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  1. Bigfella

    My E34 540i 6-speed manual.

    Looks sweet!
  2. Bigfella

    E39 Sapphire black parts wanted

    Thank you for looking mate
  3. Bigfella

    E39 Sapphire black parts wanted

    Hey guys, As the title says, I’m after a few sapphire black body panels if there are any floating about out there! Bonnet Bootlid Rear bumper Cash waiting! Thanks
  4. Hi mate, is the bumper still available? If so do you have a pic?
  5. Hi guys, after a few bits for my champagne edition one (sapphire black). If anyone has a rear bumper, bootlid, front bumper or bonnet, please do give me a shout. I don't mind age related marks, but I'm not after any parts with rust or damage. Many thanks.
  6. Hi mate did you decide to keep these in the end?
  7. Bigfella

    18" M Parallels

    thought that's where i'd seen the car! great condition
  8. Bigfella

    A bit of a change - My new M3.

    looks like a great example. miss my M3 so much. Owned it for 5 years before selling it a few months ago because I needed the mmoney for a new place. I had a vert with a hardtop (defo a worthy investment with our crappy weather), manual also with fbmwsh and it served me right all the way through! Hope you have fun during your ownership!
  9. Bigfella

    Longtime E46 M3 veteran now an E39 newbie!

    Thanks guys!
  10. Morning all, Just thought i'd introduce myself and say hi! I've recently purchased an 2002 E39 Champagne Edition, having just sold my E46 M3 after 5 years of ownership. Needed the extra cash for a new home and the extra space was also needed. We live in a family of BMW owners and I always fancied an E39. Didn't know much about these champagne edition's but it's fully loaded and it's a lot of car for the price i paid! It's at a local specialist today for a health check and a 4 wheel alignment job. I want to ensure its running as smooth as poss before i contemplate doing anything else. On the list i plan to have a full interior refurb carried out, replace the back box with a new stainless steel item, replace all component speakers with JL Audio items and 'consider' a coilover suspension set up. Will keep you posted and I look forward to learning more about the E39 via the forum and reading up on your expertise! I've attached some pics of the M3 and the E39 for your viewing!