when my old one is due in November. I will keep an eye out on that one .... See if that passes as that smoked on acceleration.
  4. Wabby

    F30 330d Question...

    No such thing. Used car dealers are all the same. Full of shit
  5. Wabby

    Changed stat - now no hot air.

    Definitely an air lock.
  6. TBH EcoTune are FTW so you are in good hands with them
  7. Wabby

    E61 535D knock when under acceleration

    If it sounds like a squeeky bed inside that could be rose bushes.
  8. Wabby

    Dpf removal, and new mot rules...

    Wait and see what happens. All petrol cars have to have CATs on by law since like '93 ... yet there are loads without!
  9. Wabby

    Injector test - inpa - 530d

    Also, stick to BOSCH brand (I think) for the MAF if I remember correctly. Somebody else will be along to correct me if I am wrong.
  10. Wabby

    Injector test - inpa - 530d

    Reconnect the MAF and leave the EGR plugged off. If it still drives the same, then the MAF is OK. If it goes back to being shite, it would point to the MAF at fault. If the MAF is OK, you have a few options with the EGR: Take it off, clean the fuck out of it (and the inlet manifold as well as that will be the same) and then plug back in and continue to use the EGR Blank it off / Just plug it off with a golf tee or such, but then you will need somebody to map it out as it will throw the EML after a few starts and this will effect an MOT in the future (You could always plug back in for MOT etc... but a ball ache non the less)
  11. Wabby

    The old thermostat questions (again)

    Hopefully all works well
  12. Wabby

    Injector test - inpa - 530d

    Smooth running would be anything that can effect the smooth running I would imagine: Injectors Air/Fuel ratios (MAF etc) Maybe even the Throttle Valve/EGR I would try pulling the MAF, if that fails - Try pulling the EGR vacuum hose and plugging it with a golf tee or such like so you don't loose vacuum.
  13. Wabby

    The old thermostat questions (again)

    The BMW feed into the GBHE doesn't come from the radiator either mate - It comes from the EGR. I think you are on the money GoNz0 - Stick it as close to after the GBHE as you can and you should be good. I'm not good with imperial units and just realised how much bigger 1.25" is in comparison to the GBHE coolant pipes! Whoops. At least it pointed you in the right direction - I think the 80 will be fine TBH - It has to be better than constant open loop eh
  14. Wabby

    Injector test - inpa - 530d

    Cylinder 1 looked slightly out at the beginning of the shot. Try some Forte Injector Cleaner - I used it a few times and always put a full shot in with 10-15 quid of diesel and then drove it like I stole it. Sorted out a 'similar' issue I had .......
  15. Wabby

    The old thermostat questions (again)

    Yup, that stat should do the job and much much cheaper than the one I found from a quick search The drop on 8 or rise on 9 will both suffice for your running temps, and you are right, the drop on 8 will make the stat hit 80 faster - If you want the coolant to help heat the GBHE though its best after it (although will take longer to warm up and open). Both locations do the job, and I think that with the stat you have found there this might be a better solution for people with GBHE than simply sticking a biggie in the top hose. Hopefully solves your problem. I know what its like having a problem with one of these taking over your life ... I've been there twice. lol