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  1. Oilburner

    DIY Service

    I also agree the service history should not be related to corrosion of the paintwork, and as far as BMW own corrosion inspection I would certainly seriously challenge that, I think even any untrained person would be aware and can visibly see corrosion under the paint, I think their only get out of their corrosion warranty would likely be if there had been some previous damage to the bodywork since it left the showroom, but even that could be contested as some new cars are even damaged & repaired before they are sold, and the owner would never know unless it was obvious.
  2. Oilburner

    Hunter Wheel Alignment Check

    Thanks everyone yes I agree with the full alignment check I was already going to get the four wheel alignment done, unfortunately the two mentioned places are the north side of the M25 for me, and whilst I have a local Kwik Fit that has Hunter equipment I was not sure if all their operatives know our bmw's that well to set the equipment up correctly, I have read that some Kwik fit employees have allegedly setup the alignment equipment to even the wrong model & year of vehicle, obviously I have know way of knowing if it was true or not. No comments yet regarding my F11 rear tyre wear was nearly down to the legal limit at !3,892 miles when replaced, I was hoping to see some comparative results of other F11 owners rear tyre wear and mileage also were they Run Flats or Std Tubeless.tyres, make of tyre & size woiuld also be helpfull to get a fair comparison across the board, Thanks.
  3. Can anyone in the south east area recommend a good Hunter wheel alignment service, where the operator knows their stuff, I am aware of https://www.alignmycar.co.uk. but as those sites are independantly operated its still best to find one that does a proper good job, I think the dam pot holes may have knock the front alignment out, but want to get four wheel alignment check done also because the rear tyres which original bmw factory fitted Bridgstone run flats, were worn out at 13,892 miles which seemed low mileage for a new car, I wonder what sort of mileage other F11 owners are getting from their rear tyres, being my F11 520d is auto and not driven hard with tyre size 245/45 R18 Y, it would be of great help to know if this is normal wear for this vehicle. I have since changed the rear tyres last year to non run flats Michelin Primacy 245/45 R18 100 Y XL and car has now done a total of 18,200 miles, but unfortunetly I cant compare the difference in tyre wear as these were after about 1,200 miles later were tranferred to the front, and the existing run flats to the rear.
  4. Oilburner

    Drivng in France

    We was over there in June 2016 touring with a load of minis coopers and we did not have any breathalysers as it was no longer requirment, also no GB plate fitted to those that had the standard Euro plates with GB on already, out 12 vehicles in convoy no was stopped or got any fines, the only comments I would add be ultra carefull speeding keep to the limits, and dont forget any satnav in the car cannot have any speed camera warings on it, their speed cameras are not higly visible like ours, and in the past I have spotted a mobile speed trap in a village hidden in wheelie type bin, the only way I knew something was up, oncoming French car drivers were tapping their shoulder with their hand, I cautiously slowed down even more not sure what they were signaling but I soon relised two police officers were standing near a what looked like a large wheelie bin with a hole in the side on closer observation as I passed I could see a camera lens just inside and the bin had wires trailing back towards the two officers, It then dawned on me that the oncoming french drivers had their own unique way of warning other drivers by tapping to their own shoulders, whats on the police officers shoulders like white or shiny chevrons on each shoulder, which must have the same meaning as a thumb down warning over here, so hopefully any brits driving in France should ever see oncoming drivers doing similar signal keep well within the speed limit. What each vehicle did have the following :- First Aid Kit Warning Triangle Spare Bulb Kit Spare glasses (if wear them) GB sticker/plate on rear only those without GB Euro Plates High vis vest for each passenger in the car (not the boot) Driving licence/original insurance and V5 docs Beam deflectors (If necessary)
  5. I recently purchased the Worx WG518e Air Turbine Leaf Blower, this was ordered after much researching ways to dry our two cars quickly after washing & rinsing especially in full hot sun as I live in a hard water area, I did not want to go down the root of fitting a costly cartridge system to my outside tap for rinsing after washing, so I took the advice from a professional detailer that operates in Texas USA, and being Texas is a lot hotter than the UK, I chose the Worx european version turbine blower after checking the spec was the same as USA version, which I purchased from Amazon the WORX WG518E Air Turbine Corded Leaf Blower, unfortunetly the price has just gone back up to £49 since my purchase price of £39 delivered, but even that price higher price I can thoroughly recommend it, the CFM that blows out of the plastic nozzle is just insain, it has variable speed settings and on the highest it pushes your arms back, on my F11 it easily blows dry the whole car in a few minutes starting at the roof then all glass, then bonnet, sides, grille, wheels & tyres, and because you are not operating this blower with the air intake close to the ground there is no fear of grit or debri being blasted at the paintwork at high speed, what makes this different to all other blowers is the high CFM (cubic feet per minute of air) it pushes out I cant even imagine even purpose made expensive car blowers push that much volume of air out, especially after seeing how they perform on youtube channel, and as a double bonus since I have clay bared our cars and applied Fusso wax/sealant it is even better than before waxing which I did not think was possible, because the blower had already done a excellent job of drying with no water spot marking, I just wish I had gone down this route years ago especially if that same specced model has been out for a while, any would be purchaser of this blower will not be disappointed.
  6. Oilburner

    DIY Service

    I second what Andrew says above servicing the only thing my own servicing differs due to my low mileage each year, is check cabin filters and change as and when required, and the diesel filter every 34,000 miles, I did just changed my air filter at 18,200 miles but it was not really needed it was still very clean, same as cabin filters, but oil & filter in a diesel engine for me is 10,000miles, and personaly I only use Castrol edge 0W 30 and Mahle filters which is what was in the car new, please note as a example if you buy a genuine BMW oil filter which is in a BMW carboard box, the contents is exactly the same as Mahle filter, because at the BMW factory they use either Mahle or Mann filters anyway they do not manufacture their own filters but are supplied by the two mentioned suppliers and packaged for them in a BMW carboard box, and also Mini is the same as you would expect.
  7. Oilburner

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Self completed main service with castrol edge 0w 30 oil filter, air filter, cabin micro filter, brake fluid change, then completed a vehicle check as per list used by main BMW dealers also added a few more of my own items to check, then new MOT ahead of time and passed with no advisory's, the only thing left outstanding is the diesel fuel filter which is not needed for at least another 10k, what I have done regarding service history I purchased from ebay a suitable service book and a BMW self service rubber inking stamp, sign and record date and mileage, and keep all invoice receipts, these show I only used genuine Mahle filters, at the moment the jury is still out regarding changing coolant because it has not done the average mileage for a four year old vehicle more like less than two years mileage. After thorough wash and dry with my new Worx WG518e Air Turbine leaf blower dedicated to just car drying, even in hot bright sun it left no water limescale marks at all best £39 I have ever spent, shame price has just gone back to £49 now, I then went over the paintwork with some clay bar, another wash & dry then finally applied some Fusso wax/sealant with great effect, the rinsing water from washing car now blows of even easier not that its needed too, I can thoroughly recomend the Worx WG518e air turbine leaf blower the CFM that comes out the plastic nozzle is incredilble, it was far better than I even hoped for as I live in a hard water area, and this is now a godsend at drying the car quickly without leaving water limescale marks.
  8. Oilburner

    Wheel Balancing

    I used Formula one Autocentre they have branches all over the place, when I changed from run flats to standard Michelin primacy tyres, they were very cheap on tyres the balancing was done at same time with no problems at all at any speed, for anyone wanting wheel aligment check which branches use the Hunter System because not alll do at the moment.
  9. Oilburner

    Castrol Edge cheap in Tesco

    Any idea why he thinks 5W30 is "better"? Matthew - All he did say was its better for the engine but I also believe thats what BMW main dealers use that when sevicing, because when my wifes mini cooper d was serviced under the TLC servicing by a BMW Main Dealer and not by the Mini service department, and because they seriously cocked up by under filling the engine oil, and because I mistrust all garages when I got home with the car which was only about 9 miles or so, I thought I will check the oil level as the car was heading to France the very next morning, good job I did it was below the minimum mark, as it was to late to phone them regarding this issue I just added a little over 1 litre of my Castrol Edge 0W 30 which i had, and thought when we return I will contact them on our return home I had forgot to contact BMW garage regarding low oil level, but a day later I had another surprise whilst checking the tyre wear and genarly looking over things I noticed that the plastic sump guard / plate was miising underneath, I immediately contacted BMW dealership regarding low oil level & the missing plate, they first gave me the story that their oil is dispensed by a machine and would not give the wrong amount, and the missing sump plate was not there to start with, all of this was a total lie and cover up, luckily our mini and lots of others minis had been invited to a opening of brand new main BMW/ Mini dealership opening with a barbeque laid on, and whilst there they gave all owners the opportunity to give their minis a free inspection on their new ramps also a written report, luckily I asked If I could take some photos of our mini whilst up on the ramp which probaly would not be allowed due to safety, on looking at these photos I had which clearly showed the sump plate on the car, after emailing the manager with photographic proof they then conceded they had made a mistake with the oil level and also a the plastic sump plate was found laying by the technicians bench, they come and picked up the car to refit the plate and when the driver returned he gave me a BMW carrier bag with 2 litres of genuine BMW Oil with guess what 5w 30, so I guess thats the oil they use, but needless to say I would not use that BMW dealership again, luckily they had only done the very first oil change on our F11, and since then all servicing I carry out myself. Sorry I know this has gone partly off topic but this could be a warning for others to check the dealers standard of work, I was lucky I spotted the oil level was to low before a long touring trip to France.
  10. Oilburner

    Castrol Edge cheap in Tesco

    Last week a Asda store was selling the same grade as the one mentioned above cheap, I nearly purchased it untill I saw the grade of the oil, perhaps castrol has a lot of that grade they want to knock out cheap, my F11 I have always used Castrol Edge 0w 30 but I was told by a Independant BMW garage owner 5W 30 is better.I dont know if other owners F10/F11 have heard the same.
  11. Oilburner

    Tyre temperatrures

    My F11 had that the tyre temperature feature as standard, and from new there can be a difference in temperature from near side tyres to off side tyres, and it is always the same side off the top of my head I cant remember what side runs hotter but will look next time, also tyre pressure can slightly alter by 1 bar from one side, but after a long trip all the temperatures and pressures are the same on each axle, and mine has always been like that so I dont expect there is any problem with this variable temps & pressures.
  12. Oilburner

    'Normal' air suspension failure symptoms

    What sort of age & mileage is the F11 air bags failing the reason I’m asking since this fault had been reported, I have religiously been jacking the rear up to unroll the rubber and cleaning the exposed rubber and the white plastic strut, then spraying a rubber/plastic preserver on the treated part, what I have noticed during the cleaning which I have been doing twice yearly from new, is the white plastic/ nylon strut when exposed has a lot of imbedded material what looks like finely crushed sand particles, which is difficult to remove from the plastic/nylon strut, although the rubber air bag comes clean fairly easy, hopefully those F11 owners that have had air bag failure will leave comments regarding the age and mileage of vehicle when the failure occured and also n/s or off/s or both, thanks in advance.
  13. Oilburner

    Servicing Question

    Apart from the very first service which was carried by BMW which they recorded on the idrive, since then I just keep all my receipts for my service sundries etc and record the mileage and date when I carried the service work, my own slight problem very often the receipts wont be just for the our 520d they sometime include service parts for our mini cooper d 1.6 which use the same, ie oil & filter, LV brake fluid etc, for me its just cheaper to purchase some service sundries together for both cars at the same time.
  14. Oilburner

    DPF Regeneration 530d GT

    Same here I have also never been aware of any regen taking place on the 520d or our mini cooper d 1.6, but if I connect the Foxwell NT510 scanner or my laptop you can see data that states a regen has taken place for example 250 - 300 miles ago, best way to keep the dpf as clean as possible once engine is up to running temp, hold vehicle in a lower gear and drive for 8 -12 minutes at higher revs i personally hold the revs just shy of red maximum revs, especially if I have done a lot stop start in heavy traffic conditions, and both our cars present cars also previous our diesels has never had a force dpf regeneration, so my conclusion it must be keeping the dpf cleaner than would be otherwise.
  15. Oilburner

    F10 520d Exhaust fumes in cabin

    Look forward to reading your write up on the replacement EGR cooler, do you know if new replacement EGR cooler now been modified to prevent the cracking in future !