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  1. When my condenser was replaced the dealer initially stated it was stone damage the standard get out clause!, but when I showed them a print out from other owners vehicles suffering the same problem, they had to admit the aluminium casting was found to be porous due to a manufacturing defect.
  2. Oilburner

    A tale of woe about my F10's tail

    Andrew sorry to hear about your shunt up the back, and hopefully your back pain settles down, after reading what you have said about the towbar helped to save your car more damage, that is exactly what I found when our previous car a 8th gen Honda accord tourer was involved in a incident, when a Toyota Rav drove straight in the back at approx. 45mph without even braking, our vehicle was also stationary waiting to pass a parked vehicle, whilst our towbar was a removable one I always left it in place the impact bent the towbar upwards, complete tow was replaced also rear bumper and bottom half of tailgate was replaced, luckily the plastic panels came pre painted from Honda so paint match was spot on, the cost of repair was £3,000 this was about 7 years ago, my wife who was driving at the time suffered whiplash injury to her neck thankfully after 3-4 months no permanent injury. I believe towbar saved our car from extensive damage which incidentally wrote the Toyota Rav off, when I was called from work to go to the accident I was amazed how little the damage was to our car, compared to the other vehicle, the only slight possible negative may be my wife’s whiplash injury, but police and ambulance crew said at the time of impact the injury was more severe because she had her head and neck twisted the right trying to get a clear view to overtake the parked UPS delivery van, which was due to the constant oncoming traffic flow coming towards he.
  3. You could check to make sure no grit or moisture / water had gained access via the split, if no contaminants found clean around the cut area with some isopropyl alcohol allow it to evaporate, then apply a small amount of industrial super glue and push the cut together until set, then just keep a close check on the repair or until you can conveniently replace the rubber seal. Many many years ago I done this to a front cv drive shaft rubber gator as a temporary repair, but it ended up a permanent repair for another seven years until I sold the car, bearing in mind that a cv drive shaft gator split is a lot more difficult to clean because of the cv joint moly grease inside the rubber gator, which cannot be contaminated with any isopropyl during the cleaning stage, I just used a cotton bud with isopropyl to clean around the spit edge then applied some super glue, as a cv gator is under far more stress than a brake caliper dust seal this remedy should easy work on your rubber dust seal, even if you only treat as a temporary repair.
  4. Oilburner

    Servicing Question

    If you are referring to a just a vehicle check which is what mine also displayed I've copied the info taken from BMW and pasted below. BMW Vehicle Check:- Standard scope of service Check Control messages Check Warning lamps Check Engine oil level, Spark Plugs/Glow Plugs Check Brakes, Rotors, Handbrake, Brake fluid Service - vehicle check Diagnostic brief test Check horn, headlight flashers and hazard warning system Check instrument and indication field lighting and heater blower Check lighting system Seat belts: check condition of belt strap, function of inertia reel mechanism, locking reel and belt buckle Check windscreen wash/wipe system Body: Check for corrosion (except cavities) Tyres: Check tread depth, pattern, external condition and inflation pressure and correct if necessary (compact wheel as well) Initialize Run Flat Indicator Check battery (magic eye), if necessary recharge battery (issuing a separate invoice for this work) - Check display (magic eye) - If necessary: Charge battery Steering fluid reservoir: Check fluid level. Check coolant level and concentration, top up if necessary Windscreen washer system: Check fluid level, top up if necessary Brake lines and connections: Check for leaks, damage and correct position Underbody incl. all visible components: check for damage, leaks, corrosion Steering components: check for zero clearance, leaks, damage and wear Check roadworthiness (test drive): - Brakes - Steering - Shock absorbers - Transmission Reset CBS display according to factory specification
  5. Oilburner

    Servicing Question

    My F11 520d also said vehicle inspection/check even though no service items were due, I also only do low mileage and when I checked online its purely just a inspection same as our mini, I think most manufacturers do the same its easy money for them just checking, I came across the list of items they inspect / check. When I took over servicing my car after the first oil change carried out by BMW dealership, due to my low mileage my plan is engine oil & filter every 2 years which for me equates 9,000 miles, whilst I did changed the air filter during the service it did not require doing with just 18,000 miles it was still very clean it would have easily done year, brake fluid change every 2 years irrespective of miles, cabin filters were also still clean at 18,000 miles but I did replace them just because time involved checking them, the diesel filter will get changed next year when its done approx. 22,500 miles, apart from a yearly thorough check over prior the mot, and periodic checks during the year that’s it.
  6. Oilburner

    First world F10-series problems

    Air con condensers. F11 Rear Air Suspension. Cruise Control wrong side of steeing wheel or failing that mini must be on the wrong side, I would have thought as mini is owned by BMW they could be on the same side.as we have both marques its frustrating. F11 heavy on rear tyre wear (Original RunFlats) Lumber support seat not Standard. Rear view camera not standard. The yellow grommet problem (on the list to be checked)
  7. You could always put a shout out if anyone is local to you thats willing help code the new battery for you, with a Foxwell NT510 multi scanner or simular.
  8. Oilburner


    Typically BMW are waiting for the warranty to run out before it fails, then its down to you at your cost !
  9. Oilburner

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I agree glow plugs and control unit are not that expensive.
  10. Oilburner

    F10 new ownership thoughts

    The only time it does save a little fuel is sitting a sitting at traffic lights that have a long sequence between changes, also at some railway crossings. I originaly was going to coded it out but decided to leave it as I mostly I do not do a lot of short journeys which causes the stop start to operated, and the odd times it does stop under conditions I already mentioned It starts and takes up very smooth being a auto box, my wifes mini cooper with a manual gear box and stop start feature I find defiantly not so good that wants stop / start all the time, so you end up pressing the button to disable it.
  11. Oilburner

    Runflats questions - sorry!

    Currently Michelin Primacy 3 * 100Y XL MO 245/45/R18 Y is £34.90 cheaper than Michelin Primacy 3 ZP * MOE 100Y XL Runflats, this price was from Formula One Autocentres, both BMW recommended tyres.
  12. Oilburner

    Hunter Wheel Alignment Check

    Update after I had exprienced a raised pressure on the n/s front tyre & temperature difference the vehicle has not had anything done to it yet, but noted during its long run today, the same tyre indicated the correct pressure as the opposite front tyre and temperature was the same as well, I can only assume the pressure / temperature sensor on that n/s front wheel had incorrectly read the pressure & temperature wrong, because it is defiantly alright now showing correct pressure and temperature.
  13. You say its working fine now but you are not going to know 100% sure, not untill you next get a punture and that was my point, I thought our mini cooper should have worked after getting a large bolt in the tyre tread, which was smack bang in the middle groove and was leaking air out but it did not operate.
  14. Oilburner

    poor fuel economy

    gambit - I had already assumed it was a auto just move the auto shift to the left and select the appropriate gear, my advice is more important especially with a auto box because the engine is kept at low RPM most of the time, I try would the no cost option first, drive the car in manual shift to keep revs constant about 2500 RPM for about 10 - 15 minutes, reset the fuel consumption via the i drive then select shift back to drive, drive normally for a few miles if you don’t see a improvement in the fuel consumption, you can still use a fuel additive to clean the DPF. Did not mention before but my 520d does not like Tesco diesel there is always a drop in fuel consumption by 2--3 mpg, but all the other regular grades are fine including Asda Sainsbury's, and about every 3rd or 4th tank of diesel I use the Shell V power whether it does any good at cleaning the internals or not I cant say! I certainly dont notice any difference in performance or fuel consumption using it.
  15. Oilburner

    Runflats questions - sorry!

    Dakota - To be honest I did not see that much improvement in ride quality, noise is slightly lower and fuel consumption saw slight improvement, but at the moment I may not be seeing the full benefit because two tyres are still runflats. I forgot to mention before but the tyre compressor I chose was a Tire Tec RX1 which had the least of any compressor complaints in their reviews, and tyre sealant was Slime to-date I have never used the sealant, but have used compressor several times on both vehicles, this is a great alround compressor you can preset the pressure required, when I checked the preset pressure against a known accurate gauge it showed a constant half pound psi out from memory was under inflation but you can allow for this, just go 1 psi higher and drop it back a tad, I also purchased the Tire Tec Pro tyre gauge which has a pressure release valve making easy to adjust pressure spot on.