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  1. Oilburner

    DPF Regen question

    I must admit that I have never known any difference in sound or performance or fuell consumption when my F11 is doing a DPF regeneration, the ony time I know a DPF regen has occurred if I connect my Foxwell scanner to the OBD2 port, and get the scanner to read the last time a regen took place which states how many miles ago this happened.
  2. Oilburner

    F10 530D Diagnostic tool?

    I have the Foxwell NT510 BMW/Mini/Rolls Royce scanner and found it very good it paid for itself on first use in anger, which was on my wife’s mini cooper d 1.6 it identified two faulty glow plugs, and faulty control unit, the only problem I have noticed sometimes it does not automatically read the vin number on the mini, and you have to input the number in manually, but strangely it reads my F11 vin number automatically every time, for the first 1 ½ years you get free updates for any newer model BMW/Mini’s also it updates added new features across the range, after 1 ½ years has expired the scanner still works the same but will no longer received updates for newer models etc, but you can pay £60 to receive further updates, you are also able to purchase for £60 downloadable access to different makes of vehicle ie Ford, or Vauxhall, etc, which makes this a cost effective scanner for those with different makes of vehicle in the family.
  3. And my own vehicle is now being recalled, I have been checking quite often since this fault was first reported but my chassis number was out side of the recall, so I guess BMW are doing them in batches or their is more vehicles with this defect ! Check if BMW 520 . has outstanding recalls Outstanding recall found There's an outstanding manufacturer's safety recall on BMW 520 . The vehicle has been recalled since at least 21 December 2018. Contact a BMW dealership to arrange for repairs.
  4. Oilburner

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Borescope just been delivered just before it got dark I took a couple of images of the bonnet drain area, I did find due to a very limited access which makes it difficult to move the camera round much, I think the image I was looking at is the edge of the drain maybe someone that’s investigated further could confirm, the drain area appears to be clear from what I can see. Also I was hoping the camera would pass through the plastic mesh grating of the two central drain points that goes down to the yellow grommet area, which would mean a quick periodic check for debris build up, which would avoid removing the acoustic plate unnecessary, but due to the waterproof lens cap which screws on the end of the lens to make it waterproof, it’s too tight and will not pass through the mesh, which leaves me with four possible options. 1, Remove the waterproof lens cap it may then just go through, but should the camera ever be dipped into any water that may accumulate there, it would possible ruin the camera. 2, Remove the plastic cover which has the mesh grating built in, then just poke the camera down with the waterproof lens cap fitted down through the drain until it reaches the yellow grommet area. 3, Slightly enlarge one of the mesh openings on both drain points, to allow camera down with waterproof lens cap fitted. 4, Forget about using the camera down the two drains to access the yellow grommet area, and just poke up with getting sore arms whilst removing the acoustic plate periodically to check for debris.
  5. Oilburner

    Updating Nav Software and get...

    I am assuming you formatted the usb memory stick to FAT32 before copying update to the memory stick, I just the other day updated my own with a usb memory stick in the armrest, to BMW Road Map Europe NEXT 2019.1. The update on my memory stick looked like this photo, and had a file size of 32.9GB.
  6. I have to agree as this is my first BMW and I will probally not be getting another, although this is not just BMW its been all German cars I've owned over the past 20 years they have all had problems regarding water, suspension, and engine, and the problems have mostly been caused by a poor product design, which should have been rectified before going into production or at least soon after, you should not expect any of these sorts of problems especially from a higher end car manufacturer.
  7. Oilburner

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I've managed to free up the bonnet drains either side by carefully aiming a jet of water at different angles towards the drain area, and from what I can see all the debris has now gone out of the drain flap, I have since poured a two gallon watering can full straight down each side and the water went sraight out off the drain so I think its now clear of debris, but because acces is so limited and to make sure all the debis is gone and to check in the future the yellow grommet area is still clean, I have ordered a endoscope / boroscope from amazon £35.99 this one seemed to get good reviews it has a semi rigid cable so should be able to hold its position, its also features a HD camera and works of Apple, Android, or Windows, it has a tube of 10 metres whilst that length is not required on the car it may prove usefull elsewhere around the home household drains etc, and its claimed to be waterproof to IP68 rating, I should have it by the weekend and will let everyone know how this one performs or not!
  8. Oilburner

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Because I need to use the car tomorrow I quickly put the accoustic plate back on and like others I just could not get the top bolt to start, although I did manage to get the plate in without any trouble I found once I pushed the plastic location peg on the plate into the insert hole it all lined up, I left all the bolts loose to get the top bolt in but still would not start on the thread, and I give up or my left arm decided to after being rubbed sore will have another go in the week maybe put the top bolt in first if I can then the other three bolts afterwards. I was alrerady thinking about a endoscope camera for future checking the drains for blockages, which would be a lot quicker checking than removing the plate especially if the drains are still clear, I know my sore arms would appreciate this as well. What was the verdict on those that have already purchased a endoscope camera did they purchase a cheap usb to phone ones and are they any good, or have you got to spend say £100 or more for one that actually claims work in total darkness, there does not appear to be any reviews or video's actually showing images inside of pipework etc, I did see one company that was demonstrating one working in a completely blackout cupboard but this was one of the more expensive ones, I just dont want to go the cheap route if they are a waste of money if they are not good enough images for our purpose of checking the drains for blockages, would appreciate any feedback others users may have on endoscopes.
  9. Oilburner

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I should have been continuing sorting the water drainage out but due to the weather, I just started updating the maps to 2019.1
  10. Oilburner

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Thanks for your reply thats really helpfull not had any chance to today to further investigate due to the bad weather, it also confirms as I thought the silting up problem is not just behind the accoustic plate, whilst both sides are draining the water, they should drain faster, some of the trapped silt and debris is going into the drain under the N/S bonnet hinge drainage. BMW should compensate every owner for this very poor water drainage system they have designed, it looks like they designed with a hope and prayer it would work and it's clearly not fit for purpose, my F11 has only just turned over to 20k yesterday and during that time it's never been parked under any trees, hence it was just silt in behind the accoustic plate.
  11. Oilburner

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Today I cleaned around the yellow grommet with some isopropyl alcohol to get a clean as possible surface ready for some silicone sealant, which proved a bind to do because you cant get your rubber gloved finger with silicone on it at the right angle to spread it properly, but as the yellow grommet did not let any water inside before this was just added insurance, I then got several 2 gallon water cans filled with hot soapy water and poured the contents down all the drains including both bonnet hinges, this was done with the acoustic cover still off, I noticed whilst pouring loads of crud & debris came out just above the yellow grommet, also looking down on both bonnet hinge drains I can still see a bit of muck still in the bottom, although both of hinge drains now empty quickly with a water hose running in from the top, before I finally putting everything back together again I 'm going to try get a bit more of the muck out of the bottom by putting more hot soapy water down there and let it stay in contact with the muck longer before flushing out with the hose. Question for someone It looks like the hinge drain outlet goes through into the rear of the wheel arch trim panel if so does anyone know if it’s just a straight outlet or has a rubber ducks bill flap on the end, the reason I ask the ducks bill rubber flap are known to give problems the slightest bit of debris getting trapped in the rubber flap will lead to eventual blockage.
  12. Oilburner

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    On looking at the acoustic plate later on this evening, I think it was still located on that plastic protruding peg which is just visible in the picture on the left hand side of the plate, as its outside of the plate seal with no load bearing it should glue up ok, I did also notice some water laying down below the n/s bonnet hinge so weather permitting tomorrow I'll investigate some more, but my that yellow grommet and acoustic plate is just plain nuts where the water drains down to then out through the drain hole, from what I could see the actual metal body pressing in that part looks lower than the actual drain hole, thus causing silt and debris to build their first up and then eventually gradually blocking the drain hole, once I have checked all the drain holes are clear, and the acoustic plate replaced without any modification, I use a running water hose down from the top at the two rain catchment and will check if water is clearing from the behind the plate and clearing from the hinge areas, if this works as I expect, then every time I wash the car I will pop the bonnet and place the water hose down those two catchment drains this should stop any future build-up of silt & debris, hopefully then I will not have to remove that acoustic plate again. Years ago I had a similar problem with a Volkswagen Passat which had water getting inside the car after heavy rain through a blocked drain, which cost me £1700 due to ruining the main CPU, which was situated in the floor pan so all the electrics was under several inches of water, along with carpets & car alarm system, and yet again this was caused by another stupid German ill fault out water drainage, and like our BMW's it was not just the Passat it covered several different models, the rain water built up in the Passat cause solely caused by a stupid rubber ducks bill type drain they had fitted consequently the slightest bit of debris block the drain, my solution after the repair was to remove this rubber ducks bill drain which left a larger drain hole, and thereafter periodically I put a running water hose down the screen to make sure the drain stayed clear of debris.
  13. Oilburner

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Finally got round to checking the yellow grommet whilst I was lucky no water had got pass the grommet, but in removing the plate I cracked the corner off, the cracked part is outside of the seal so will attempt to glue it back, it was unfortunate this happened because all four torx screws had been removed prior but plate was stuck fast and giving it a tug by hand , it may have cracked because it was freezing outside today, I washed all the crud of the insulation plate and around the yellow grommet area, but did not refit the plate today its too just to cold and run out of daylight, also I want to try and glue the plate together again and seal around the grommet with some silicone or mastic. Out of interest I checked out the cost of the insulation plate £47.78 plus delivery. https://www.bmwautoparts.net/en/catalog/part/51717211899/0/noise-insulation-firewall-lower-left If you scroll down on the link provided you will see this part number plate fits loads of different BMW's.