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  1. oldtechnoman

    Realistic F10 long term ownership costs?

    Have a 2012 530d GT that has done 49000 miles, had the car 3years and have had no troubles at all apart from buying a couple of tyres car has rear view/surround and speed limit camera,s and all work no problems, best car i have ever owned, i pay the mondail warranty but thinking of canceling as i have £250 excess and the car has been so reliable, had an 520df11 for 2 years before this car and had no troubles.with that car.Tim.
  2. Went to start my slk280 yesterday after not using for about 3 weeks, just got one turn of starter,car is parked on driveway in front of house,had spare battery that i thought i could use jump leads on but found that was low as well, went to use Ring RCB320 on spare battery and charger has wrecked battery, Do i buy a replacement charger or buy one of these trickle chargers. borrowed my sons CTEK 0.8 last night and ran extension cable to side of car with ctek under car bonnet, car started first go this morning. Tim
  3. oldtechnoman

    filler polishes.

    thanks for replies, i am selling car as it is a convertible and was bought on a whim and find i am not using it enough to justify keeping over the winter, so just looking for something that will hide the marks that were hidden when i bought the car,thanks tim
  4. oldtechnoman

    filler polishes.

    Bought my car a couple of months ago and the black paint finish looked alright but now after a few months and a few polishes the paint is starting to show quite a few blemishes and marks, the seller must have used a filler polish to mask the marks, is there a good filler polish that any one can recommend to cover these marks,thanks tim.
  5. oldtechnoman

    What price for next service?

    according to the BMW value service guide a oil change and filter is about £260 but they have offered a half price mot. are the prices quoted on the BMW site inclusive of Vat it does not make it clear. i dont know why when they quote prices they dont always mention the VAT is extra. when i had a shop if i had quoted prices less VAT i would have had trading standards on my back.there service departments are not a trade service. tim
  6. oldtechnoman

    What price for next service?

    Just to update have just come back from Newhall Caldy. checked I Drive in car and have quoted this MOT £45.00 Labour £72.00 Oil 6.5 £64.95 Oil filter £17.58 Flush £11.00 Total with VAT £243.64 Asked about flush and about sucking oil out of dipstick and they said they recommend doing the flush I did mention about BMW value service price listed as £260(does that include vat) plus half price mot , they did not seem bothered. where would you go.tim.
  7. oldtechnoman

    What price for next service?

  8. oldtechnoman

    What price for next service?

    Thanks for all replies,i think the days of me doing jobs on the car are long since gone,have rebuilt engines and replaced clutches on ford cortiners in the past, just had phone call from Williams BMW today offering half price MOT so mentioned value service to them and they said would ring me back with price, would prefer to keep main dealer service history if i can if price is not to bad,thanks tim
  9. Have been running a 5series for the last 6years and up to now have never had to pay for a service,cars have always had a service contract or 12 months dealer warranty but the time has come to get my 2012 530dGT 48000 miles its first paid for service.the I Drive shows the following messages. Engine Oil 09/2018 next statutory vehicle inspection 09/2018 is this mot? Vehicle check 09/2020 front brake pads 60000 rear brake pads 90000 brake fluid 09/2019 What is main dealer likely to quote for what looks like just an oil change is it worth checking between 2 local dealers Halliwell Jones Chester and Williams Liverpool, or use local independent Newhall. West Kirby. i am presently paying for the BMW mondail warranty but thinking of cancelling as i have never made a claim or had a fault in 6 years of ownership. Is it worth asking about value servicing, does my car qualify for this. any suggestions please Tim
  10. oldtechnoman

    Spotted E39 M5 Parkgate

    just spotted a E39 M5 reg blue M5 the owners were just going into the Old Quay at the end of the road.was sat in my slk280.the car looked in very good nick with the M colours on the front grill.
  11. oldtechnoman

    just found leaks from front of car

    Andrew i think you are right in your fault finding, i think with this latest heatwave the air con has not had to contend with such a long spell of high temperatures , will just monitor it over the next few weeks.the car has not been getting used much latley as using the SLK280 quite a bit while the sun shines,thanks tim.
  12. oldtechnoman

    just found leaks from front of car

    Thanks for suggestion on my car the windscreen washer tank is on the other side of the car as my leak.tim
  13. oldtechnoman

    just found leaks from front of car

    Have just checked driveway and no leaks showing,have just checked car underneath and top where leaks where showing and all is bone dry, and air con seems to be working ok,will monitor things over the next few days and see what happens,and thanks for all help given,tim.
  14. oldtechnoman

    just found leaks from front of car

    Matthew thanks for info,the pipe seems to be rubber across front of car and comes from the drivers side with metal end as in first photo,the second photo shows where it crosses front of engine then goes down as a metal pipe to under the alltinator. its the pipe with the small black cap on it. with referance to my last post is this likely to be worth going main dealer £250 mondail access or try local bmw independent,tim
  15. oldtechnoman

    just found leaks from front of car

    thanks for reply it definitely seems to be a light oil deposit. i have know idea on these new diesels what pipes do what. i have the Mondail warranty on car with £250 access. what do i do go down the bmw main dealer route or local bmw independent. Does main dealer have inspection charge, can not see problem costing more than the £250 access i have.tim