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  1. Intravee BMW Becker Indianapolis Radio

    As you guessed, only CDC emulation is possible. Completly useless with an ipod.
  2. Intravee BMW Becker Indianapolis Radio

    The BMW Indianapolis Radio from Becker does work with iBus CD changer. So my question is, does it work with the intravee to get iPod compatibility? I know that the Indianapolis does exist with BMW and in Becker firmware. The BMW Version expects iBus messages...
  3. Hi, i don't have a 5series this is why i had to ask you for support. All my questions are about the radio controlled clock one can also find in the e38. My question is if the RCC can be retrofitted in ALL e39? so prefacelift/facelift, low BC or high BC. I think that they need the NCS Expert coding option "RCC_UHR" what is only present from KMB CodierIndex 06. I have no clue from what model year C06 has been installed. but i guess the last facelift models... low BC or high BC i don't know. Please help me my goal is to know the kbus or hopefully the ibus message to get the RCC to send the time and to set it in my e46 cluster.
  4. Firmware V6.02-7058 and User Guide

    i tried to install the RCC (radio controlled clock) in my e46 since i encountered issues with the gps / intravee.. in the middle of a drive it did change the clock to whatever. I doubt it is due to Time Zone Setting being on "RDS". i can connect to it via tool32 and it receives good data but it wont sync my clock:-(, I really wished it would be just plug and play. the ike had to interpret the time and then reset the BM. I logged the ibus for quite while but there is really no communication towards the RCC. Is there a signal from the ike towards the rcc to trigger it to send the clock? can please someone with a e39 or e38 check this?
  5. Firmware V6.02-7058 and User Guide

    yeah i already asked for that some time ago.. i think the answer is still no. just drive with high beam the entire way
  6. Firmware V6.02-7058 and User Guide

  7. Firmware V6.02-7058 and User Guide

    In the e46 you can code this via NCS Expert!
  8. Firmware V6.02-7109

    Gearboxoiltemp is send over CAN, not iBus
  9. Firmware V6.02-7058 and User Guide

    1) and this is the bmw5 forum so no use for that. 2) so you just let the subject drop. okay for me. just need to tell. I will do it on my own. 3) right now i'm using this setup by sending the reset command every 5 seconds. that works quite well. i just ignore the --.- So how about the FID. That is e39 e38 territory.
  10. Firmware V6.02-7058 and User Guide

    ???? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk The intravee has a very limited amount in space. And as mentioned by Richard before every byte spared opens the possibilty for useful functions. Rear Tail lights at day is neither useful nor enhances security. I have discovered some iBus messages making it possible to have a digital speedometer up to 165 kph or mph on the instrument cluster. Right there where you have the temp or the clock or average consumption etc.. That should be enough for non german users. It does update only every 2 seconds. If you want it faster than a constant resetting of the average speed should do the trick. This didn't got any attention. But some tail lights at day time .. that was dissapointing me.
  11. Firmware V6.02-7058 and User Guide

    stop wasting memory for DLR!!! We have day and we have night. lights off and lights on. Intravee is for Entertainment environement and lets concentrate on that. why do you wanr rear DRL? do you fear someone hits your tail at day? If so, it is dark, so switch your lights on. lights at daytime is not cool neither save! Keep in mind that the road participats without light will be easyliy overseen.
  12. Screen blanking

    i could be the kbus beeing grounded or short circuited. I had the same issue.. Check for fault codes in the KOMBI or GM.
  13. Firmware V6.02-7109

    Okay I understand. It is due to your simple but very effective Mod that that both iPods are charged simultaneous.
  14. Firmware V6.02-7109

    So i don't know who did spread the misinformaton, but on my KCA 410c both Net ports does charge the 420i connected ipods. the 420i are modded.
  15. Firmware V6.02-7109

    I don't understand who foes want to open the boot with a button on the screen?!?! just use the button on the car key. The voltage information is not worth much while the battery is discharging. You need the voltage with no consumers to geht its residual calacity. To know if its charging you have a light on the IKE to tell you. i recommend to install separate voltagemeter, or just use a obd2 dongle.