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  1. oldtechnoman

    Help c/heating controler packed up.

    Thanks for all the replies, i had read that the salus rf units were not very good but when there is no heating at all over the weekend i had to do something.tim
  2. oldtechnoman

    Help c/heating controler packed up.

    Emergency over checked pcb in receiver unit and found 220uf 50v cap read o/c on my esr meter. replaced cap and all working ok now,tim
  3. I have a worcester greenstar 24i junior that is controlled by a Salus st620rf digital thermostat that i fitted a few years ago when the original rf thermostat failed. the hot water is working fine when tap is turned on. but the controller is not turning boiler on. the red and blue lights are not lit. question is there away of wiring receiver to turn boiler on. There does no seem to be any st620rf for sale now only the st620rfWBC that fits into the blanking plate in front of boiler, what is involved in fitting one of these.thanks tim
  4. oldtechnoman

    F07 buying advice

    i have the 2012 NBT sat nav and postcode entry is a doddle.tim
  5. oldtechnoman

    F07 buying advice

    i must admit mine has been very good, picks up the 50mph signs on motorway very quickly and picks all the local 20mph zones that have just been installed,i think the camera is just by rear view mirror.tim
  6. oldtechnoman

    F07 buying advice

    Having owed a 520d f11 for 2 years and have now had the 530d F07 for 3years the F07 is the best car i have ever had, the extra height of the seats make it a lot easier to get in and out off, i have the surround view on mine and use it all the time as when parking in car parks you can see the white parking bay lines, love the sunroof as it makes the car so light inside, the one extra i use all the time is the road speed indicator in the dash so i am always aware of the road speed.tim
  7. oldtechnoman

    F07 nearside airbag deflated,

    Collected car thursday morning and was glad to get into the comfort of the F07 again after using the 320d,tim
  8. my december 2012 530d GT F07 went in on monday for air cushion replacement( Mondail warranty job) and was told they would be doing Egr check, collected car thursday and told that egr check was ok but they would arrange car to have it changed in the new year when they have one in stock,tim
  9. oldtechnoman

    F07 nearside airbag deflated,

    Had phone call from Williams this morning and told that they were replacing nearside air cushion under warranty, they had to order one in this morning, asked about EGR recall and told car checked out ok, did 250m trip in 320d to midlands today and got 64mpg. tim
  10. oldtechnoman

    F07 nearside airbag deflated,

    Dropped car off at Williams service pall mall and found Enterpise car hire were waiting for me with 18reg 320d auto sat nav and padles, Williams BMW checked key reading and informed car was subject to EGR check and they would do that later today, if replacement required they had none in stock and would provide car hire until car could be done,told them i would prefer to keep my car until parts were in. they are going to see if rear suspension drops overnight. tim
  11. oldtechnoman

    F07 nearside airbag deflated,

    getting ready to take car in this morning, suspention has been down all weekend just took picture this morning, hope fault shows overnight in garage,tim
  12. oldtechnoman

    F07 nearside airbag deflated,

    Rang BMW emergency assist number this morning and gave them my details and suspected fault, confirmed that i was covered for repair to car, and was told someone would be out soon to inspect car, soon after phone call from BMW customer assist to say he would be out to me within 30mins, Bmw man arrived and tried to check car for codes but none showed up, said he would arrange for car to go into dealer so it could be left overnight and then check what problem was,next i got phone call from BMW assist and arranged for car to be booked in and told that Enterprise car rental would be in touch so they could have car waiting for me when i took mine in,so far very impressed with the service i have been given,a bit different from Halliwell jones. not to sure what happens if fault does not show when car is left overnight, have been told car rental is for 2 days.
  13. oldtechnoman

    F07 nearside airbag deflated,

    Until the car is inspected at a BMW garage i dont know if the Mondail warranty will cover the repair, H/J said they were very busy and the first date given was 31st of Dec, i was not very impressed with the attitude of H/J and after giving Mondail over £1800 of my money am not very happy, i could go to Williams in liverpool but am a bit stuck as it is out of the way.
  14. After just posting how my 2012 530d F07 49000 has been reliable over my 3 years of ownership. i came out today to find my nearside rear of car very low. started car and airbag was inflated so all ok?. I have the Mondail warranty so went to my local bmw dealer (Halliwell jones Chester) to see what they could do, and got it booked in for the 7 Jan 2019 and they would do a diagnosis check(no mention of cost) and let me no what is involved, i mentioned i had Mondail warranty and was told that if it was classed as wear and tear it would not be covered, i explained Mondail coverd wear and tear but they did not seemed convinced, should i be worried! I had rang Mondail before i went to halliwell jones and checked that it was ok i had my last oil change done at VAT registered garage and was told that should be ok, has any one had any trouble with Mondail being fussy about out of dealership service , am i right to be a bit worried.tim
  15. oldtechnoman

    Realistic F10 long term ownership costs?

    Have a 2012 530d GT that has done 49000 miles, had the car 3years and have had no troubles at all apart from buying a couple of tyres car has rear view/surround and speed limit camera,s and all work no problems, best car i have ever owned, i pay the mondail warranty but thinking of canceling as i have £250 excess and the car has been so reliable, had an 520df11 for 2 years before this car and had no troubles.with that car.Tim.