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  1. Oilburner

    Hunter Wheel Alignment Check

    Update after I had exprienced a raised pressure on the n/s front tyre & temperature difference the vehicle has not had anything done to it yet, but noted during its long run today, the same tyre indicated the correct pressure as the opposite front tyre and temperature was the same as well, I can only assume the pressure / temperature sensor on that n/s front wheel had incorrectly read the pressure & temperature wrong, because it is defiantly alright now showing correct pressure and temperature.
  2. You say its working fine now but you are not going to know 100% sure, not untill you next get a punture and that was my point, I thought our mini cooper should have worked after getting a large bolt in the tyre tread, which was smack bang in the middle groove and was leaking air out but it did not operate.
  3. Oilburner

    poor fuel economy

    gambit - I had already assumed it was a auto just move the auto shift to the left and select the appropriate gear, my advice is more important especially with a auto box because the engine is kept at low RPM most of the time, I try would the no cost option first, drive the car in manual shift to keep revs constant about 2500 RPM for about 10 - 15 minutes, reset the fuel consumption via the i drive then select shift back to drive, drive normally for a few miles if you don’t see a improvement in the fuel consumption, you can still use a fuel additive to clean the DPF. Did not mention before but my 520d does not like Tesco diesel there is always a drop in fuel consumption by 2--3 mpg, but all the other regular grades are fine including Asda Sainsbury's, and about every 3rd or 4th tank of diesel I use the Shell V power whether it does any good at cleaning the internals or not I cant say! I certainly dont notice any difference in performance or fuel consumption using it.
  4. Oilburner

    Runflats questions - sorry!

    Dakota - To be honest I did not see that much improvement in ride quality, noise is slightly lower and fuel consumption saw slight improvement, but at the moment I may not be seeing the full benefit because two tyres are still runflats. I forgot to mention before but the tyre compressor I chose was a Tire Tec RX1 which had the least of any compressor complaints in their reviews, and tyre sealant was Slime to-date I have never used the sealant, but have used compressor several times on both vehicles, this is a great alround compressor you can preset the pressure required, when I checked the preset pressure against a known accurate gauge it showed a constant half pound psi out from memory was under inflation but you can allow for this, just go 1 psi higher and drop it back a tad, I also purchased the Tire Tec Pro tyre gauge which has a pressure release valve making easy to adjust pressure spot on.
  5. Oilburner

    poor fuel economy

    As a matter of routine especially if recent journeys have been in heavy stop start and slow traffic, or periodically observe the fuel consumption when it starts significantly dropping I select manual using a lower gear to keep revs high generally around 2500-3000 rpm, I set the cruise control to hold it at those revs for 10 -15 minutes, after driving for 10 -15 minutes then reset the fuel consumption, select drive and drive normally you should then see a marked difference in fuel consumption, I also do the same to our Mini Cooper 1.6d, and in doing this periodically I have never seen the DPF light come on so it must be keeping the Diesel Particulate Filter free from excessive soot build up, which indirectly relates to better achievable fuel consumption. Currently my F11 520d has achieved 51.7mpg which was a mixture of 90% motorway driving average speed of 70mph ish, and 10% heavy stop start traffic average speed 0 - 40mph. The lowest fuel consumption I have observed is 44mpg driving in London and after that it needed a good blast out to get fuel consumption back to a more normal figure for mixed driving 47.2mpg. Because your mpg is so low you may have other issues as well, also as I believe your F10 520d year suffered timing chain issues so I would be carefull not to overev it, others on this forum will have better knowledge & advice regarding that issue than me, from what I have been told my own 2014 F11 520d timing chain issue has been resolved!
  6. Oilburner

    F10 door corrosion

    After reading lot's of owners reporting rust on the doors, I have thorougly checked my own vehicle, and not just checking the doors but all over the bodywork, and did not find any evidence of any rust anywhere, my previous car a Honda Accord Tourer 8th generation, had rust around the sun roof frame this was at two years old, and Honda UK tried to keep it quiet, only settling those that made the most noise & threats, I came into that catergory I'm pleased to say they replaced the complete sun roof FOC, but a lot of owners did not fair the same treatment and Honda was clearly trying to get out of paying up and doing the right thing, and as far as I know some Honda owners are still suffering now. How I dealt with this myself I contacted the main dealer by going there in person with the car, was originally told this was the first vehicle to have been reported with rust, but I was already pre- armed with loads of printed pages taken from the Honda Forum site, which clearly showed I was one of many owners with the same problem, the dealership said he would take some photo's which incidently was a crappy phone camera which did not produce clear pictures showing the extent of the rust, and would forward my complaint on to Honda UK to see if they were prepared to do anything, as soon as he said that I seriously threatened court action against the dealership and Honda UK, if this matter was not put right and completely FOC, I was then told they should here back from Honda UK after 14 days or so, and the dealer would contact me, but as soon as I got home I grabbed my canon 35mm camera took some good close up photo's of the rusting sun roof from all different angles, then downloaded then to a photo upload site, then sent them directly to Honda UK myself with a not so nice letter to boot, and within less than 5 days I had a call from the dealer say Honda UK had agreed to replace the sunroof FOC, but I never ever got a apology letter back from Honda UK, they were obviously trying hard to keep the lid on the rust problem.
  7. Oilburner

    Hunter Wheel Alignment Check

    I'll try that it makes sense and nothing to lose trying I know some TPMS can be very finnicky.
  8. Oilburner

    Runflats questions - sorry!

    I did exactly what you are proposing to do, first I notified the insurance company that I was replacing the rear run flats to Michelin primacy non runflats and the size of the tyres were staying the same and the speed rating was changing from Y96 to Y100, all they asked was I increasing the performance of the car, easy answer was no just purely changing the rear run flats to non run flats. I did initialy change just the worn rear Bridgestone run flats to the new Michelin non run flats, but after about 1000 miles i swapped them to the front axle, and move the stil good Bridgestone run flats to the rear, the reason I finally decided that was the bridgestone run flats would wear out quicker on the back as the others did, which meant I would that much sooner on all four tyres non run flats. I purchased a small 12 volt compressor and some tyre sealant that can be washed out of the tyre with water should it be used for a temporally puncture repair, you should be aware that a lot of the tyre repairers refuse to do a repair on tyres that have had tyre sealant put in as most of the sealant used can not be washed out, so they just want you to purchase another new tyre, they state they cannot do a effective permanent repair. I did reset the tyre pressure warning system after they were change over, as I have not had a punture yet I can only asume the sytem still works as intended. And yes you could also join a breakdown cover that covers puntures etc,
  9. Does not inspire much confidence in a low pressure tyre warning system that fails to work as expected.
  10. Thats interesting you say the tyre pressure warning failed on you, are you saying it did not warn you at all because my wife had the same experience on our mini cooper, and I blamed her for not seeing or hearing the warning but she was adamant it did not operate also, I have since checked the tyre pressure warning system by deliberately loosen the tyre valve to slowy leak air out to simulate a punture whilst driving slowly on a private road, and I found the tyre pressure warning did not operate and that was after losing 60% of the correct air pressure, I stopped at that as I did not want to damage another tyre, so I wonder if these tyre pressure warnings are any good at all, I have had the mini connected to the laptop and shows no faults, I have even plugged into the Foxwell NT510 scanner stil the same no faults, and all the research I have done since seems to indicate that other drivers have had trouble with the tyre pressure warning being triggered without a punture and warning stays on.
  11. Oilburner

    Hunter Wheel Alignment Check

    The only thing I was checking was approx tyre temperature between both front tyres whilst still hot, I had already checked all tyre pressures with a accurate pressure gauge when tyres were cold at start of my long journey, and I saw no point in checking pressure with my guage on my return whilst tyres were still hot, and as I already stated I check the pressure next morning when tyres were cold and my pressure gauge confimed the n/s pressure was 2.1 bar which is correct, so I think more than likely the tyre sensor on the n/s front is playing up.
  12. Oilburner

    Brake disc temp

    As others have said the fronts have cooling ducts and not on the rear disc, but if you are concerned about the rears being hotter, to rule out the possibility of even a slight binding of the rear pads or the electric parking brake not going fully off, you could park on level ground then chock the opposite wheels first select N, then release electric parking brake, then jack up just the rear one side and rotate the wheel checking for any slight rubbing noise, then repeat for the opposite side, personally I dont think you will find that is the problem it would be unusal for both sides to be slightly binding, and as you say the higher temperature its on both rear wheels unless it is the electronic parking brake not releasing completely off.
  13. Oilburner

    Hunter Wheel Alignment Check

    Michelin Primacy non run flat front tyres are in excellent condition only done about 3,400 miles, and yes I agree its strange with such a large pressure increase, after the long run i also checked both front tyre temperatures just using the palm of my hand across the tread width but could not detect any significance difference from near side to off side temperature, I would have thought the tyre would have to heat up a lot more than 1c to increase the pressure that much, I'm beginning to think it was just a coincidence this occured after alignment tracking, its possible the front n/s tyre sensor is playing up !
  14. Oilburner

    Brake disc temp

    Andrew I assume you have checked to see if there is no slight binding of the rear brakes pads, and the electric parking brake is releasing properly.
  15. Oilburner

    Hunter Wheel Alignment Check

    Thanks for everyones input regarding alignment, I took the car on a 250 mile journey along the M25 and M20 yesterday my observations it was steering in a straight line, and it did not suffer from any tramlining, not that it did before the alignment was carried out, the only thing I did notice the front near side tyre was running one degree hotter than the off side front tyre, and was showing 1 bar higher pressure than off side front tyre although both front tyre pressure were the same at start of journey. I have noticed before that the front n/s tyre sensor sometimes showed 1 degree hotter than the opposite side front tyre, but after 1-2 miles it drops back to the same temperature as the opposite front tyre, but since having the alignment done, the n/s front tyre runs 1 degree hotter all the time now, and possibly this extra heat is causing the tyre pressure to increased by 1 bar, two weeks ago I had checked and adjusted all tyres pressure prior to MOT and reset the tyre pressure warning, and prior to the alingment being carried I rechecked all tyre pressures cold and they were still the same as a fortnight ago so did not reset the tyre pressure warning again, I checked both front tyre this morning when cold the n/s front had dropped back to the correct pressure, so is this an strange coincidence after having tracking done or the sensor now playing up !