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  1. Simo_UK

    Engine noise under load

    Great info! Thanks @roundy really useful stuff
  2. Simo_UK

    Engine noise under load

    I think this is what mine is. No change in noise if I apply the accelerator with the brakes on (ie loading the gearbox). It's totally related to engine load when cold, usually 2k revs plus. Once warm, no issues at all. @roundy - assume your fault was only apparent while cold too, in which case how did they go about diagnosing the problem? Or is this a common issue? Oh and is there only one module? Thanks in advance
  3. Simo_UK

    Engine noise under load

    Thanks @Markn47 Called a couple of indies that I expected to say "oh that, yeah its the …." but nothing. Plus trying to get them to diagnose will be a right pain in the ****, they'd have to have it from cold, and only have about 10 mins to find the problem!
  4. Simo_UK

    Engine noise under load

    Hi @daniboy71 - Did you get this diagnosed/fixed? I have the exact same issue, happens about 50% of the time from a cold start and an unhealthy knocking noise, again only under load, until warm - then all good. Any ideas? I see lots of threads on something like this but no answers! Thanks in advance....
  5. Did you get a car Taxboy? The facelifts are starting to drop out of BMW, all come with Xenons as standard and most with the new Pro nav too. You can pick up a gem for around 27k!